The Governor of Puerto Rico cannot decide whether his country is a colony, or a superpower

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Last year, the governor of Puerto Rico complained that Puerto Rico had become “a territorial possession” of the US.  But then last week, this same governor announced that Puerto Rico has “more self-autonomy” than all fifty states in the US.

It is difficult to take this man seriously.

Let’s start with his “discovery” that Puerto Rico is a colony of the US.


In 1977, when the governor was in first grade, the following essay was the cover story of the Harvard Political Review:

Called The Curious Constitution of Puerto Rico, it documented how the “Commonwealth” relationship is an absolute fraud, and how Puerto Rico continues to be a COLONY.

This essay was written nearly forty (40) years ago. It was published and distributed by Harvard University. It has been widely available ever since.

It was included in the appendix of War Against All Puerto Ricans, and you can view it in the book’s web site.

For this reason, it is a bit ridiculous for the governor of Puerto Rico, to suddenly “discover” that Puerto Rico is a colony.


And then a year later, this same governor does a 180-degree flip-flop, and announces that Puerto Rico has “enormous powers of self-rule.”

Apparently, Gov. Garcia Padilla thinks that if he insults everyone’s intelligence…

And feeds them ridiculous lies…

And treats them like a nation of five-year olds…

Then they will all run out, and vote for his boy David Bernier.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:

4 Comments on “The Governor of Puerto Rico cannot decide whether his country is a colony, or a superpower

  1. It doesn’t really matter what these little politicians think the facts are that recent Supreme Court decisions clarify that we are a possession of the United States, a colony. So if that’s the reality and I think even Obama said something to that effect, wouldn’t that make the federal government directly responsible for the “descalabro” that all these politicians have done for the past 50+ years to PR? Doesn’t that mean that the federal government clearly, purposely, and fraudulently lied to the United Nations when they had PR taken out of the list of colonies many years ago? Could there a legal way that we could “virar la tortilla” and put the blame and responsibility on the federal government just like a parent is responsible for the actions of a child ? Just a thought.


  2. If Gov. Garcia Padilla cannot decide if Puerto Rico is a colony or a superpower then I decided that he’s an ” IDIOT “. The Harvard political review wrote…not having been incorporated into the community of sovereign nations of the globe, Puerto Rico must always have her international relations sifted through the U.S. State Department. What is there not to understand?


  3. I really can’t imagine how this guy got his college degree and became an attorney. He is ignorant of our history and most of the present laws that concern his position as governor. The “gobernadorcito” does not even qualify to run a small “colmado”. Of course, there is a majority of “populares” who think he is good. How about Bernier? He’s just a good boy, no more than that.


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