How Puerto Rico is Being Enslaved: Part III

Puerto Rico has a new national anthem. Originally recorded by Johnny Guitar Watson in 1976, it expresses the new national spirit and political consciousness of Puerto Rico in 2021. The anthem is called Ain’t That a Bitch and you can hear it on the YouTube link under this photo.

In particular, listen at: 0:30 – 2:00 and 3:38 – 4:55.

Nearly everyone on the island is feeling the same way as JG Watson:

They’re working poor folks to death
When you pay your rent and car note
You ain’t got a damn thing left
Ain’t that a bitch
Somebody doing something slick

The latest slick move from downtown is a “Restructuring Support Agreement” (RSA) executed on May 3, 2019 by PREPA, the Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority (AAFAF), Assured Guaranty Corp. (AGC),  Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp (AGMC), an Ad Hoc Group of PREPA bondholders (the “Ad Hoc Group”) and the Financial Control Board (aka “La Junta”).

This RSA calls for the issuance of more bond debt – $8.3 billion –  in order to pay off the bondholders. This debt will be paid by the people of Puerto Rico via a so-called “transition charge” which starts at 2.7 additional cents per kilowatt hour and eventually rises to 4.55 cents. Amazingly, even PREPA customers who install rooftop solar panels will have to pay this “transition charge,” even on the solar energy which they themselves generate. The PREPA customers will also be legally obligated to buy – at their own expense, roughly $1,000 – an additional meter which measures the amount of solar power they are generating and using.

According to Mike Henchen, a utility system expert at the Rocky Mountain Institute, he is unaware of any utility in the US that charges its customers for solar power that they did not generate. In other words (mine, not Henchen’s) this RSA is a shakedown: a familiar phenomenon at PREPA.

In recent years, reports have shown that 1) for decades, PREPA used illegal toxic sludge oil instead of EPA-compliant petroleum and falsified over 600 lab reports to avoid detection, and 2) from 2009 to 2013, during the Fortuño administration, PREPA issued seven successive AA bonds: and 80% of each bond was used to pay off the interest – not the principal, just the interest – on the immediately preceding bond. This Ponzi scheme practice was consistent with Fortuño’s orgy of debt. In his one and only four-year term, Fortuño saddled the island with more debt than any other governor in Puerto Rican history: over $14 billion.

Fortuño supporting Mitt Romney (GOP) for US President

And now, the people of Puerto Rico will pay for this reckless debt: with higher tolls on privatized highways and bridges, higher tuition in charter schools, higher water rates, and the highest electricity rates in all the US. The current island rate, even before the RSA, is already 22 cents per kilowatt hour…and within three years (2024) Puerto Ricans will pay 30 cents per kWh…an overall rate hike of 73%. Then, as reported by London Economic International (LEI), the electricity rates will more than double again  – to 64.5 cents per kWh – by 2036. This is nearly triple what they are today: inflicted on a vulnerable population whose per capita income is half that of Mississippi, the poorest state in the US.

The RSA’s grip on the island will span two generations. Under its $8.3 billion settlement terms, the “transition charge” will be paid every year, for the next 47 years.

Ironically, this de facto serfdom arrives at the same time that Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nydia Velasquez announced a FEMA grant of $9.46 billion for PREPA’s development of “clean, renewable electricity.” But in a Citizens United world – with both the Governor and Resident Commissioner deeply committed to LNG interests, and with multi-billion dollar fuel contracts at stake – it is only a matter of time before those FEMA monies enter a black hole of lobbyists and influence peddling, all powered and protected by the highest authority: the US Supreme Court, via its Citizens United decision.

Ultimately, the Financial Control Board (La Junta) will exercise jurisdiction over that $9.46 billion and funnel it toward the bondholder debt, the LNG tsunami…and of course, a few shekels will find their way into Gov. Pedro Pierluisi’s pocket.

Because in Puerto Rico, somebody is always doing something slick.



