Speaker of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives took a $45,000 cash bribe, but says “I did nothing wrong”

  A Puerto Rican politician sits in an SUV with tinted windows. He calmly takes an envelope with $45,000 in cash – an illegal “donation” from a crooked businessman. Flash forward…the crook is arrested for bribery, embezzlement, grand… Read More

A new PNP in Puerto Rico: the Party of New Psychotics

  There is a new, improved PNP in Puerto Rico. In a bold crusade to find new voters, the PNP completely changed its platform – and even its name. It is now the Party of New Psychotics. The… Read More

The secret governor of Puerto Rico: “Scarface” Luis Fortuño

  Within a few months, Luis Fortuño will be the power behind the throne in Puerto Rico. When a Financial Control Board rules over the entire island, Fortuño will be hiding behind the chairman of that Board…whispering in… Read More

Senator De Castro Font took cash bribes, in the bathroom of the Capital Building of Puerto Rico

  At age 25, Jorge Adolfo De Castro Font was elected to the legislature of Puerto Rico. In 2008, after twenty years of corruption (as both a Senator and a Representative) he was finally arrested and indicted on… Read More

FBI arrests 10 in Puerto Rico political corruption case…hedge funds and U.S. Congress prepare to celebrate.

  Yesterday…Dec. 3, 2015…the FBI arrested 10 Puerto Rico government officials and businessmen in a widespread corruption probe. The 25-count indictment includes extortion, money laundering, wire fraud, and federal program bribery. For the past four years, the 10… Read More