FBI must investigate the Scarface of Puerto Rico: ex-Governor Luís Fortuño

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


A petition is circulating, which demands an FBI investigation of ex-governor Luis Fortuño and his crimes against Puerto Rico. We agree 100%.

Luís Fortuño converted Puerto Rico into his personal criminal empire…a bottomless billion-dollar buffet table.


Fortuño fired 30,000 workers, closed down schools, reduced pension benefits, raised the university tuition, and hiked gasoline and sales taxes. Then he took all those “savings” and spent Nine Billion Dollars mysteriously, without properly accounting for it. To this day, the people of Puerto Rico do not know where that $9 billion was spent.

Fortuño also campaigned aggressively against Barack Obama and for Mitt Romney, even after Romney’s infamous “let’s forget the 47%” fiasco.

Fortuño campaigning for Republican Mitt Romney

Unfortunately, the “47%” which Romney and Fortuño were prepared to forget, included nearly the entire population of Puerto Rico.


Fortuño used debt, like a drug dealer uses cocaine.

He got the entire insular economy addicted to debt, then made a fortune for himself and his friends.

First was the amount of debt. In only four years, Fortuño forced Puerto Rico into debt, more than any other governor in Puerto Rican history.

He borrowed a staggering $16.55 billion from Wall Street, stuffed himself at the banquet table, and handed the bill to the taxpayers of Puerto Rico.

Thanks primarily to Luis Fortuño, the government of Puerto Rico now devotes 42% of its budget to repaying this outstanding debt. 


At the end of his four-year term, the press reported on a “tsunami” of private contracts that Fortuño handed out from 2009 till 2013. The amount was astounding: over $9.3 billion in private contracts.




Much of this “tsunami” of private contracts, was handed out to Fortuño’s friends and business associates.

Here is one example: in 2011, while firing 30,000 government workers to “save money,” Fortuño tried to build a $450 million gasoline pipeline for which the largest contract, worth $9.6 million, went to Ray Engineers PSC.

Ray Engineers had no pipeline construction experience but it was owned by Fortuño’s childhood friend, Pedro Ray Chacón.

In addition, even before the pipeline project was announced, the Fortuño administration awarded about $27 million in private contracts – without public bids – for “preliminary studies.”




Due to this orgy of borrowing and corrupt spending, when Fortuño left office in 2013, the public debt of Puerto Rico was already $70 billion.

He left the island in a fiscal shambles, to enjoy a million-dollar partnership at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Steptoe & Johnson.


He now has the gall to write “good government articles” such as this one, titled “Puerto Rico has a spending problem.”



During his own “good government” years, Fortuño fired 30,000 public workers…and then handed out billions of dollars in private contracts to his own personal friends. This included:

  • $2.6 billion for “orientation and training”
  • $1 billion for “publicity”
  • $849 million for “consulting fees”
  • $414 million for “personal services.”



Fortuño’s government career is steeped in corruption, nepotism, brutality, and financial mismanagement.

He strangled every public union, and nearly eliminated the teachers’ union.

He injected debt deep into the veins of the Puerto Rican economy.

By stamping out unions, firing workers and eliminating pensions, he ensured that Puerto Ricans would desperately depend on this debt, and on his political party, for their own survival and well-being.

That is what Mafiosos, dictators and drug dealers do.

As the Mafioso of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuño ruled over the island…like Tony Montana ruled over Miami in Scarface.

 And now he’s doing it again, through his two cronies on the Financial Control Board, and “Governor” Ricky Rosello.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com

23 Comments on “FBI must investigate the Scarface of Puerto Rico: ex-Governor Luís Fortuño

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  2. The people of Puerto Rico need to go after the assets and try to prosecute this parasite fuckuño. El vende patria mayor.


