ISLAMIC TERRORIST ALERT in Santurce, Puerto Rico

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The National Security State Information Center (NSSIC) is warning that Islamic terrorists may launch an attack on Puerto Rico within the next two weeks.

The NSSIC even identified specific targets: the newspaper offices of El Nuevo Dia and El Vocero, and the crowded outdoor market at the Placita de Santurce. Here is the NSSIC notice…

ISIS Warning PR

This document is an ISIS terrorist alert.

It coincides with an earlier terror alert from the FBI Director of Puerto Rico, Douglas Leff.

In a recent radio interview, Leff said that he was preparing his agents for an attack from ISIS terrorists. “The Islamic terrorists can attack here, and they will,” said Leff.

The interview occurred on NotiUno 630, and was broadcast throughout the island.


The “ISIS Alert” was reported in print media, and in Univision and Telemundo, all of whom confirmed that the FBI was investigating the threat of Islamic terrorism in Puerto Rico. However the FBI spokesman, Carlos Osorio, “did not know exactly who” had issued or communicated any such threats.

So the “ISIS Alert” was reported by legitimate news sources…and yet, none of this “Alert” makes any sense.

For well over a century, Puerto Ricans have themselves been victimized by the US. Why would ISIS invade the victims, and ignore the villains?

If a terrorist wants to harm or frighten the US, he will not accomplish this by bombing Puerto Rico 1,500 miles away. He will do it in the US.


The NSSIC and FBI may be pursuing another agenda with this “Puerto Rico ISIS alert.”

With the growing resentment of an economic takeover by a U.S. Financial Control Board, and a looming minimum wage cut to $4.25, this “ISIS alarm” may be a prelude to martial law in Puerto Rico.

The FBI could be preparing to clamp down on any dissent or civil disobedience in Puerto Rico…and they are using ISIS as an excuse. 


On July 24, 2013, Gov. Garcia Padilla signed Executive Order 2013-054…a six-page document with major police consequences for Puerto Rico. This order clarified and amplified the intelligence-gathering role of the National Security State Information Center (NSSIC), also known as Centro de Fusión de Puerto Rico.

Here is the entire EO 2013-054:

On page 3, Section 1, the Governor creates a five-member Executive Intelligence Committee consisting of: the Puerto Rico Chief of Police, the Secretary of Justice, the Adjutant General of the National Guard, the Governor’s Security Advisor, and the Director of Emergency Management.

Section 2 promotes the sharing and exchange of information between “all federal, Commonwealth, municipal, and non-governmental entities.”

Section 3 is the NSSIC mission statement: it empowers the NSSIC to collect and analyze all necessary information, which will enable the “detection, prevention, and response” to threats against public safety, in order to “protect the inhabitants of Puerto Rico” and “prevent the threat from affecting the rest of the United States.”

Section 5 creates the salaried position of Executive Director, appointed by the Governor, who will possess “10 years of experience in intelligence, law and order.”

Section 6 names 12 agencies that will provide intelligence information to NCCIS: including the police department, the National Guard, the Dept. of Justice, Dept. of Correction, Dept. of Health, Dept. of Housing, and the Institute of Forensic Sciences.

Section 8 authorizes the Governor to invite the following US agencies to “participate” with the NCCIS…FBI, Homeland Security, Secret Service, INS, IRS, TSA, Coast Guard, and Customs.

In summary, through Executive Order 2013-054, the Governor established NCCIS as the nerve center and data collection agency for both the US and Puerto Rico. Through the NCCIS, both governments can now act as a single, coordinated, intelligence gathering unit.


A few questions must be asked.

One week, Garcia Padilla tells the UN that the US is treating Puerto Rico “like a colony.”

Another week, he lobbies the US Senate on behalf of a Financial Control Board.

A third week, he is thisclose to signing off on NALED fumigation.

Three years ago, he creates an intelligence-gathering partnership between the US and Puerto Rico – a monstrous spider web – that puts the KGB to shame.

So the questions are…

Is Governor Garcia Padilla out of his mind? Does he have a Swiss bank account? Does the US have some “secret information” on him, like they did with Luis Muñoz Marín?  

There must be some explanation for turning the entire island of Puerto Rico, into an intelligence agency for the United States. 


The “ISIS threat” in Puerto Rico is unclear…and the NCCIS alerts of “Islamic terrorism” are highly suspicious.

They arrive at precisely the moment when a US Financial Control Board is about to cut jobs, eliminate pensions, raise electricity and water rates, privatize schools and highways, and lower the minimum wage.

Any public demonstration – against the Financial Control Board; NALED fumigation; a $4.25 minimum wage; or the privatization of beaches, schools, electricity and water – may now be branded by the NCCIS as “domestic terrorism.”

If NALED is shipped to Puerto Rico with Gov. Garcia Padilla claiming “I don’t know how it got here,” and someone tries to ship it back to the US…that person is a “terrorist.”!MuZyLCTzUvw/

Hundreds…thousands…of people could be labeled as “terrorists” and sent to jail.

