Financial Control Board holds its first meeting in Puerto Rico…in a luxury hotel

   This Friday Nov. 18, the US Financial Control Board will hold its first meeting in Puerto Rico. It will occur at 8:30 am, in the luxurious Conquistador Hotel. The choice of venue is significant: the Conquistador is… Read More

The fun house of the PPD political party…where prostitutes met politicians, and parties continued non-stop, for seven years

  Prostitutes, politicians and parties filled the mansion of Anaudi Hernández. Built in 2008 for $4.2 million, it was the pleasure palace of the PPD political party. With a huge Jacuzzi, swimming pool, movie theatre, “play room,” two… Read More

The Governor of Puerto Rico is ready to make BIG money…with the Financial Control Board

  Gov. Garcia-Padilla sent 100 private letters to every US Senator, urging them to support the PROMESA bill. He also visited dozens of them personally, in Washington D.C. And now, through his brother Antonio Garcia Padilla, the governor… Read More

An empty Promesa for Puerto Rico: the “new” Financial Control Bill

On December 9, 2015, three Republican US Senators co-sponsored Senate Bill 2381, called the “Puerto Rico Assistance Act of 2015.” Now three months later, in March 2016, the US Congress re-branded it as the “Puerto Rico Oversight, Management,… Read More

Massive demonstration in Puerto Rico today, against US vulture funds

  Today is the first day of the “2016 Puerto Rico Investment Summit.” Held in the Convention Center in San Juan, it is a high-level meeting of the rats, robbers and Republicans who are stealing from Puerto Rico…. Read More