  3. Ok…so even If I buy your argument that doesn’t deny the fact the Puerto Rico has a massive debt, huge government largess, and extremely low worker participation rate. Culturally I’d argue that Puerto Rico has a first world sense of entitlement and consumption on a third world economy. The population must right size to what the economy can sustain. This collapse will potentially result in addiction Stateside investors like myself purchasing the means of production…almost a complete circle from the 1950s.


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  6. Where is the justice when this treasonous thief, Fortuno, enjoys the light of day? yet a true patriot, Don Oscar, whose only crime has been to struggle for Puerto Rico’s natural right to be a free and sovereign republic continues to languish in a U.S. gulag. Go figure.

    P.S. On October 9, 2016, in Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House in Washington,DC, there is scheduled to be a unity rally demanding the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera. It is “imperative” that we, Puerto Ricans, “pack this venue” and bring attention to this country and the world about the unjust incarceration of our brother, Don Oscar. We, Puerto Ricans, need to show a brave and unified front “demanding” that Don Oscar be released from prison. He has been in prison far too long!!! It’s time for him to come home!!! Don Oscar is 73 years old. Chances are that Don Oscar will die in prison, if President Obama fails to commute his sentence before the end of his term in office, and that would be a crime!!!!

    Free Oscar Lopez Rivera!!! 🇵🇷✊🏽💪🏽


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  13. Esto no lo sabia!!! Como es possible que las Autoridades Pertinentes no hagan nada al respecto??? Yo creo que hay “ALGUIEN” detras de esto y por lo tanto…lo dejan asiiiii e intentan o pretenden no dares cuenta de los hechos. Las cosas tienen que cambiar o Nuestra Bella Isla se va a ir quedando poco a poco sin “BORICUAS” y solo van a quedarse los que imigran a costa o detras del DINERO y SUE~O AMERICANO. Vamos a ver que van a hacer con lo que ya se sabe o sabemos que esta pasando. Con esto no quiere decir que estoy en contra de los hermanos emigrantes, pero si se debe hacer con orden y legalmente como se supone que sea. Hay muchas maneras de lograr hacerlo por la via legal. .Gracias a el Se~or Fonseca por tan importante informacion! Dios lo bendiga y lo ayude en sus tareas.


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  15. este es un caso muy interesante para mi por que yo simper pensed que era in possible derotal a un pai tanentelectur como el paltido independetista que son los que simper an velado por el puertoriquno. la luch es ater fin

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  16. I lived on the island during the Sila Calderon Crew. Because to call that an administration is disrespecting every hard working Puerto Rican. I lived in Camuy a small town oestá of the island and I remember the lack of jobs yet the politician’s were living it up. I lived on $25.00 $ day 5am to 3:30 constructing homes. Taken advantage of by those same politicians families. Twenty-five dollars pay for 10 and a half hours of back breaking work. You have to understand the manner these people operate. If you were not of a long standing political party or family you were not working. That’s why when I hear that Puerto Ricans on the island don’t want to work, I can personally say “Thats Bullsht”. People want to work. The problem has been these dirty politician aka Organized Grime bosses “Governors” that sell their own people and island to the highest bidder. They have no conscience about doing it too. I just hope that all the beastful acts commited by them be returned full fold.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. A comment is not more than a comment, let me explain, when Pedro Rosello was in office same thing happened. Rosello destroided our economy, borrowed money like crassy, got away with pensions that not deserved and at the end…ohh everything is fine thank you. Fortuno is from the same old school. As long as the Republican party are in top this kind of burglary will go on and on. The principle of honesty is no longer a way of life.


  18. Doña Myriam Ramirez de Ferrer lo denunció de sus constantes viajes a Cuba cuando amboe estaban en campañ para comisionados residentes. Nunca contestó los ataques. ¿ Que hacía?


  19. Federal Bureau of Investigation, where are you??????????????.??? When Don Pedro Allbizu Campos roamed on his beautiful island they were on top of him like bee’s on honey. What Luis Fortuńo did you good ol boys should have been on top of him like flys on shit.

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