New York City sprays the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans for “Zika prevention”

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At 3:20 a.m. on August 17, a public address system passed repeatedly under my apartment. I woke up, looked out my window and saw a police car with a mounted bullhorn. A large truck followed behind. They moved together slowly – about 10 miles an hour – as the truck sprayed a 30-foot cloud into the air, which nearly reached my window.

The recorded message from the police car was garbled. I couldn’t understand any of it, even after they passed under my window six times, spraying both sides of the street until 4 a.m.

It looked something like this:

Zika Spraying

The indecipherable “police message” was clearly a half-hearted compliance with a legal notice requirement. I was curious what the City of New York was doing to my neighborhood at 4 a.m., with garbled police messages.

So I scoured the internet until I found this:

NYC Spraying Event

They had sprayed my neighbourhood for “Zika Virus” and “West Nile Virus.” Nobody had told me about it. Even when I awakened at 3:20 a.m., and heard a blurred “police message,” nobody had informed me.

I then researched this “Zika spraying” and found this:

Zika spraying map

This is the entire map for “Zika virus” and “West Nile virus” spraying in Manhattan.

All of it was done north of 155th street, in the Washington Heights and Inwood sections.

Nowhere else in Manhattan, did any of this spraying occur.

I dug a bit further, and found a NYC Dept. of Health report which claimed that this area – and this area alone – had been “treated with an adulticide due to a significant presence of Aedes albopictus, or Asian Tiger mosquitoes.” 


This Asian Tiger mosquito is unusually finicky. It came all the way from Asia, but it only congregates in specific zip code areas of Manhattan…the ones with the highest concentration of Latino residents.

The Asian Tiger mosquito will only eat mofongo and asopao, and will date your sister if she has a college degree.

It will rarely venture below 155th street…and never, ever below 96th street, because it simply abhors white meat.


If this analysis of the Asian Tiger mosquito seems ridiculous – and it is ridiculous – then there is only one other explanation.

They sprayed only in Washington Heights and Inwood, because of the Latino population that lives there.

Apparently, the NYC Dept. of Health wants to combat Zika, by spraying the people rather than the mosquitoes.

Someone should explain to NYC, that spraying Dominicans will not contain the Zika virus. Even if a Dominican in Washington Heights has Zika, spraying them with insecticides is useless.

You need to spray the mosquito, not the Latino.

The only thing accomplished by this racist spraying, is the following:

  • It causes pulmonary complications in the Dominican
  • It assuages the ignorance of white voters below 96th street
  • It enriches the producer of the insecticide, and the city contractor who delivers it

Here is the information which I found, about this nearly-secret spraying of Northern Manhattan.

The George Washington Bridge is the busiest bridge in the world, with 400,000 vehicles passing over it every day. The fumes from the GWB have already triggered an asthma epidemic in Northern Manhattan.

In the future, when New York City decides to fumigate the Latinos in Northern Manhattan, we would appreciate being told about it.

We would also appreciate, if other people were fumigated too.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:

38 Comments on “New York City sprays the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans for “Zika prevention”


  2. I have no idea why you guys are complaining. I live in Michigan and I literally call the township over and over because they keep promising to spray and don’t. I mowed yesterday and literally was covered in mosquitoes (even in my mouth). I even quit going outside to smoke because of the mosquitoes. Be happy. BTW, there really is isolated areas that have more or different mosquitoes. That area is right by the river and depending on the foliage it may well be more of an issue.


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  4. This is the same thing that was done in Mexico back in the 30’s and 40’s when farm workers would pick fruits and vegetables, they would literally spray insecticides directly in their faces in order to (supposedly) protect their crops from insects. The perversions of old are repeating themselves.


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  6. Can you inform our people to organize and start firing politicians across the board? I believe that if we start taking livelihoods, this act will deter future politicians from making decisions that hurt our people. I’m shocked to see this madness unfold. My people, we need to engage in the political arena. We need to fire the politicians that voted yes for the promesa bill and we need to fire the major of NY for allowing this to occur. There are son many Puerto Ricans in NY that we can shift the power balance. Fire the major for this action!! I bet you that Washington will be singing a different tune! Until we don’t make them afraid to lose their secure positions, nothing will change and only get worse. Register to vote! Fire politicians!


