Congressman Luis Gutiérrez introduces a bill calling for a referendum on Puerto Rican sovereignty

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony 

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez has delivered a powerhouse bill which makes independence for Puerto Rico a very real – and urgent – possibility. Known as HR 900 (House Resolution 900) it calls for a vote between Independence and Commonwealth…period. The Statehood option will not NOT be included in this referendum.

In addition, any Puerto Rican living in the US, will be able to vote in the referendum!

If HR 900 is passed into law, then Puerto Ricans will choose between a sovereign Republic of Puerto Rico (with complete independence from the US) and a continuation of the current colonial arrangement, aka “commonwealth.”

Of all out current Puerto Rican congress members, Gutierrez has been – by far – the greatest gladiator for Puerto Rican independence.

Anyone who doubts this can view this video clip:

On the US congressional floor, Gutiérrez also planted the image of a Puerto Rican flag with the words FREE PUERTO RICO on it. Then he stood right next to the flag, and delivered a historic speech about “freedom for Puerto Rico.”

You can see the entire speech right here:

We salute Rep. Gutierrez for giving Puerto Ricans, on both the island and the US mainland, a voice with regard to their future.

According to HR 900, Puerto Ricans will not automatically lose their US citizenship if the island becomes independent. They will have an individual choice of citizenship, and dual citizenship may also be a possibility.

Rep. Gutierrez will file his bill this Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Since that is Valentine’s Day, it is safe to say that Gutierrez is showing his love for Puerto Rico…and HR 900 is his Valentine’s Day gift to the island.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos


31 Comments on “Congressman Luis Gutiérrez introduces a bill calling for a referendum on Puerto Rican sovereignty

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  2. Why is this Congressman leaving statehood out of his submission? Is it because he is afraid that the majority of the Puertoricans are in favor of statehood? This cannot be approved by Congress because this is an omission in bad faith. He perfectly knows that the people are in favor of statehood.


  3. As a statehood advocate and along with approximately more than 50% of the residents in thr island I resent this proposal as absurd and it is a way to eliminate the voice of the majority of island residents. He is not acceptable as the voice of the puertoricans as we have time and again voted for statehood and have our reresentatives and senators elected by us to address our decisions


  4. This is not what the majority in the island want and as such this congressman would be wasting the money for the independance party that has consistently
    been required to register due to the poor showing on elections. Mr. Gutierrez conveniently tries to maneuver his desires but they are not what we want for Puerto Rico. The second party PPD has in the past advised their electors to not vote on the referendum in the past. If Congress wants to see what the citizens in PR want, then the referendum must include statehood, if not don’t waste the money.


  5. Commonwealth party and the independent party should merge so that both party can be on pending and knock off statehood party off the ballot


  6. best thing I’ve heard.we must separate from the devil .white america Luis is speaking thru the Lord america is going to be destroyed as it is written it will be a 3rd world country the white man is weak afraid & will be’s called karma & your devil president is that karma!!,adios you devils.shalam.


  7. best thing I’ve heard.we must separate from the devil .white america.shalam.


  8. I am totally in agreement with this fine lady.
    CAN Gutierrez explain why so many independent countries (Santo Domingo, Venezuela and others from Central America leave their “independent” country, risking their lives to come to our island or the USA?
    Why are these politicians afraid to have the people express their rightful opinion?
    Is he a resident of PR? How can he determine what we want and please, Gutierrez, mind your state and let the people decide in a referendum that includes all possibilities, not what your little mind desires.


  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yes!!! ‘Congressman Luis Gutiérrez has delivered a powerhouse bill which makes independence for Puerto Rico a very real – and urgent – possibility. Known as HR 900 (House Resolution 900) it calls for a vote between Independence and Commonwealth…period. The Statehood option will not NOT be included in this referendum.’
    It’s time … it’s decision time!!


  10. Rep. Gutierrez will file his bill this Tuesday, Feb. 14.
    “Since that is Valentine’s Day, it is safe to say that Gutierrez is showing his love for Puerto Rico…and HR 900 is his Valentine’s Day gift to the island.” The removal of the Statehood Question on the Referendum in June is a gift to the Puerto Rican??? Well I know that the Statehood of Puerto Rico brings 10 Billion in additional funding and the other 50 States do not want our Puerto Rican hands in the coffers they feed from for their States. What do any of the other choices bring to the table for stability and future of the children their families in Puerto Rico and those wanting to return? Tell me what money comes with Independence with a Dual Citizenship? There is a war against Puerto Rico becoming a State and God will not help those who want to harm the children of Puerto Rico and our future with a Nation under God. God Bless America land that I love that has provided a future for generations to come for my family.


