Luís Fortuño: the puppet master of Puerto Rico

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As the Financial Control Board devours what is left of Puerto Rico, many people are wondering how the island got into this desperate mess.

Here are two key words: Luís Fortuño.

During his short governorship, Fortuño ruled over Puerto Rico like a criminal Mafioso.

He fired 30,000 workers, closed down schools, reduced pension benefits, raised the university tuition, and hiked gasoline and sales taxes. Then he took all these “savings” and spent Nine Billion Dollars mysteriously, without properly accounting for it. To this day, the people of Puerto Rico do not know where that $9 billion was spent.

Fortuño also campaigned aggressively against Barack Obama and for Mitt Romney, even after Romney’s infamous “let’s forget the 47%” fiasco.

Unfortunately, the “47%” which Romney and Fortuño were prepared to forget, included nearly the entire population of Puerto Rico.


In just four years, Fortuño borrowed more money than any governor in Puerto Rican history…over $16 billion.

THAT DEBT is the one which Puerto Ricans will now have to pay, through a Financial Control Board.

The Financial Control Board…run by Wall Street and Luis Fortuño

By the end of his four-year term, the press reported a “tsunami” of private contracts that Fortuño doled out from 2009 till 2013. The amount was astounding: over $9.3 billion in private contracts.

Much of this flood of private contracts, was handed out to Fortuño’s friends and business associates.

Here is one example: in 2011, while firing 30,000 government workers to “save money,” Fortuño tried to push a $450 million gasoline pipeline for which the largest contract, worth $9.6 million, went to Ray Engineers PSC.

Ray Engineers had no pipeline construction experience but it was owned by Fortuño’s childhood friend, Pedro Ray Chacón.

In addition, even before the pipeline project was announced, the Fortuño administration awarded about $27 million in private contracts – without public bids – for “preliminary studies.”


During his own “good government” years, Fortuño fired 30,000 public workers…and then handed out billions of dollars in private contracts to his own personal friends. This included:

  • $2.6 billion for “orientation and training”
  • $1 billion for “publicity”
  • $849 million for “consulting fees”
  • $414 million for “personal services.”


Due to this orgy of borrowing and corrupt spending, the public debt of Puerto Rico was already $70 billion when Fortuño left office in 2013.

He left the island in a financial shambles, to enjoy a million-dollar partnership at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Steptoe & Johnson.

Currently, he has the gall to write “good government articles” such as this one, titled “Puerto Rico has a spending problem.”


Luis Fortuño’s political resume is dripping with corruption, nepotism, brutality, and financial mismanagement.

During his four-year term, he injected Wall Street loans and high-interest debt deep into the veins of the Puerto Rican economy.

At PREPA, Fortñuno created a Ponzi scheme…in which 82% of every “new” Wall Street loan, was used to pay the interest on the loan before it. This is a classic Ponzi scheme, and it was disclosed in a 23-page committee report from the Puerto Rico legislature in June 2015.

That is what Mafiosos, dictators and drug dealers do.

As the top Mafioso of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuño ruled over the island…like Tony Montana ruled over Miami in Scarface.

And now he’s going to do it again…under the cover of “fiscal reform,” from behind a Financial Control Board.


Carlos Garcia was appointed by Luis Fortuño, as president of the Government Development Bank (GDB).

Garcia also engineered Law 7…which enabled Gov. Fortuño to fire 30,000 government workers, in order to free up money for his “private contracts.”

These “private contracts” went to Gov. Fortuño’s family and friends, and to campaign donors of the PNP political party.

And now…guess what?

Carlos Garcia is one of the seven members of the Financial Control Board.

As my grandmother used to say, “mas claro no canta el gallo.”


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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10 Comments on “Luís Fortuño: the puppet master of Puerto Rico

  1. Where is the political opposition? Why they don’t sue Fortuño’s administration? As we say here in the island: “El que calla otorga.” The people of PR are blind even though the criminal acts you are denouncing here are more than evident. Their blindness is voluntary because as far as the are subsidized with the so called federal aids they won’t be able not only to see but to act steadily against Fortuño’s gang and others alike.