  7. Click to access wnv-notice-20160817.pdf


    No Zika virus found, no Zika transmission from local mosquitoes in NYC
    As a precaution, Department will target parts of Manhattan and Queens, where significant numbers of
    Aedes albopictus mosquitoes, potential transmitters of Zika, were found

    Criteria for spraying to prevent West Nile virus also met in several Manhattan and Queens
    neighborhoods “


  8. @peurto rican frankie everything you say comes off as a hateful threat. There are real problems with this country but conveniently packing them all up as a reason to hate all white people is playing into the same rampant game of hate and will do nothing but fuel that fire. No race deserves to be demonized as a whole, period.


  9. Wow, a very thought through piece. It highlights how government, local, national and international are responding to an artificially emergency. They are not fumigating, they are infecting, it’s a first step towards genocide. No other logical explanation, oh, unless you want to believe the ridiculous notion that They were out spraying for mosquitos…,


  10. It is sad, but racism comes in many forms. I have heard several white people say Hispanics are not white, but they think they are. The African American and Hispanic populations are constantly under attack. I live in a building in Washington Heights where the new Board is only renting to American Whites or Europeans and trying to pressure old tenants out. They have succeeded in most cases. Only a few of us are fighting back.



    Haven Avenue can be pretty lonely sometimes.



  11. to tmk evil america iis being punished because you cannot earse 450yrs of slavery they must pay and they will pay.the white evil race wants to forget on how they inslaved hung and raped my black brothers & sisters .but heres the thing my Lord Jesus Christ doesnt forget .karma is going to hit white america hard.times up evil america the King will punished those who punished his people the 12tribes of israel.que Papa Dios me los bendiga a todos y que viva puerto rico africa y el caribe completo!! Amen!!


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  13. @ puerto rican frankie ~ Last I checked the “demon” in the White House is not “White.” And this particular President holds the record for being at war longer – his ENTIRE two terms – than any other President in U.S. history. I agree with you that there are many evil “White” people; there are also many evil people of “Color.” The statistics for “Black-on-Black” crime are damning. ( Your description, “the evil white race,” is evidence that racism is far from limited to “White” people. ANY racism is wrong. GOOD people of ALL colors must reach out to help one another if any hope for real change is to be realized.


  14. I just did a video message about this. They did the same thing in the Bronx. 10469 area. They also had the notice in Staten island, Queens, and Brooklyn. But yes you are right they stayed out of Manhattan. Makes you wonder.


  15. It comes from certain countries.


    I see.

    So the mosquitoes pack their bags, travel 5,000 miles…and when they arrive in Manhattan they take up residence, exclusively, in five specific zip codes.

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  16. Back in the 60s the pill was tested on women in Puerto Rico because the Catholic Church fought it here in the US. Of course now women in India are today’s test rats. 😦


  17. You’re just as racist as the people you’re talking about. You’re singling out Dominicans and making sarcastic comments about whites. So what does that say about you? Now you may be causing people to be uninterested or even unsympathetic to very serious situation


    I am sorry if your sensibilities were tweaked by this article.

    However, if you believe that there are no ignorant white voters anywhere in the US…then I am also sorry to say that a) you have missed the entirety of the 2016 presidential election, and b) you have just joined their ranks.

    –Nelson Denis

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  18. They are also spraying the Jackson Heights area and the Developments on Long Island City where Queensbridge, Astoria Houses and Ravenswood housing are…they put up a flier but then covered it with other fliers for advertising their new scheduling program so people didn’t even see it.


  19. what they should be spraying is holy water on top of the devils den .meaning the white house. evil america has destroyed many innocent chilldren and. woman all over Gods world to steal there oil there freedom and all of there goods to benifit white america.but as you can see the evil white race are getting weak there afraid and on panic mode.evil white america has alot of blood on there hands of innocent black & brown people then they ask why does eveybody hates america.Really.Que jesus me los bendiga a todos.times up evil america!!


