Goldman Sachs steals $1.25 BILLION from Puerto Rico…and uses two “governors” to cover it up

  Puerto Rico has become the Wild West of Wall Street fraud, with the island’s politicians guiding the robbers. The latest scam – netting more than one billion dollars – was engineered by Goldman Sachs and executed by… Read More

Three Billion Dollar fraud at PREPA …will be repaid by Puerto Ricans

Now that PREPA is targeted for privatization, we should all know how it got there. We should know that the political party (PNP) that is selling PREPA is the one that destroyed it…and committed FRAUD to do it. Just HOW… Read More

The cleaner of PREPA makes $36.7 million in 23 months…while blackouts and electric bills skyrocket throughout Puerto Rico

  In autumn of 2014, PREPA hired Lisa Donahue as its “Chief Restructuring Officer.” Between September 2014 and August 2016, Donahue was paid $ 36.7 MILLION to restore PREPA’s “fiscal and operational health.” So what does… Read More

A new PNP in Puerto Rico: the Party of New Psychotics

  There is a new, improved PNP in Puerto Rico. In a bold crusade to find new voters, the PNP completely changed its platform – and even its name. It is now the Party of New Psychotics. The… Read More

How to support Donald Trump and “not support” Trump at the same time

  On July 18, Luis Fortuño led the Puerto Rico delegation to the Trump coronation in Cleveland. He also helped other delegates arrange their travel plans, and secure their credentials, to the coronation of Donald Trump. Fortuño sat… Read More