Juan Bobo is unsure about Puerto Rican marijuana

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony 

Juan Bobo is in deep conflict over Puerto Rico’s new marijuana laws.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he told reporters in San Juan. “I love a doobie before lunch.” Still, Bobo sees a lot of danger for Puerto Rico under these new laws.

World Opinion

Agriculture needs a renaissance in Puerto Rico. It is currently only 1% of the insular economy, compared to 70% in the early 1900s.

But if marijuana leads the way in this process, and Puerto Rico makes a push for independence, it may be perceived as a “recreational” nation, rather than a hard-working people. For this reason other crops should lead the way.


Who really profits?

With agency heads shaking down contractors, and governors with their hand in everyone’s pocket, the growth of any major business in Puerto Rico, may require lobbyists and payoffs that are beyond the reach of working and middle class Puerto Ricans.

It would be a shame to see marijuana grown by rich people, and consumed by the poor.

An example to young people

If marijuana becomes a leading crop in Puerto Rico, what message does that send to our young people: especially if their minimum wage has been lowered to $5?

Are we telling them that “Work is for suckers…it’s better to sell marijuana and become a millionaire?”

How much “medicine” does one island need?

The IMC Corporation received the first marijuana grower’s license last week. They immediately announced that they will develop “over 100 marijuana products” which will come in many forms…

Including pills, oils, creams, inhalants and vaporizers.

This seems like a lot of “medicine” for a medium-sized island. In their drive for profits and market share, does IMC need to saturate Puerto Rico with that many marijuana products?

Where is the money coming from?

For over a century, Wall Street has drained the island: squeezing profits from its soil and its people. It is therefore important to know who is financing and controlling this new industry.

IMC was financed by Pariter Securities, a wealth-management firm for high net worth individuals. It is entirely possible that these “high net worth individuals” are not from Puerto Rico.

IMC is also using an old PRIDCO building in Ponce, to grow and manage their business. In other words, they are making private sector use of a public property.

Are we now privatizing our public buildings and handing them to anonymous “high net worth” individuals, so they can grow marijuana and sell it to Puerto Ricans?

Will a black market develop?

Throughout the US, many heroin addicts sell their methadone pills…often right in front of the methadone clinic.

In Puerto Rico, this “medical marijuana” could feed a black market which is already upwards of $15 billion annually.

This black market will include the tourists who flock into John Paulson’s beaches and hotels, in search of an authentic island thrill.

All those young waiters in Paulson’s hotels – working for $5 an hour, thanks to Marco Rubio and the Financial Control Board – will gladly ply the wealthy tourists with marijuana pills, oils, creams, inhalants and vaporizers.

These waiters are not criminals. They will not even feel like criminals.

They will consider it their patriotic duty to inebriate the tourists, supplement their own $5 wages, and redress the indentured servitude imposed upon them by the US.

Come to think of it, maybe Juan Bobo is wrong.

Maybe this “medical marijuana” will bring some poetic justice to Puerto Rico.

 For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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9 Comments on “Juan Bobo is unsure about Puerto Rican marijuana

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  2. Response to Roberto 1/05/16:

    Roberto, I hear you and feel similarly. Drugs, gangs, other forms of substance abuse, etc. are but the symptoms of a larger problem in a given society; whether it’s a neighborhood all the up to an entire nation, such as PR. COLONIALISM is largely to blame in PR’s case. When people are intrinsically aware that they have absolutely no control of their destiny in any significant way, you get a lot of the aforementioned happening. Look at what happened to the Native American’s whom were placed on reservations. One can look at the island of PR as one big quasi reservation. Until the disease of colonialism is eliminated, will the island begin to heal. No amount of $$ can treat the symptoms and cause the disease to go away. It will likely intensify it.


  3. I’m 77 years old, born in Aguadilla, PR. Left the Island when i was 12 but the Island never left me.
    I have seen too much destruction of Puertorican culture and heritage and family structure during
    the last fifty years. The worse attack after mass deportation out of Puerto Rico is the drug invasion.
    Drugs are the most effective tool to destroy the Family. It is working in Puerto Rico. True, cellphones,
    internet and Protestantism have had a big impact. But nothing comes closer to drugs. Not even all the
    other factors put together.
    Now they want to make weed (marijuana) smokers out of the population. I’m glad that I will not be
    around much longer to see this last evil of Wall Street and Washington, DC


  4. Well, if those stats about the islands’ percentage of GDP from ag are true; it would seem to me that if these investors were so enthusiastic about medicinal weed… why wouldn’t they thought of hemp as a first choice?? Not only is hemp loaded with much more of the medicinal compounds than cannabis has; it has far more uses/applications than what they’re growing now. Think about it: One can probably grow hemp year round on the island ( like sugarcane ) and create much more diverse industries from it. Timeless industries. It could also turn once questionable ag use land into a richer soil, whereby traditional crops that would never grow at that site can. How could this concept have escaped the outgoing governor’s mind? My guess is that the growing of hemp would enrich a lot more people of the island by providing sustainable and dignified, and well benefited employment to large numbers of people; utilizing a cooperative model. People whom need to get back to the land to get spiritually, environmentally and culturally re-connected to their island/heritage. I’ll bet most are yearning to. It would initiate a massive healing the islander’s so desperately need. Medical weed, on the other hand, will be strictly regulated and only a handful of players allowed….”Connected players.” I’m guessing there might have been some kind of a pay-off to “stick” w/the medical weed concept, and to the hell w/everyone else on the island. Therefore, to the hell w/hemp. Hint: The growing of hemp as a stand alone crop, would have the potential to act as the main agent in liberating the island for all the reasons stated above. That is, if it’s the islander’s whom own the land themselves. Not the gov. Not absentee landowners. If there’s too much gov. outside interest meddling…it won’t work. The PR’s need to put up a leader that would have serious agrarian land reform at the top of his/her agenda. I’ll bet PR was a lot more happier place at the turn of the century 1899- than they are now; even w/all contemporary advancements of today excluded.


  5. Puerto Rico need not allow big pharma to be the one to profit. They ought to legalize medical -and also recreational marijuana as well and-, as it’s done in Vermont, allow those with prescriptions to grow their own plants.
    MJ is a natural remedy, a healing gift from Mother Nature to us, why should Puerto Ricans allow the pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico to monopolize ganja?


  6. Puerto Rico need not allow big pharma to be the one to profit. They ought to legalize medical marijuana and, as it’s done in Vermont, allow anyone with a prescription to grow their own plants.
    MJ is a natural remedy, a healing gift from Mother Nature to us, why should pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico monopolize ganja?


  7. “Poetic justice” plus a new Paulson-waiters cartel to spill new blood and raise a new crop of prostitution (sex and drugs for the tourists) on the impoverished streets of Puerto Rico ? This type of so-called wealth management will always reek of sulfur. As long as get-rich schemes dominate the island’s future legacy, Borinquen will soon transform into Paradise Lost.


  8. There’s no reason for El Bobo to be concerned. The Plantation Owners will always know how to control the slaves’ meager needs. They’ve had a century of teaching them how to please the Master, it’s just a case of switching the crop from sugar cane to marijuana and leaving the same old Vende Patria Lords to (mis)manage the newer WAR. AGAINST ALL. ………………….etc.



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