Where’s the poisonous NALED?

Book - 12-10


In a lethal version of Where’s Waldo? the people of Puerto Rico are being subjected to a game of Where’s the NALED?  

The game has lasted three days. The game is cruel, deadly, and an insult to human decency. And the game is not over yet.

Where’s Waldo and the deadly NALED?

Here’s how the game is played…            

On July 20, Telemundo reported that the CDC had quietly stashed tons of NALED in an airplane hangar in Isla Grande.


On July 21, in a live interview on Radio Isla, both the Puerto Rico Chief of Staff (Grace Santana Balado) and the Director of Emergencies and Disasters (Ángel Crespo) announced that there was no NALED in the hangar at Isla Grande…and that the government of Puerto Rico had no idea where the NALED might be.


On that same day of July 21, Metro PR reported that La Fortaleza had confirmed the CDC delivery of NALED, to an airplane hangar in Isla Grande.

So now the NALED was back in the airplane hangar.


Later on July 21, El Nuevo Dia reported that according to Chief of Staff Santana Balado, La Fortaleza did not know the location of the NALED.

So now the NALED was out of the airplane hangar again.


Three hours later, La Fortaleza told El Nuevo Dia that the NALED had been located in San Juan Harbor – in a large tanker ship “near a Crowley shipping facility.”


By the evening of July 21, the Puerto Rico Dept. of Agriculture had reportedly announced that the CDC would “recall the shipment” of NALED back to the US.



A question is beginning to burn…who is in charge of this NALED mess?

Tons of concentrated NALED constitute a toxic, lethal shipment. If mishandled or leaked into the water supply, the results would be catastrophic. It could kill thousands of people within a week – forget Flint, Michigan – think Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island.

It is therefore alarming that the Chief of Staff of Puerto Rico, and the entire Commonwealth government, had “no idea” where tons of lethal NALED might be. On July 20 and 21, the people of Puerto Rico were being governed by these three:

The Chief of Staff is the third most senior executive in the government of Puerto Rico, after the Governor and the Secretary of State. As such, Chief of Staff Santana Balado has direct oversight and control over every agency in Puerto Rico, including all of the following:

  • Commission on Safety and Public Protection
  • Department of Health
  • Port Authority
  • Environmental Control Facilities Authority (AFICA)
  • Department of Natural and Environmental Resources
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Consumer Affairs

It is thus inconceivable that many tons of lethal NALED – as much as 25,000 pounds – could magically drift into San Juan Harbor with no commercial controls, harbor restrictions, or government oversight.


A bottle of mouthwash is confiscated at the airport…but 25,000 pounds of deadly NALED cruise into San Juan?

Something is wrong with this picture.



Over the past month, Puerto Rico has seen all of the following:

  • Financial Control Board called PROMESA
  • Potential minimum wage of $4.25
  • An attempt to privatize the beaches of Puerto Rico, by a vote of 44-1
  • An ISIS Terrorist Alert
  • DNA samples collected by the FBI
  • CDC stops monitoring the water supply of Puerto Rico
  • CDC pushes a NALED fumigation program
  • 25,000 pounds of NALED cruise into San Juan

It does not require a conspiracy theorist, to see that a complex pattern of aggression is developing on the island.

There is one more layer to that pattern.

If you read all the comments, and all the replies, to journalist Jay Fonseca’s Facebook announcement of NALED in San Juan Harbor, you’ll begin to see dozens of people complaining of breathing problems and skin rashes…and nurses reporting an epidemic level of skin rashes in the public hospitals of Puerto Rico, over the past two weeks.


You’ll also see reports of dead bees, from all over the island.

These people are saying that the Where’s Waldo? routine is a slick CIA-style deception…that the NALED has already been sprayed, because their own bodies and the dead bees are proving it. 


We’ve all heard the old saying.

It applies to Wall Street, hedge funds, and many Puerto Rican politicians.

Does it apply to NALED?   And are Puerto Rico’s politicians in on it?

Let me put it this way…

NALED is produced by a company called Valent USA, which has a global collaboration agreement with Monsanto. Together, Monsanto and Valent are handling the NALED fumigation contract in Puerto Rico.


The US congressional appropriation for the Zika eradication program in Puerto Rico is $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS.



Do the math.

Reach your own conclusions.

Book - 12-10


5 Comments on “Where’s the poisonous NALED?

  1. They got to me, I just had to leave work because one of my coworkers just pointed out that I had red bumps all over my chest I soon as I walked to the bathroom and lifted my shirt I lost it man… Im paranoid, scared and feeling that I’m now officially in their genetic experiment’s list. So what’s next? this is obviously a first step into a bigger game… is anyone here from the medical community? I just went to the Dr. and got told they arent even testing for Zika on male patients ..just some random cbc and ordinary checkup. This is a horrible joke…all the good specialist have left the island and now this happends …this shit is straight up from a sci-fi film.


  2. Alguien ha escuchado y/o visto en los medios si realmente sacaron el cargamento de Naled de P.R.? Y què ocurriò con la investigaciòn de cómo entrò ilegal y clandestinamente ese letal cargamento? Quièn y cuánto pagaron para traerlo? Impuso multas el Estado por esta violaciòn y afrenta? Hay muchas preguntas que necesitan ser contestadas y sacadas a la luz.


  3. The Governor of Puerto Rico is just like a loony tune character Elmer Fudd, inquiring to his aids has anybody seen a ” WABBIT AWOUND HERE??


  4. Thank you for all of your enlightenment. As you and Mr. Pavo Vasquez stated last night “education ” is key in the fight against this oppression called COLONIALISM.

    Juan Bobo

    Liked by 2 people

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