Speaker of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives took a $45,000 cash bribe, but says “I did nothing wrong”

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A Puerto Rican politician sits in an SUV with tinted windows. He calmly takes an envelope with $45,000 in cash – an illegal “donation” from a crooked businessman.

Flash forward…the crook is arrested for bribery, embezzlement, grand larceny, and money laundering of US federal funds. The FBI looks at the pol who took the $45,000 “donation,” and the pol says “don’t look at me…I did nothing wrong!”

That is the sad predicament of Jaime Perelló, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico. The crooked businessman is his long-time friend, Anaudi Hernández Perez.

The friendship went deep.

Anaudi was the finance coordinator of Perelló’s re-election campaign. Both of them – Anaudi and Perelló – knew that a “donation” of $45,000 was illegal. That’s why the donation was made in cash, in an unmarked envelope, in a car with tinted windows.

The $45,000 was never reported. Perelló simply added it to his $73,000 legislative salary, and did a few “favors” for Anaudi. Business and politics as usual.




But there was one problem…Anaudi was a real trip.

The man was tireless. There was no end to his creativity.

He ran a scam through the Treasury Department, to replace the picture frames of every official photo of the governor, throughout the entire government.

Gov. Garcia Padilla was nearly impeached for that one.

Anaudi also concocted schemes at the Department of Labor, and the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority, that got people arrested in both.


This didn’t stop the indomitable Anaudi. The government – especially Speaker Perelló, who took $45,000 from him – were protecting Anaudi. He was a “made man.”

Within a few short years Anaudi owned a $4 million mansion in Aguadilla, a luxury condo in the Condado district, a yacht, and a Porsche.

Anaudi in a striped shirt, driving his private yacht


But one bit of corruption was so ridiculous, that even the government couldn’t cover it up.

As reported by the Puerto Rico press, after Speaker Perelló received $45,000 in cash from Aaudi,

The Speaker then facilitated a telephone contract, for Anaudi to upgrade the switchboard and phone system of the entire Puerto Rico House of Representatives.

Anaudi of course, had absolutely no experience in telephone system installation. So when the job was completed…

The phones did not work!


There are now rumors of the pending arrest of Speaker Perelló:


He has received multiple requests for his resignation, but Perelló refuses, saying: “I have not been accused of anything yet.”


He doesn’t say “I am innocent,” or “I did not accept $45,000.”

He says “I have not been accused yet.”

He says this, because he is in power.

He believes that a PPD government will not accuse one of their own, when nearly all of them are guilty of the same corrupt behavior.

This story could be called “the arrogance of power.”

The house Speaker

But with each passing day…more and more…it looks like “The Speaker Brought Down by a Bad Telephone.”


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4 Comments on “Speaker of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives took a $45,000 cash bribe, but says “I did nothing wrong”

  1. Another one that goes to the same school named ” CATCH ME IF YOU CAN “.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    More corruption …. while the people suffer and the “vultures” circle for the spoils!!
    “A Puerto Rican politician sits in an SUV with tinted windows. He calmly takes an envelope with $45,000 in cash – an illegal “donation” from a crooked businessman.”


  3. The island is sinking in debt and people are leaving including professionals. These fools are enriching their posters at the people’s expense. They should all serve time for their deeds.

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