First “Zika baby” is born in Puerto Rico

    This is a very sad statistic. The first baby diagnosed with microcephaly was born in Puerto Rico last month. According to published reports, it was born with “severe brain defects,” as well as hearing and vision… Read More

Race and class determine who gets fumigated for “Zika prevention” in NYC

  The “progressive” administration of Mayor Bill De Blasio has just revealed a nasty underside. For the past 3 ½ months, it repeatedly fumigated black and Latino neighbourhoods for “Zika” and “West Nile Virus,” while completely sparing the… Read More

Puerto Ricans are being used as medical guinea pigs… again

  Throughout the 20th century Puerto Ricans – particularly Puerto Rican women – were used as lab rats in “clinical trials,” with experimental drugs that harmed their health. The contraceptive pill was “tested” and “refined” in Puerto Rico…. Read More

The US declares a “state of emergency” in Puerto Rico due to Zika virus

  Puerto Rico is officially in a “state of emergency,” declared on August 12 by the Obama administration, because of the Zika virus. As noted by the New York Times, many island residents believe the “threat from Zika”… Read More

Where’s the poisonous NALED?

  In a lethal version of Where’s Waldo? the people of Puerto Rico are being subjected to a game of Where’s the NALED?   The game has lasted three days. The game is cruel, deadly, and an insult to… Read More