  11. MR. Gutierrez how dare you not want to give Puerto Ricans the option of Statehood. Last time I checked you where a congress man representing Illinois. You live in a statehood and enjoy all the benefits of that state but yet have the balls to want to eliminate that option from Puerto Ricans. You should maintain yourself in your place and that’s representing your state. PUERTO HAS A VOICE in Congress and that’s MRS. JENNIFER GONZALEZ.


  12. and who is he to ask for independence for Puerto rico and how dare he when does not know what that intales he has lived in the usa all his life how could he want this for Puerto rico .


  13. Pobre confundido y colonisado mister Luis g. Pontoon tengo un mensaje para ti: cono despierta boricua y defiende lo tuyo!


  14. Mr.h Rodriquez represents confuse Puerto Ricans. Luis Gutierrez is a true patriot


  15. Where was he born? Where does he live? He does NOT represent the residents of Puerto Rico.


  16. Im with you mr gutierres. Finally someone open there minds about what meen being a puertorican . free puerto rico now


  17. I don’t think that the vast majority of Puerto Ricans want independence. Forcing independence on them would be wrong. It would be also wrong to strip them of their U. S. citizenship without their consent.


  18. Thank You Mr.Gutierrez go for it don’t listen to those vendepatrias


  19. If we wish to attack one member of the U.S. Congress, why not a package deal? Very few, if any (John Conyers, Ron Dellums, Mark Hatfield, and a few others) do not represent the corporate control of the planet that produces widespread greed, corruption, impoverishment, and marginalization in the world and in the nation. If Gutierrez is guilty, so are most of the others by definition. We can begin with Mr. Trump, accused of a myriad of public, political, financial, and personal crimes.


  20. What i want to know if he s coming to live in Puerto Rico if they choose Independence…?


  21. Congratulate Mr. Gutierrez, a north American, that respect his puertorrican heritage. Down to earth, not with the “head in Disney World” like most here. Knowing statehood is not suitable for the island, as all GAO studies had concluded.,Puis not possible under any circumstances, now worst than ever. Staying under the Colonial, status, is not option. Since it would completely destroyed the islands economy. It is impossible to function without the slightest sovereignty. Simple, you cannot survived in the middle of the ocean with arms and legs tied up. Sovereignty is the only option, for the island to begin rebuilding its economy.


  22. Enough, already! Basta! Forget about it! Having lived through the hopes and the political bullshit from the Late 1960’s, even up to the last so called plebiscite (my last failed vote ever again!), I see that all of us have got to know that Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans are Unique in that we are a special people guided by Spirit; not subject to “guidance” from anybody or from anywhere in this Mad, Mad, World.

    Any Status is “not in the cards”.

    Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans have lived through centuries of abuse, misuse, old and modern physical and moral slavery, and are still OCCUPIED with it. BUT, we are like the Phoenix which arises from the flames because we are God’s chosen who “are hid in Christ with God”. Only a real Puerto Rican digests these facts. We are a State of Mind.

    The former and current Vende-Patria-bought-and-paid-for-políticos wouldn’t recognize or know what to do with any “status” except to destroy it through their innate greed and ignorance.

    All is well because as usual we are being protected and guided but the Sacrificial Lamb represented in Our Flag and by the Indian of the Cordillera Central who is now home with us.

    Viva! La Verdad!: La guerra Contra Todos Los Puertoriquenos (Nuestro Guía).

    Referendum!? Smeferendium!! Vete pa’ Carajo!



  23. Luis G. Ponton…..If you want the FAST-TRACK to discredit, dismiss and completely DISGRACE any political position, attach the name of LU-EEEEEEEZE Goody-Air-Head to it.

    He is the laughing stock of the ENTIRE American Congress.

    Anytime a generic-one-size-fits-nadie “La Tino” is needed, you can be sure he will there munching on a burrito or a taco, or riding a donkey for the camera. Watch some of Hillary Clinton’s videos during her failed presidential campaign and you will find LU-EEEEEEEZE bouncing and doing “La Tino” cartwheels in the background or jumping onto her lap to lick her “cara asquerosa”.

    Meanwhile, his Chicago district is rife with ILLEGALS using FAKE IDs, FAKE social-security cards, FAKE driver’s licenses and FAKE Insurance cards. And what does LU-EEEEEEEEEEEEEZE do about it? NADA!!! But it doesn’t stop there.

