The FBI was correct: ISIS will invade Puerto Rico on September 5

  The FBI was correct after all. Their warning of a terrorist attack of Puerto Rico, from the evil forces of ISIS, has proven to be 100% accurate. Not only is the attack imminent…ISIS even provided the exact… Read More

ISLAMIC TERRORIST ALERT in Santurce, Puerto Rico

  The National Security State Information Center (NSSIC) is warning that Islamic terrorists may launch an attack on Puerto Rico within the next two weeks. The NSSIC even identified specific targets: the newspaper offices of El Nuevo Dia… Read More

Will Puerto Rico be privatized?

  When the Financial Control Board (FCB) hits Puerto Rico in a few weeks, it will immediately move to “privatize” major pieces of Puerto Rico. This will include the electrical grid (PREPA), the water supply (PRASA), several beaches… Read More