A new PNP in Puerto Rico: the Party of New Psychotics

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There is a new, improved PNP in Puerto Rico. In a bold crusade to find new voters, the PNP completely changed its platform – and even its name. It is now the Party of New Psychotics.

The Party of New Psychotics was announced through a series of Psychotic Manifestos, by the leaders of the PNP.

The first Psychotic Manifesto was proclaimed on October 6, 2015, when Luis Fortuño announced that “Puerto Rico has a spending problem.” This was later diagnosed as clinical amnesia and borderline sociopathy, from the free-spending ex-governor.


The second Psychotic Manifesto was announced on February 26, 2016, by Juan Carlos Batlle, who headed the Government Development Bank under Luis Fortuño. On that historic day, Batlle announced that “Puerto Ricans are in favor of a Financial Control Board.


The third Psychotic Manifesto was handed on a silver platter to the U.S. Congress, on May 26, when Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi testified that a Financial Control Board is “the right and necessary thing to do.”


The fourth Psychotic Manifesto arrived on June 10, when ex-governor Fortuño declared that the Financial Control Board reflects “the failure of Puerto Rico,” and that the fiscal crisis “is all Puerto Rico’s fault.”


The fifth Psychotic Manifesto was unveiled on July 13, when Pierluisi declared the Financial Control Board will “restore honesty and transparency” to politics in Puerto Rico.


The sixth Psychotic Manifesto was written by Luis Fortuño Sr., but published under his son’s name, to proclaim that Fortuño was the most “fiscally responsible governor” in Puerto Rican history.


The psychosis of these manifestos is impressive.

But with great respect to psychotics worldwide, some of these PNP (Party of New Psychotics) proclamations cannot go unchallenged.


The “new” PNP seems to have amnesia. So let’s help them with that.

Gov. Luis Fortuño “reduced” 30,000 workers, closed over 100 schools, reduced pension benefits, raised the university tuition, and hiked gasoline and sales taxes.



He also campaigned aggressively against Barack Obama and for Mitt Romney, even after Romney’s infamous “let’s forget the 47%” fiasco.

Unfortunately, the “47%” which Romney and Fortuño were prepared to forget, included nearly the entire population of Puerto Rico.


In just four years, Gov. Luis Fortuño borrowed over $16.5 billion from Wall Street – more than any other governor in Puerto Rican history.

Then he spent most of it on “private sector contracts” for his family, friends, and financial contributors.


By the end of his short four-year term, the press reported a “flood” of private contracts that Fortuño doled out from 2009 till 2013. The amount was astounding: over $9.3 billion in private contracts.




Most of this flood of private contracts, was handed out to Fortuño’s friends and business associates.

Here is one example…

In 2011, while firing 30,000 government workers to “save money,” Fortuño tried to push a $450 million gasoline pipeline for which the largest contract, worth $9.6 million, went to Ray Engineers PSC.

Ray Engineers had no pipeline construction experience but it was owned by Fortuño’s childhood friend, Pedro Ray Chacón.


In addition, even before the pipeline project was announced, the Fortuño administration awarded about $27 million in private contracts – without public bids – for “preliminary studies.”



After all these “studies” and “private contracts,” the pipeline was not even built.


During his own “good government” years, Fortuño fired 30,000 public workers…and then handed out billions of dollars in private contracts to his own personal friends. This included:

  • $2.6 billion for “orientation and training
  • $1 billion for “publicity
  • $849 million for “consulting fees
  • $414 million for “personal services



Gov. Fortuño also appropriated $100 million of the island’s budget for the Fideicomiso de Ciencias.

This was supposed to fund scientific projects all over Puerto Rico: wind and solar energy research, clean-up technology for the Martin Peña channel, infrastructure improvements for PREPA.

But these never happened, because Fortuño re-appropriated the money for “other uses.”

The moment Fortuño tried to do this, one of the trustees of the Fideicomiso publicly opposed him. He even circulated a petition to stop the governor:


One year later, Fortuño took the $100 million, and three trustees of the Fideicomiso resigned in disgust:


To this day, no one knows where that $100 million finally went. It simply disappeared from the Fideicomiso.


You’re damn right, I’m picking on him.

Let us be clear.

The Party of New Psychotics “se esta hacienda la loca.”

In their convenient amnesia, they are picking on Puerto Rico… and blaming the people of Puerto Rico for their own decades of grand theft larceny.

So we need to follow the money, and place the blame exactly where it belongs.

We need to send some of them to JAIL.

Otherwise the people of Puerto Rico will be paying for these thieves forever.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now


Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com</span

6 Comments on “A new PNP in Puerto Rico: the Party of New Psychotics

  1. Luis Fortuño and his cronies are just like Bernie Madoff and his gang they are all frauds, stock brokers, investment advisors,and financiers. They all studied at the same school…”SCHOOL OF CATCH ME IF YOU CAN”. They caught Bernie Madoff. l think it’s about time they catch Luis Fortuño and his gang. If they don’t put these thieves in jail then I know the F.B.I. Is in collusion with them. What else is there to think?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “FORTUÑO…if ever there was prophetic name for a tragic figure…this is it.

    Well you know what they say…”We do it better in Puerto Rico”.

    But who knew it would mean:

    *** destroying an economy
    *** demoralizing 4 million people
    *** perpetuating the degrading stereo-type of “hasta mañana”

    There is an especially hot corner of hell for these “putos de pura sepa”.
    Believe it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ninguno de los tres (3) partidos silven! Si deciden entre “Estadidad o Independencia votare por “Estadidad” (Statehood), siempre y cuando los esten belando! Ya no confio en nigunos desde que gano el “SI” para estableser un “Plebisito” en el ano 2012 y este Padilla y sus cara de frescos legisladores se metieron los $1.5 milliones en sus cajas fuertes en el Banco Popular, que asigno el Presidente Borack Obama para que establesieran vistas publicas para decider, que es lo que quiere el pueblo? Pregunten, todos a este desgrasiau de Gobernador plastic; “que han echo con los $1.5 millones asignado por el Presidente, poco despues de que gano el “SI” durantes las elecciones del 2012? Esto es lo ustedes le tienen que dar seguimiento y no vemos a nadien questionando a este individual y su pandilleros (ganga) y pillos, que si saben robar!!!


  4. This dysfunctional history should have ended. The politics of polarization within the Islands community has kept this relationship ongoing. What will bring about a psychic change in the populous? It must see itself differently, not through the prism of subjugation. The difficulty is choice. How do a people free themselves from a way of thinking? D.N. (Third Party)

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