    His district has the HIGHEST drug-crime rates, gang-slaughter, child-mortality and corruption and is the same city where those 4 feral-negroes kidnapped a white kid and tortured him on a LIVE-FEED in YouTube. And what did LU-EEEEEEEZE have to say about that outrage?


    This payaso-sin-circo is the lowest bottom-feeder political whore in Washington, DC.

    He thinks he is the voice of Puerto Rico in the US………….…..HAH!
    He thinks he is the voice of all ILLEGALS in the US…………..…HAH!
    He thinks he is the voice of the entire Latin-American world…..HAH!

    This clown isn’t fit to speak for the Taco Bell Dancing Chihuahua.
    Even the little Chihuahua wouldn’t lift its little “patita” to pee on his head!

    And never mind that his wife and daughter DO NOT live in his district but in Puerto Rico…living la vida muy linda! Why don’t they live in Illinois, or the in the slums and barrios that he “represents”? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? I wonder.

    And please be advised that HE is currently being investigated for embezzling money in the direction of his wife and daughters!

    So my advice to anyone listening to LU-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE is to be careful who you lay down with, because when you lay down with a dirty dog, you can be sure you will get-up with lots of “pulgas”!

    And I am once again reminded of my Mallorquin great-grandfather who would say…

    “Mi’jo que nunca se te olvide’ que el mono bailando en un traje de seda nunca quita de ser solamente un MONO bailando en un traje de seda.

    LU-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE has been dancing in his filthy, salsa-splattered silk dress for decades and he always leaves the party alone and full of pulgas!

    LU-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE has the credibility of a snake on a plane.


  24. For some reason Luis Gutierrez is a sworn enemy of the very system he enjoys…Statehood! The majority of the Puerto Ricans reject this man. He does not care for the islands interest only that of a minority. Why does he not mentioned that in our last plebiscite our present colonial status was rejected and the Statehood option won ahead of independence. We do not need or want his intervention in our Political status. He was elected by the good people of Illinois so please represent their interest and please do not say the there are Puerto Ricans over there because they moved there for the Statehood life.


  25. Luis Gutiérrez is a member of the US Congress which has total control over Puerto Rican matters, and has the total right to express his opinion over Puerto Rico just like any other member of the controlling congress. The resident commisioner has no power in that environment.


  26. Forget about the Past (history):

    Forget about the Future(wish full thinking ; Plebiscite)

    Forget about THE PRESENT(🎁):


  27. Luis, if you support statehood you should be ready to have Congress decide for you for the rest of your life. Under the current arrangement, as well as statehood, sovereignty of Puerto Rico lies in Congress and they can use it in any way they want, be it by imposing a colonial fiscal board or by deciding which status options they are likely to consider for Puerto Rico (fun fact, “marriage” requires consent from both parties). If that makes you mad, then do something about it by actually choosing one of the two options that would give your voice some weight, otherwise shush while Congress thinks for you.


  28. puerto rico must be free from evil america before it’s to late .america have an agenda to target blacks & latinos especially puerto ricans Facts. they have a plot to try to inslave blacks & puerto ricans once they get rid of the mexicans.state hood won’t happen & shouldn’t happen..follow Christ not these evil white edomites.the devil wants you & trump will follow his laws.get ready for a race war .these are the edomites the Lord has warned you about & you refuse to follow his word!! if you don’t speak up & fight for your people you are worthless to the most high to me & puerto rico.americas evil plot must be stopped. before is boom boom all over.the King will save his chosen the 12tribes of israel .the King has blessed me with his word to wake up his children so here I am.if you refuse to fight back your life will be in danger so the lives of your children.que Dios me los bendigas a todos.Shalam.

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  29. Where does this leave those who are in agreement and voted for statehood in the 2012 referendum. Who gives this congressman who does not represent us the right to take decisions for us. Is he afraid that the people of Puerto Rico will vote for statehood and consequently leaves
    the option out of his incorrect submission to Congress? I FERVENTLY ask the decision makers to set aside this deposition and proceed with entering all factors in the referendum ASAP.


  30. Luis Gutierrez does not represents us Puertorricans living in the island and shouldn’t interfere in our politics, we have a resident commissioner elected by us and that is our voice in congress.Mr. Gutierrez lives in Chicago and have all the advantages of statehood , if he wants our independence he should resign his job and move to Puerto Rico.


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