ABC News selects the next governor of Puerto Rico

Five days before the election, ABC News annointed Ricky Roselló to the governor’s mansion. According to ABC, Ricky is “expected to win” and will be the “next governor of Puerto Rico.” ABC also announced that Ricky will make… Read More

The government is lying to 9 million Puerto Ricans

  The U.S. and Puerto Rico are both lying to 9 million Puerto Ricans. Both governments are claiming that Don Q Rum will deliver over $100 million per year to the treasury (i.e. the people) of Puerto Rico…. Read More

Luís Fortuño: the puppet master of Puerto Rico

  As the Financial Control Board devours what is left of Puerto Rico, many people are wondering how the island got into this desperate mess. Here are two key words: Luís Fortuño. During his short governorship, Fortuño ruled… Read More