Luís Fortuño: the puppet master of Puerto Rico

  As the Financial Control Board devours what is left of Puerto Rico, many people are wondering how the island got into this desperate mess. Here are two key words: Luís Fortuño. During his short governorship, Fortuño ruled… Read More

A new PNP in Puerto Rico: the Party of New Psychotics

  There is a new, improved PNP in Puerto Rico. In a bold crusade to find new voters, the PNP completely changed its platform – and even its name. It is now the Party of New Psychotics. The… Read More

Juan Bobo apologizes for the entire island of Puerto Rico

  A boy named Luis R. Fortuño has apologized for the actions of his father, Luis Fortuño, while he was governor of Puerto Rico.   Not to be outdone, the patriot Juan Bobo apologized to the whole planet…for the… Read More

The secret governor of Puerto Rico: “Scarface” Luis Fortuño

  Within a few months, Luis Fortuño will be the power behind the throne in Puerto Rico. When a Financial Control Board rules over the entire island, Fortuño will be hiding behind the chairman of that Board…whispering in… Read More