PROMESA para Idiotas

Book - 12-10


Yesterday we published PROMESA for Dummies. It taught all the basics of the PROMESA bill passed b y the U.S. Congress, along with its infamous Financial Control Board.

Within one day, PROMESA for Dummies went viral – one of our most popular postings for 2016. Hundreds of people demanded a Spanish translation, so here it is: PROMESA para Idiotas.



2 Comments on “PROMESA para Idiotas

  1. Aristides… Tengo noticias para ud. Se lo perdieron en 1898. It ( the island/the dirt under their feet ) was never theirs. That’s why the problem. It’s been the root of the problem. I think what you mean is that they’re all going to be deported in one way or another… off the island. The island what was never theirs since the U.S. invasion. When one doesn’t own their land, OR even has a lease on a rental of that land/property…. You really have no rights with what goes on on it; or really, with you on it. ( an islander is just a happy-go-lucky pendejo ). At least a tenant has some rights. The islander PR’s are not even tenants. Remember that. Just about everything that has gone on on the island has its basis in fraud and illusion. Maybe that will color your world a little differently.


  2. The people of PR are so brain washed, that the only thing they can say is thanks mister. It is painful to hear them and see how happy they are with this colonial law. Muñoz should be very happy and proud with the job he did. He used all the people of PR to cover his private life and the brain washed puertorrican still loving him. Wakeup Boricua from this bad dream or you are going to loose land.


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