Puerto Rico must go to the United Nations

The US has just handed Puerto Rico the perfect opportunity…to appear before the United Nations, and demand its complete independence. It is a gift from Pres. Obama, whether he intended it or not. And there is no way… Read More

Cuba calls for an end to the colonial status of Puerto Rico

  The Republic of Cuba has officially called upon the US to end its 118-year colonial regime in Puerto Rico. The demand was delivered by Humberto Rivero, Cuba’s  ambassador to the United Nations…and was reported immediately throughout the… Read More

Puerto Rico must be declared a U.S. COLONY by the United Nations

  Under Chapter XI, Article 73 (b) of the U.N. charter, the United States is obligated to the following, with respect to Puerto Rico:  73 (b) “To develop self-government, to take due account of the political aspirations of… Read More

The images of Luis Muñoz Marín

“Justice is incidental to law and order. ” – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover   Luís Muñoz Marín had a carefully crafted persona. Gov. Muñoz Marín, his PPD political party, and the U.S. government all had a great… Read More

Governor Garcia Padilla tells the United Nations: “Puerto Rico just became a colony!”

  The Governor of Puerto Rico recently filed papers with the United Nations which complain of a “shift” in the US position toward Puerto Rico. According to Gov. Garcia Padilla, the US, suddenly and without warning, now considers… Read More