Monsanto sponsors the Somos El Futuro Conference in Puerto Rico

  Monsanto paid $5,000 as a “Bronze Sponsor” of the upcoming Somos El Futuro conference in San Juan. There is a problem with this. Over the past ten years, Monsanto and its Dupont Pioneer partner have received $477.5… Read More

Juan Bobo fumigates La Fortaleza with NALED

  Yesterday in La Fortaleza, the governor of Puerto Rico treated the island’s press like a kindergarten class of five-year olds. For a full hour, he scolded them for reporting the dangers of NALED. Juan Bobo took the… Read More

Where’s the poisonous NALED?

  In a lethal version of Where’s Waldo? the people of Puerto Rico are being subjected to a game of Where’s the NALED?   The game has lasted three days. The game is cruel, deadly, and an insult to… Read More

Will Puerto Rico be privatized?

  When the Financial Control Board (FCB) hits Puerto Rico in a few weeks, it will immediately move to “privatize” major pieces of Puerto Rico. This will include the electrical grid (PREPA), the water supply (PRASA), several beaches… Read More

The U.S. fumigates Puerto Rico

  The U.S. is fumigating Puerto Rico in several ways: a Financial Control Board will soon arrive, many beaches will be privatized, and “public private partnerships” will spring up all over the island. But the U.S. will also… Read More