V for Vendetta…the rise of Juan Bobo

Book - 12-10


Puerto Rico is under attack. A hero must come forward and stand up to the United States – but that hero would be jailed or killed.

And so, the island needs an avatar – a potent symbol like Aguila Blanca, Zorro, Robin Hood or Guy Fawkes – through whom the people of Borinquen can fight back.

Here is one of those heroes.

Juan Bobo

Juan Bobo was a humble man from Caguas, and a construction worker for 30 years. When the economy tanked in 2006, he started moonlighting as a musical impersonator.

Juan was an excellent musician, and his weekend performances at Circo Bar and Scandalo drew standing-room only audiences. Juan was especially good with Ricky Martin numbers.

Juan Bob the Musician

His Tito Puente act and timbál technique, were impeccable.

Juan Bobo as Tito Puentes

But the absolute show-stopper, the one that tore the roof every night, was Juan’s medley of Celia Cruz classics.

Juan Bobo as Celia

Whenever Juan sang Que le Den Candela and Azucar Negra, the crowds screamed so loud, that local residents would call the cops.

By the time he finished Quimbara and La Negra Tiene Tumbao, even the cops were dancing in the aisles.

But costumes cost a fortune, night clubs pay a pittance, and Juan was behind on his rent. With all the worry, he slept only three hours a night.

And then his best friend, Remy Garcia, came up with an idea…Juan Bobo should go into politics.

There’s 78 mayors in Puerto Rico. Each municipality has an average population of only 45,000…but the mayors all get paid roughly $75,000 per year, and then hire their family and friends as “mayoral assistants.”

“Fuck it…I’ll be your chief of staff !” said Remy, and the Juan Bobo campaign was born.


For three months, Juan Bobo and Remy campaigned from a broken-down school bus.

Juan Bobo's Campaign Bus

Whenever “Chi Chi” Salazar was in town (Chi Chi was in Scarface) he joined the campaign and threw beads at the pretty girls.

Juan Bobo campaigning

Juan campaigned tirelessly, all over Caguas and Gurabo.

Juan Bobo PR flag

Most of the babies peed on him.

Juan Bobo and Baby

In one debate he forgot his opening speech, so he started dancing with a broom.

Juan Bobo debate
Juan Bobo Debate 2


And then a strange thing happened. A bartender told Juan about Nemesio Canales.

Nemesio was a lawyer, journalist, and the publisher of Puerto Rico’s leading literary review…a magazine called Juan Bobo.

That did it for Juan…a literary magazine with his own name on it! He read everything he could find about Nemesio Canales. Most valuable of all, was this book:

Nemesio Canales

Boberías is the political philosophy of the folkloric character Juan Bobo, with a detailed analysis of the US – Puerto Rico relationship.

It even contains an eight-page study of the Jones Act.

Juan Bobo studied Boberías from top to bottom…and it changed his life. He finally understood why Puerto Rico was in such miserable shape, why millions of people had lost their hope.

Juan incorporated Boberías into all of his speeches, and he decided to run for governor.


With the wisdom of Boberías inside him, Juan Bobo became a riveting public speaker.

Juan Bobo for governor

He looked and sounded like a leader.  

His confidence grew…

Juan Bobo for governor 2

His press conferences grew….

Juan Bobo Press Conference

His rallies grew…

Juan Bobo Rallies

Juan Bobo could actually win!

He would bring “a future to believe in,” to the young people of Puerto Rico.

And then the politics got dirty.


All the major politicians resented Juan Bobo.

One month before the election, the leaders of the PPD demanded that Bobo join their party. They forced him to attend a press conference, where he would swear allegiance to their PPD platform.

Juan Bobo showed up and insulted everyone. He said it was impossible to swear allegiance to the PPD, because the PPD didn’t stand for anything…so there was nothing that you could “swear allegiance” to.

Juan Bobo denies PPD

The reporters all laughed, but the consequences for Juan Bobo were severe. Within three days a woman claimed that Bobo had given her triplets, and then abandoned them. 

Juan Bobo's triplets

The San Juan District Attorney announced that Juan Bobo was a known forger, and that his entire campaign was financed with counterfeit money.

Juan Bobo's new bill

The FBI said Bobo was suspected of robbing three banks in Orlando and the entire payroll of Magic Kingdom, just two weeks before Christmas.

Juan Bobo Bank Robbery

The web of guilt and suspicion grew so thick, that Juan Bobo had to suspend his campaign.

Juan Bobo2

A few weeks later, Juan was arrested in Florida on “unspecified charges.”

Juan Bobo's Mug shot


Bobo spent two years in jail…then the facts became hazy, and the legend began.

He was Miguel Cotto’s sparring partner in 2013 and 2014…but he was let go when he cut Cotto’s left eye.

Juan Bobo's boxing

After that, Bobo joined several student protests throughout the island.  