The employment rights of teachers, human rights of environmental activists, and First Amendment rights of student demonstrators, could all be superseded by the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, and the USA Freedom Act.

This would be just like the 1950s, when Pedro Albizu Campos and the Nationalists were branded as “Communist agents” by Gov. Luis Muñoz Marín, and by the FBI. Thousands of Nationalists were imprisoned, and the rest of the island was intimidated into silence.

At this moment, the only terrorists in Puerto Rico are the politicians – who want to privatize its beaches and schools, sell the electricity and water supply, fumigate the entire population, and spy on anyone who opposes them.

Book - 12-10


17 Comments on “ISLAMIC TERRORIST ALERT in Santurce, Puerto Rico

  1. Michael esta envenado y colonizado politicamente. Por favor lee Albert Mimi tambien a Franz Fanon


  2. Give me a break. If Puerto Rico was independent right now, we would make Haiti look wealthy. The individual Puerto Rican is smart, but collectively we couldn’t govern an Elementary School.


  3. Greg, are you sure your not pimping these girls? You describe their actions in graphic details. Why not address the colonial status of PR, which has rendered her people slaves for 118 years. The US’ hands are in PR’s pockets managing her funds. Puerto Rico ihas existed a lot longer than the republic of the USA. We are mature enough to manage our own economic affairs, if only we weren’t shackled with so many economics restrictions imposed by the United Slavemasters of America. As a result, Puerto Rico barely has any money and will have less control of how to spend her money. How then, are they going to address the poor ol’ 14 year old Dominican prostitutes? When your not free and sovereign, you dance to the master’s beat.


  4. This has become a common and orchestrated propaganda practice by the U.S. and its disingenuous allies within the corrupt Government of Puerto Rico to distract the Puerto Rican public from the subjugation controls being enacted on the Island.

    There are many False Flag operations being carried out by the U.S. Government and their allies as they use fake terrorism as a means to instill fear in populations worldwide that refuse to submit to their control measures.

    Wake up people, your enemies are now disguising themselves as defenders of an invisible terrorist ORGANIZATION.

    Please research how the U.S. has paid and trained radical MERCENARIES to overthrow governments who stand in opposition to their preset goals. Please watch the link below and begin opening your eyes to the mass deception taking place.

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  5. Greg, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Puerto Rico libre! 🇵🇷


  6. Ruben…and what “remedio” do you offer the 14 y/o Dominican girls held in servitude by their pimps, that you deem so irrelevant a “distraction” of my creation?

    More hysterical and hyperbolic baba politica?

    Believe me, it is cold comfort for them at 5a.m. as they lean against the McDonalds’ dumpster waiting for it to open so they can get a cheeseburger with the crumpled dollars stuffed in their panties.

    Pero sigue con tus babosidades de “conspiracies” in Santurce instead.

    And BTW, I am born and raised in Puerto Rico as were my parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
    So I think my opinions have as much validity as yours.
    That is of course until YOU become Emperor of the underground ISIS resistance forces on Ashford Avenue.

    Puerto Rico’s deplorable contemporary state is much bigger than you or I can resolve on the internet today (if ever)
    But the plight of these girls IS something that has an immediate remedy.

    But the spokespayasos here have to put down their smart-phones first and ease up on the Face Book selfies.

    And the first “do-able” step is the arrest and deportation of the ILLEGAL Dominican pimps that no one seems to notice.
    But, I guess they’re too busy scrutinizing “suspicious” tourists wearing preciously-draped Moroccan scarves over the Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts.

    Meanwhile others here will concern themselves more with other pressing issues like whether or not ISIS is sending submarines to attack the Normandy Hotel’s flotilla of Ski-Doo’s.

    And the girls? Who cares…we have more conspiracy theories to worry about.
    So show respect for others (not necessarily their opinions) and perhaps you will get that same respect in return.

    This is an “opinion” blog right?

    We don’t have to agree on anything, but we DO need to allow each other to express our views.
    If not, then this is no better a political venue than Huffington Post(-Its), Daily Kos(ters) or the NYTime(x).

    And know that I DO read what you write here and appreciate YOUR views, as incoherent as they may get on occasion, but they are valid too.