  20. The NoSpray Coalition filed a lawsuit against the City’s mass-spraying for West Nile mosquitoes in 2000. We followed a spraytruck down 125th Street and video’d the spraying of pregnant women, open food markets, and lots of people, and presented it in Court, and it was picked up on all the TV news reports. It took 7 years for a federal judge to rule in our favor because the City violated the Clean Water Act, not because it sprayed people in the face with cancer-causing chemicals.

    Still, we won remarkable admissions from the City in exchange for us agreeing to settle the case. Please see our website at .

    This latest round of spraying with extremely dangerous pesticides would be a disgrace even if NYC had numerous cases of Zika ­ which it doesn’t. There hasn’t been a single instance reported of mosquitoes carrying Zika in NYC. The City, meanwhile, intentionally mixes up Zika with West Nile, even though they’re carried by different mosquitoes and live in different areas. But however you slice it, the spraying “cure” is far far far worse than the “disease”, and the real disease epidemics like asthma, lung and heart conditions, and cancers caused by the pesticides and by toxins dumped into the environment by diesel trucks and corporate polluters go unaddressed.

    Thank you for this great article!

    Mitchel Cohen
    NoSpray Coalition

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  21. Discraceful! But the truth is that this is part of the gentrification they are doing to out neighborhood. Dominicans and Puerto Ricans we are everywhere so it’s gonna take a little more than these pesticides to make us move. Guerra anunciada no mata soldado.

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  22. What are they trying to do? Make these people get cancer and get rid of them? They should spray Wall Street and the East Side. I bet you would hear a lot about the spraying then and the people living there trying to stop the spraying.

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  23. I understand your points, and Latinos make up about 70 percent of the neighborhood. However, there are many, many other ethnicities and people from different nations living in Washington Heights and Inwood besides latinos. There are Koreans, Eastern European and Western European Jews, Irish, Greeks, Serbs, Bosnians, Russians, Hey, there are even WASPs. And they are all getting sprayed as well.
    This article could have been good, except it is divisive. We are all human. We all breathe the same air.


  24. So mosquitoes must have a thing for Puerto Rican and Dominican blood . Wow. Yes, there is a war against all Puerto Ricans. My people we have to fight back.

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  25. Reminiscent of the days when European immigrants including infants were sprayed and doused with toxic, carcinogenic substances to kill lice, bed-bugs and any other assorted “diseases” they were suspected of bringing from Europe, but at a time when it was not as politically-ripe an event.

    On an historically forgotten note…Many of Puerto Rico’s Irish immigrants who arrived in the 1800s during the Irish Potato famine, arrived on the Island when the ships that were bringing them from Ireland to Boston, NYC and Philadelphia were denied port entry in these cities because there had been deaths of unknown origin or out-breaks of unknown disease on board.

    These ships that were already charted to go to the Caribbean to pick up cargoes of Rum, wood, sugar, molasses and citrus, continued often to Puerto Rico and dumped entire ship-loads of these immigrants along the Island’s North coast, usually at night to not attract the attention of Spanish colonial guards along the Island’s coast. The now-empty ships then continued on to other ports in Puerto Rico to pick up their cargoes, at which point they then turned northward back to Ireland or England.

    History repeating itself, but this time in a “La Tino” context. Very little new here…just the moneyed interests making civic and social policy in anonymity.

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  26. Unbelievable! I live in NYC and did not see an advertisement anywhere . So mosquitoes only target a certain type of people? Again, UNBELIEVABLE!

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  27. Are these people playing us as dumb, or do they think just spraying a certain area will control the mosquitoes? Because the last I know, mosquitoes don’t differentiate amongst people. Karma is great. We’ll see who gets paid back.

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  28. What the “no global warming” jerks also don’t get is that as temp is rising the climate for disease carrying mosquitoes from Africa and South America will now have a range extending at least 1500 miles north. Have family living in Broward County which is next county north of Miami Dade. I am worried about their safety.

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