The governor of Puerto Rico will testify, and make a fool of himself, before the United Nations

  Gov. García Padilla just announced that if the US Supreme Court rules against his government in Puerto Rico v. Sánchez Valle, he might testify before the United Nations Decolonization Committee and “denounce” the United States for treating… Read More

Yogi Berra understood Puerto Rico

  The world will miss Yogi Berra. There will be no other like him. He was an honest man, a great role model, and his Yogi-isms contain some of mankind’s greatest wisdom. The world according to Yogi should… Read More

“Spanish Only” in Puerto Rico: playing politics with our language

  On Thursday Sept. 3, Tony Fas Alzamora rammed Bill 1177 through the Senate, without any discussion or debate before the vote was taken. Bill 1177 will make Spanish the only “official language” of Puerto Rico. … Read More