He was arrested repeatedly, but this did not stop him.

Juan Bobo arrested

The cops started to rough him up, but it still didn’t stop Bobo.

Juan Bobo abused by PR police

It seemed like Juan Bobo was on a mission.

He even forged a press pass…

Juan Bobo's Press Pass

And one night, when the Senate was discussing a bill to “privatize” the beaches of Puerto Rico, Juan Bobo jumped down from the press gallery and punched the Majority Leader in the mouth.

Juan Bobo and senate

Then Bobo ran out of the Senate chamber, and disappeared into the night. 

No one is sure where he is… 

No one knows whether he is dead or alive… 

But the legend of Juan Bobo keeps growing. 

He became a symbol of resistance, in the struggle against Monsanto.

Juan Bobo against Montsanto

He was spotted at the Paseo de los Presidentes, between Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower, but he vanished before the FBI arrived.

Juan Bobo and Paseo de Los Presidentes

In early 2016, after the first draft of the PROMESA bill was released in Washington, D.C., Juan Bobo appeared in a Panic! at the Disco concert in Ponce…

Juan Bobo and PROMESA

He also appeared at an outdoor service of Cuerpo de Cristo, a Pentecostal church in Ciales…

Juan Bobo and Ciales

Bootleg copies of An Inconvenient Truth, the updated 2016 version, are circulating with Juan Bobo as a special effect…

Juan Bobo Illusion


Meanwhile, the “establishment” continues to discredit Juan Bobo.

PPD operatives claim that he’s a homeless drunk in Fajardo.

Juan Bobo Drunk

Lobbyists for the Marriott Hotel claim that he drowned in a boating accident with Tito Kayak – and that this would not have happened, if the Balneario de Carolina were privatized.

Juan Bobo Kayak

You may not believe the lobbyists, the PPD…or even this entire article.

But one thing is certain: Puerto Rico is entering one of the most difficult periods in its history.

Over the past 15 years, more than one million people have already fled the island.

Borinquen needs a champion.

Tomorrow, I will show how Juan Bobo – or some other legendary character – can be that champion.

I will call it V for Vendetta…the JUAN BOBO revolution. 

Juan Bobo 3


Book - 12-10


9 Comments on “V for Vendetta…the rise of Juan Bobo

  1. Bueno, bueno, bueno!!! Es lo primero que leo del autor y me encantó!! Felicitaciones!!


  2. Ea rayo…this is a GREAT character! People here in PR will go for this. I’m ready for the BOBO revolution.


  3. I agree w/Carlos Camacho. Remy, you’re performing a great public service w/this forum. The next “champion” to lead the islander PR’s toward a dignified, prosperous, and independent future has some the toughest act’s to follow. It was hard then ( prior to the 1960’s ). Don Pedro was a Harvard grad. He was an attorney. He served as a military officer in the U.S. Navy, and served honorably. And then he gave all that up to attempt to lead his people to a better place, after what he’d seen and experienced. Even w/his credentials, the people of the island still weren’t motivated enough to do what needed to be done. Even after yrs ( in Pedro’s case…decades!! ) of Pedro’s persistent efforts….it wasn’t enough.

    It’s going to be even HARDER now. People in the U.S. are similarly “unmotivated” to get up out of their chairs to champion any kind of real justice. That all kind of went away after the mid-1970’s. And look where the U.S. is now. Almost two generations of individual’s have not done their part in taking up the torch. I think the same things’ going on on the island. That’s why I think all this crap is coming down so hard on the islander’s right now and on the everyone on the mainland. The power elite knows it ( about the general populations’ complacency ). The power elite mostly don’t have a conscience these days. Arguably even more callous now than ever before. So why not keep taking? Like taking candy from a baby. No guilt at all.

    I think that most are in a state of denial that this kind of thing can’t possibly be going on in society, in 2016. However, tyrant’s, sociopaths, and their opportunistic associates are timeless. And they’re seemingly bubbling up to the top ( much like what scum does ) in greater numbers than ever before. These disordered individual’s have always been around since the dawn of humanity. What’s surprising is that the vast majority of humanity ( that don’t fall into any of the aforementioned categories ) haven’t done much to identify, and further prevent/stop any of those individual’s from coming to home plate after they’ve gotten their base hit. It’s the 118th inning: U.S.: 118 P.R.: – 0.


  4. Man i love everything your doing and would love to have a chat with you over skype about a proyect i want to pich to you …..


  5. Marco Rubio (R-Fla)
    Has been appointed by Congress as part of the legislation Task Force – “Promesa”
    What an Outrage!!!
    Marco Rubio’s Campaign was supported by and was the lap dog for the financial terrorist hedge fund PAUL SINGER!
    Paul Singer was responsible for the down fall of Argentina’s Economy.
    PAUL SINGER made BILLIONS of Argentina!

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