Congressman Luis Gutiérrez introduces a bill calling for a referendum on Puerto Rican sovereignty

    Congressman Luis Gutiérrez has delivered a powerhouse bill which makes independence for Puerto Rico a very real – and urgent – possibility. Known as HR 900 (House Resolution 900) it calls for a vote between Independence… Read More

ALL STARS of War Against All Puerto Ricans

     It is time to recognize the War Against All Puerto Ricans All Stars: the people who make this blog really special. In 2017, rather than panic over Trump, we need to recognize our own people and our… Read More

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez proclaims “Free Puerto Rico!” on the floor of US Congress

  Puerto Rico has a gladiator in the US Congress: Luis Gutiérrez. The Congressman has thundered in committee…and now, on the entire floor of the US Congress. Yesterday, on the US congressional floor, Gutiérrez planted the image of… Read More