  7. Angelica, Greg wants to detract from what the real issue in Puerto Rico is, which is “colonialism.” He singles out the Dominican drug dealers, who have entered the island illegally, which granted, is a problem, but doesn’t mention that the massive illegal entry of Dominican and Haitians, is a failure of the US Federal government, who, as “slave masters,” have assumed control of, so call, protecting Puerto Rico’s borders. The US Customs and Border Protection agency has failed in protecting Puerto Rico’s borders against illegal immigration and illicit drugs. The US Federal govt in PR has failed the people of PR. How do these illegal drugs enter PR’s porous borders if not for Federal incompetence or complicity, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given the history of the CIA’s linked to drug peddaling in their effort to undermine resistance to US interest. Perhaps the porous Puerto Rican borders are designed to infect the island with illegal drugs to then incarcerate our young people and provide the bodies for the corporate private prison system. The insidious proliferation of these drugs serve to dumb down our young people by rendering them a useless and disenfranchised segment of Puerto Rican society, instead of the vigorous, vigilant, and enlightened defenders of Puerto Rican interest. Greg, in his post, immediately gets off the theme of the article, which is how the slavemaster and his house slave are strategizing, using fear and deception, by introducing anti-terrorist measures for an unlikely attack in Puerto Rico, but are instead measures intended to repress any dissent on the island given the political climate and potential for mass dissent. Greg, however, gets off the crucial theme of the article and rambles on about illegal Dominican drug dealers, which is uncondonable. Greg, the immediate focus should be on Puerto Rico’s colonial status, which you never seem to address. I wonder why? By the way, Greg, your entitled to your opinions, but could you, kindly, tone down the arrogance and patronizing attitude. You have engaged me and others in a condescending manner. It’s unneccesary. Is your purpose here to create animus? This forum will be better served if people are allowed to express their views, no matter what they are or how vehemently expressed, without being disrespected or treated like children. Most that post comments in this forum appear to be, in its majority, Puerto Rican , who are genuinely concerned for Puerto Rico’s welfare. The least that should be accorded is respect. Peace



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  9. Ay Angelica…dio’ mio…cuentamelo to’o mi’jita…

    This article is about the threat (existent or non-existent) of ISIS/Muslim crazies entering Puerto Rico and NOT about your precious cafe society pals sipping their Mai-Tai’s with little paper Chinese umbrellas shading the ice cubes in the glass.

    In case you are not aware, those same sidewalks are the run-ways of ILLEGAL Dominican pimps peddling terrified 14 y/o Dominican girls they traffic in the kiddy sex-trade that apologists like you just don’t seem to see over your “platitos” of “antojitos” and “delicias tan sabrosas”.

    Get a clue…Puerto Rico is one gaping, wide-open security risk onto ITSELF and the rest of the USMainland. Don’t believe it? Ask yourself how a QUARTER MILLION ILLEGAL Dominicans just “happened” to show-up in Puerto Rico and no one noticed it??? Seriously?

    To be fair, I don’t know how much truth there is to this claim, but I certainly won’t be too upset if any ILLEGAL Dominican drug-dealers, addicts and kiddy-pimps get wiped-out or arrested and sent to Guantanamo for some “interrogations”. Open your eyes…those young girls are suffering while you are tossing your hair back in the breeze in front of MacDonald’s with your giggling friends.


  10. they are cooking another operative for their “right to intervene” due to “national security” like 1898 in havava,Cuba and in Asia,Vietnam and othe-self aggression acts to cover up or justified intervention. LETS BE ALERT!


  11. “The FBI could be preparing to clamp down on any dissent or civil disobedience in Puerto Rico…and they are using ISIS as an excuse.”
    Those are exactly my thoughts, especially with all this crap going on around the world.


  12. If I recall one or two days ago Douglas Leff was on WAPA ” Lo se todo ” say FBi investigation shows it’s not legitimate , it’s bullshit !!! If I find the video I’ll post it , Governor Padilla , needs to resign !! Also the Zika virus everyone should know , was taken to Puerto Rico, buddy of mine who was in the military confirms that is what the military does , they contain mosquitos in contaminated blood, then they release the mosquitoes in the region they want to contaminate, Michael , the navy veteran above should know something about that !!


  13. @Greg Medina. Wow! What are you? 14yrs old?? How ignorant your comment. Let me tell you that the people who go to the placita are wealthy people who live in the area of condado and go for a drink in those areas. Mostly, every type, stereotype of people, go to the placita to drink, buy edibles, and work. I don’t believe the threat is true, but I do believe your ignorance is abundant.

    Another thing, can we go against and treat NALED as Terrorist?? That’s is a great observation!


  14. Sounds to me like another coup d’etat , like they did to Salvador Allende and president John F. Kennedy. They never knew what hit them. It’s going to be a quick and decisive seizure of government power by the U.S. Military and sanctioned by the C.I.A., F.B.I., President and the congress….like I said before they all swim in the same cesspool. Let’s see what kind of “PATSY ” their going to blame it on now. We may find out the truth 75 years from now. GET READY!!


  15. Give me a break. Islamic terrorist have targeted Puerto Ricans before. Remember Tel Aviv Airport? I am a Puerto Rican and a US Navy veteran. Puerto Rico is NOT off limits.


  16. Wow…what a loss it would be for all the Illegal Dominican drug-dealers and child-prostitute-pimps in Santurce to be arrested and sent to Guantanamo…dio’ mio que perdida seria eso.


  17. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    RED ALERT! RED ALERT! …. Code Red!!
    “The National Security State Information Center (NSSIC) is warning that Islamic terrorists may launch an attack on Puerto Rico within the next two weeks.”


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