Juan Bobo brings Christmas to Puerto Rico

    In the true spirit of Christmas…Juan Bobo has something for everyone this year.   That’s him on his sleigh right now, making sure that everyone in Puerto Rico receives the proper gift. For governor-elect Ricky Roselló, he… Read More

Shocker from Juan Bobo: Marco Rubio NEEDS to keep Puerto Ricans down, in order to save his US Senate seat!

    In an explosive press conference, political analyst Juan Bobo explained why Senator Marco Rubio is trying to force a $5 minimum wage on Puerto Rico. “It’s all based on the Jones Act,” he said. According to… Read More

Juan Bobo supports the Tennessee Plan of Gov. Ricky Roselló to make Puerto Rico the 51st state…because it’s bound to FAIL.

     “I support the Tennessee Plan…100 percent!” said Juan Bobo, then rode off into the sunset. Later that night, he explained why. “Ricky Roselló is an idiot,” said Bobo. “His Tennessee Plan is ridiculous, and when it… Read More

“War Against All Puerto Ricans” receives 4 Million views

    The war is going strong. Last week, “War Against All Puerto Ricans” passed the 4 million mark on its web site. It is now averaging over 200,000 views per month. Beyond the numbers, the web site… Read More

Juan Bobo Roselló’s plan for Puerto Rico

  Ricky “Juan Bobo” Roselló wasted no time in announcing his master plan for Puerto Rico. In a Univisión interview yesterday, flanked by his wife and dog named Tennessee, the governor-elect opened a can of surprises for the… Read More