For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

6 Comments on “How Puerto Rico is Being Enslaved: Part III



  2. Our people keep voting for DEMOCRATS, even after decades of exploitation, Hollywood depicts us as whores, junkies, drug dealers, gang bangers, all the dregs of society. When show like Law & Order and other shows cast Puerto Ricans as cops and detectives, they speak like street hoods, not professionals, Very unlike how movies and tv portray Dominicans, Cubans, Mexicans, Central & South Americans, any other Hispanics. We are the low class spics. WHY? we ALLOW THEM TO GET AWAY WITH IT. All the others stop them in their tracks. Their politicians speak up and out to defend their own, NOT OURS, NOT A PEEP. Our educational system in our neighborhoods were so deficient, it was a glaring horror, did we challenge them, nope. When Democratic liberal teachers union wanted to protest in Manhattan against Albert Shanker, burning him in effigy, did we know what we were doing? NO, we were minors, being used by the RADICAL DEMOCRATS TO SWELL THEIR NUMBERS FOR THE MARCH AND PICKETING. Did anyone stand up and declare we were being exploited by the Teacher’s Union?, nope. Sweat shops, house of horrors on so many levels, my family in them, NYC, ALL UNDER DEMOCRATIC REGIMES. When do we start thinking, researching and putting aside the lies and propaganda the Democrats keep pushing at us, and break away. I am now a Republican, Moderate. I believe in gay marriage, and I’m Pro Choice up to 3 months, anything beyond that is out right murder. All I want is a strong economy, bring back MADE IN USA exclusively, NATIONAL SECURITY AND DEPORTATION OF ILLEGALS ENMASSE. They broke our laws by forcing their way into our country spitting on our laws. They now demand EVERY THING THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO, they are getting more than our own citizens are getting, and we say NOTHING, MANY OF US ACTUALLY VOTE TO LET THEM FKin VOTE…NOT ACCEPTABLE. THEY ARE LAW BREAKERS, PERIOD. SEND THEM BACK, GET THEM THE HELL OUT PUERTO RICO TODAY, TAKE BACK THE ISLAND FROM THESE INVADERS. THEY’VE BROUGHT NOTHING CRIME ON A MASSIVE LEVEL WITH IMPUNITY, TIME FOR THEM TO GO BACK AND LET THEM DEMAND IN THEIR COUNTRIES, NOT OURS. Restitution, OH HELL NO, STOP THE BOO HOOS, BEGGING, HAVE SOME DIGNITY, WE ARE BEYOND HANDOUTS AND BLACKMAIL, PUSH EDUCATION, FAMILY STABILITY, LAW AND ORDER, INTEGRITY, DIGNITY, THESE DO NOT GO HAND IN HAND WITH ‘RESTITUTION’, leave that for the lazy do nothings that are a plague on society and the fan base of the new communist democrats. BREAK THE CHAINS, VOTE WITH FACTS, NOT BULLSH_T.


  3. Hello Felix! It was great to hear your voice! Wise as always.

    The rumor goes that when Watson collapsed and died of a heart attack in mid-performance, on a Tokyo stage, his last words were “ain’t that a bitch.”

    De corazon, Felix.



  4. Coincidently, I have the Johnnie Guitar Watson LP (Long Playing, for the Millennials). Lo que estamos realizando el aprovecho de los EE UU en asuntos de PR para mantener la isla y su recursos bajo su manto. In the same way that people of New Orleans’ 9th Ward were shut our from returning to their birth homes, in some cases, a Post-Irma/Maria & now COVID is nothing more than an opportunity for capitalism to take over. Someone’s loss, is someone else’s gain.

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  5. En vez de quejarnos de las múltiples maneras en que el Imperio nos tiene fastidiados nuestro pueblo tiene que levantarse en masa y demandar nuestra independencia. Por desgracia, eso no pasará. La mayoría de nuestra gente sufre los efectos del síndrome de Estocolmo.


  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    New anthem – “Ain’t That a Bitch” … this is what’s happening in my country!! … “They’re working poor folks to death, When you pay your rent and car note, You ain’t got a damn thing left – Ain’t that a bitch – Somebody doing something slick, Downtown!”


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