  2. Thank you, Nelson Denis! Finally an article that speaks truth! We cannot even trust the local media, they distortion the truth to favor the political parties mafia.

    I look forward to reading your book!


  3. Oh my goodness. No wonder Puerto Rico is in shambles. Why are they getting away with this? Couldn’t this governor have been charged by the Justice Department? Oh wait – they are a bunch of criminals too.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Sugerencia:

    ¡Haz una versión en español de esto!

    ¡El PNP promedio que necesita saber esto no sabe inglés!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. This is what any law abiding person would call an outright conspiracy to strip Puerto Rico of everything it owns and keep the people as paupers on their own land and the United States government is letting this happen. Luis Fortuño and his goons, also the United States government should be charged with ” Seditious Conspiracy “. They are out rightly destroying Puerto Rico with Jim Crow laws. Laws, laws, and more Jim Crow laws is strangling the economy. Get rid of Luis Fortuño, get rid of these Jim Crow laws and abolish the Jone’s act. The people of Puerto Rico have a right to be free and equal in their own land not paupers. As Nelson A. Denis stated “mas claro no canto el gallo”. Despierta Boricua!


  6. The true “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

    But at least Johnny Depp had a monkey on his shoulder to advise him, even if “Little Jack” did crap on his shoulder or urinate into his ear on occasion. Islanders should be exhausted and VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRY embarrassed at this point of their outrageous “leadership”. Enough already!

    As my Mallorca-descended grandfather used to say to us when we were little kids in Puerto Rico…

    “Cuando el hombre pierde la verguenza, no hay nadie que se la devuelva.”

    “Verguenza” has been in very short supply in La Fortaleza for many decades.
    But there is no reason for the rest of the population to lose their “verguenza” too.

    Today, Puerto Rico has been reduced to the typical banana republic sociological-psychological-political maggot-swarm…the biggest, fattest maggots pushing the smaller, hungrier maggots to the side. Haven’t we had enough?
    Stop expecting different results from the same, corrupt, dishonesty, mercenary and self-serving “leaders”. It has NOT worked!

    But then again….who knows? Maybe Rita Moreno from “Worst Side Story” can do a an updated rendition of “Everything-Not-So-Free-In-America” or Lin Miranda can stop dancing on the White House porch to “rap” , “high-5” and “fist-bump” Puerto Rico out of its eternal “Comedia de Bufones”.

    Or maybe J-Low can come to the Island to shake her booty and swing her blonde wigs before the electorate that keeps putting these immoral, unethical, unprincipled scoundrels into office over and over and over?

    Or perhaps Ricky can come to “Shake His Bon-Bon” too? Should we invite Benicio del Toro to bring his vampire friends to the Island? Perhaps ANOTHER bump-and-grind routine from Marc Anthony could help?

    Puerto Rico DOES have the leadership it deserves and we have seen a century of it to prove how misinformed, disinterested and apathetic 4 Million Islanders have been all this time.

    Creo que ya de boberias, pendejaces y cafrerias han tenido bastante , no?

    Time to wake-up and stop believing in 3-legged rainbow-colored unicorns, Santa Clo’, Chupacabras and free pasteles in every pot.

    YOU put these thieves in office.
    YOU must get them out.
    The solution is ON the Island and not in Washington, DC or in Atlantis.


  7. Most of what you wrote about Fortuño are exaggerated. Stick to the real truth, please.


    Okay, Roberto…

    Which of the newspaper sources exaggerated their facts…the New York Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, Reuters, Associated Press, Democracy Now, The Nation, Atlantic Monthly, Slate, Mother Jones, Truthout, Caribbean News, El Diario/La Prensa, Noticel, Metro Puerto Rico, or El Nuevo Dia?

    Or perhaps ALL of them exaggerated their facts?

    –Nelson Denis

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  8. These gangsters again want to govern PR. And guess who, the son of the most corrupt governor governor of PR, the one and only Pedro Rosello. More than 40 of his cabinet wew acussed of corruption, including him
    Once, Gil Bonar, a prosecuter named to investgate corruption in PR and member of his political party said this words,”Corruption has name, New Progressive Party (PNP)


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