The strangest “charitable organization” in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Antonio Garcia Padilla is the brother of the governor of Puerto Rico. He is also the Executive Director of the strangest “charitable organization” on the whole island.

Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País has only one employee: Antonio Garcia Padilla. He gets paid $70,000 per year – but no one can figure out what he or the Sociedad Económica actually do.

The mystery does not end there. In the middle of all this, is former labor leader Dennis Rivera.




In 2004, while president of Local 1199 in New York, Dennis Rivera funneled $1.1 million of his union members’ money to a phony “charity” tied to Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico.

Rivera never explained why $1.1 million in union dues had to be sent out-of-state, or how this donation of $1.1 million would benefit the 1199 union members who were forced to pay for it.

What is known…what is certain…is that once the money arrived in New Mexico, it simply “disappeared.”

According to court papers filed in New Mexico, the $1.1 million from Dennis Rivera slithered into the “Move America Forward Foundation,” whose main purpose was to provide kickbacks to Bill Richardson.



Ten years later, in 2014, the same kickback pattern began in Puerto Rico. Through the “non-profit” Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País, Dennis Rivera now funnels an annual $70,000 to the governor’s brother, Antonio Garcia Padilla (AGP).


Alejandro and Antonio Garcia Padilla: buy one, get one free


According to the Sociedad web site, AGP’s job is to “support economic development in Puerto Rico.” He will do this by “attracting investment from outside the island.”

The web site does not list any economic project – either actual or planned – that the governor’s brother has “supported” or “attracted” to Puerto Rico.

When asked to explain this, one of the board members stated: “It doesn’t operate programs. It’s an economic development initiative…it reaches out to businesses and potential business investors around the world.”

The members of the Sociedad board include Dennis Rivera, the president of Banco Popular, the Chairman of UBS Puerto Rico, the CEO of Bacardi Rum, the Chairman of Putnam Bridge Funding LLC, the CEO of St. James Security, and the head of “Infrastructure Investment” at Goldman Sachs.

All of these gentlemen are providing “support services” to the governor’s brother. Putnam Bridge and St. James Security each donated $50,000. Banco Popular donated $100,000 and a completely rent-free office complex.

Despite this rent-free office, the Sociedad listed $33,000 in “2014 rent payments” to someone.

In addition to the double-rent payment, it is unclear where the entire $275,000 Sociedad budget was spent in 2014.

What is clear, is that this $275,000 budget is for just one employee…the governor’s brother. And all the money comes from prominent companies, with business interests in Puerto Rico.



When a group of businessmen can buy government influence, by openly and nakedly buying the governor’s brother, it is time to end that government.

When a web site boldly proclaims this whole scheme, Puerto Rico becomes a laughing stock before the whole world.

Buy the brother…get the governor for free.

Dennis Rivera has brought shame to Puerto Rico.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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16 Comments on “The strangest “charitable organization” in Puerto Rico

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  5. Que pasta con fear in see diciendo que todos include do el pip son iguales si el pip nun a tendon un gobernador. Ese tips no sabe. Estero que el pueblo despierta y le de el vote a Lourdes. Que viva los company rose independentistas cono


  6. They are all the same.
    Todos son iguales (PNP, PPD, PIP, ect.). Todos se reunen con Richard Carrion, un CFR (New York). Noten que nuestros jefes de correo, FEMA, ect., reportan a New York.


  7. At a time of great economic distress to the people in PR ($72+ billion of public debt that they cant repay), the Municipality of Coamo where the Mayor is non other the Governor’s brother, is in a golden era of public projects and buying spree of businesses. There is word that it is all in the family as massive amounts of federal and state funds are pouring into Coamo. The municipality under brother Padilla owns more than 10 retail businesses, including 2 large hotels. How are ordinary small businesses expected to compete fairly with municipal money from our CRIM and more (not to mention their borrowing power). The involvement of municipalities in the buying/operation of businesses is unheard of elsewhere in the US, but thriving here. No one is looking into this because both parties are involved. Coamo is a shining example though.

    The joke of it all is that Transparency International/Berlin/Germany based has rated PR so well on the corruption scale as #31 on a list of nearly 200 countries monitored. I wonder if this good rating was paid for? I have lost respect for TI and their rating system.


  8. The Garcia Padilla family, a disgrace for PR even their mother is a thief, by order of governor one of the public service agencies was moved to the first floor of her house in order to collect monthly rent in Cuamo.


  9. Como diria el amolao. Esto aqui se jodio. Segundo casndidato que a Juez presidente del Tribunal Supremo que le surge algo a ultima hora que les cualifica.


  10. Maldito sea los political ladrones. And the Puerto Rican governor says that Puerto Rico should not be disrespected. He’s just like every governor before him. Stealing from the island, and not qualified to serve the people. Another corrupt bum.


  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Collusion, corruption, greed …. the “principles” guiding these so-called leaders! Governing for the rich, keeping things in the “family”, right? Who cares about Puerto Rico & it’s people?


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