The governor of Puerto Rico will testify, and make a fool of himself, before the United Nations

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Gov. García Padilla just announced that if the US Supreme Court rules against his government in Puerto Rico v. Sánchez Valle, he might testify before the United Nations Decolonization Committee and “denounce” the United States for treating Puerto Rico unfairly.

No one – especially the governor – has the slightest inkling what he will say. The only certainty is that García Padilla will make a fool of himself.


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In Puerto Rico v. Sánchez Valle, Puerto Rico is asserting its jurisdiction over certain criminal matters (such as gun ownership and sale) while the US argues that this would subject a defendant to double jeopardy…being tried twice for the same matter…which violates the due process and equal protection clauses of the US constitution.

The Obama administration is also arguing that as a territory under the plenary jurisdiction of the US congress, Puerto Rico cannot enforce criminal statutes which deviate from US congressional legislation.

Puerto Rico v. Sánchez Valle is an important case. It will lay a judicial groundwork for the Financial Control Board which will soon take over the entire government of Puerto Rico.

But here is the problem…

What will García Padilla say to the U.N.? That Puerto Rico is not a territory, and not a colony?

That Puerto Rico is a sovereign entity, in a “Free Association” with the United States?

That Puerto Rico wants to continue its present “Commonwealth” relationship with the US…with a Jones Act, a $72 billion debt, a Financial Control Board, and hedge funds strangling the island?

After García Padilla utters this nonsense, Pedro Pierluisi will then take the microphone, and demand that Puerto Rico become a state.

Then the PIP, the Hostosianos (MINH), the Soberanistas (MUS), and numerous other groups will assert a variety of independence scenarios.

The testimony will end in the exact same manner that it’s ended for the past 70 years: with a schizophrenic hearing transcript, containing a dozen different opinions from the “leadership” of Puerto Rico.

Which of course, guarantees that nothing will change. 


Gov. García Padilla’s testimony will add another layer of absurdity to this political theater.

Since the establishment of a “Commonwealth” in 1952, Gov. García Padilla’s political party has been eating at the pig trough that the United States has provided: with government jobs, expense accounts, “consulting” fees, bribes from lobbyists, and “private contracts” for family and friends.

Luís García Padilla, the governor’s own brother, has come under fire for allegedly handing out $150 million in “insurance contracts” from the Dept. of Housing to various family friends.

Another brother, Antonio García Padilla, heads a “charitable organization” where he receives $75,000 per year, and a $200,000 “office budget,” for an office with no employees and no monthly rent. In return, Antonio facilitates “public private partnerships” between US billionaires and the García Padilla administration.

For over 70 years, the governor’s political party abused the entire island. Even now, they run the government like a private Mafia ring. And so, when Gov. García Padilla “denounces” the U.S. for abusing the people of Puerto Rico, he looks like a world-class fool.

He looks a man who sues a whorehouse, for giving him gonorrhea. 


Gov. García Padilla would do better to stay home, and let the real victims testify before the U.N.

The people who’ve lost their jobs, their pensions, and even their homes, because of greed on Wall Street and corruption in San Juan.

The people who saw 200 public schools close, while politicians raised their own salaries.

The people who pay 300% more for their electricity in La Perla, than anywhere else in the U.S.

The people who pay gasoline taxes, small business taxes, water fees, and 11.5% sales tax.

The people who had to move to Orlando, because they lost their home in Ponce.

The people who pay for their governor’s own corruption.

Stay home, Alejandro.

You won’t do Puerto Rico any good, or win any votes for your party, by making a fool of yourself in the United Nations.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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4 Comments on “The governor of Puerto Rico will testify, and make a fool of himself, before the United Nations

  1. Governor of PR is a is his last he want make an ass out of himself


  2. Definition of Garcia Padilla And Pedro pierluise: slaves, servants, gofers, minions, bitches, boot lickers, flunkeys,lambe ojos, ass kissers, fools, losers, puppets,stooges, and last but not least door mats. The United States congress loves that . 118 years of that type of politics,the people of Puerto Rico deserves better than that. That lock and chain that is latched on so tight on the island must be broken off.


  3. I am a Padilla from Rio Grande, I didn’t know that my family from San Juan was so corrupt


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