US Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to statehood for Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) honored our website with a comment last week.

In response to our article about the obstacles to Puerto Rican statehood, the Senator left a detailed message. She supports a clear process for considering the statehood of Puerto Rico. Here is the Senator, in her own words…

Thank you, Senator Warren.

Despite our skepticism on the likelihood of congressional consent to Puerto Rican statehood, there is now another dynamic.

Sen. Warren has committed herself to a fair-minded consideration of the status issue…rooted in human principle rather than economic interest.

It is uncertain that a GOP congress and a Trump White House will follow her example…but we salute Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for her leadership and overriding humanity.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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11 Comments on “US Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to statehood for Puerto Rico

  1. Not impressed by her comment, which happily ignores every wrongdoing by the US since the Spanish-American war thru today, playing the partisan blame game. The sentiment is, ‘With your vote we will ….’ But your most ‘progressive’ president is responsible for a most reprehensible action–PROMESA. That message is heavily laced with aversive racism, basically telling you how to feel and ignoring precise facts, acknowledge what the people are saying first before claiming to be so kind. It could sincere, and that sincerity has been an equal bane to the Island because it still results in a group of people in DC engineering what they believe is best for a people they do not represent, or even know, ending in bad consequences that they will not accept responsibility for.


  2. I lost all respect for this FAKE “Native-American” referred to in Congress as “Lie-A-Watha”, when she crawled into Hillary”s darkened tent and climbed into one of the bubbling pods and came out the next day to campaign for Hillaria…something that she had SWORN she would never EVER do!!!

    She scammed her way into college and law school conning admissions officers with her completely FRAUDULENT claim to be an “Indian”.

    But it paid-off for her!

    Despite her meager government salary “Princess Speaks-With-Forked-Tongue” lives a lavish life-style in a KAZILLION dollar mansion with electrified fences, guard-dogs and body-guards…Yeah, I guess she’s not embracing too much “inclusion”, “tolerance” or “diversity” in HER house.

    She’s a total PHONY!

    If she’s an “American Indian”, I’m a lactose-intolerant, hemophiliac, gluten-free, vegan-Wikkan tranny, hermaphrodyte High-Priestess from Atlantis!

    Que buscona asquerosa!


  3. I find Elizabeth Warren comments desingenuous. Us expansionism was never rooted on human principle but by economics interest. the Monroe’s doctrine and the Destine Manifest and its effects are still felt by the others Americans at the bottom of the continent.

    117 years as a USA Colony’ and still liberals and conservatives, invite us to, following their rules and laws, to ” decide” for “an acceptable political status to their congress”
    Have they accepted the rights of Hondurans, Nicaraguans, Argentinanians, Brazilians and Cubans to have the government and political system of their wish? Aren’t US direct interventions and destabilizetion on their countries being real and having as base or reasons the US economics interest?
    The main objective of the impose Fiscal Economics Board on Puerto Rico is to warranty that Wall Street gets paid at the expenses of the people being treated unequally.

    Yes.. Equal Rights will one day be the Norm… but when the structures that makes them now impossible are desmantle.Including COLONIALISM.


  4. One senator that wishes to be fair-minded about our status, that’s good, now there’s only 99 to go.


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘Sen. Warren has committed herself to a fair-minded consideration of the status issue…rooted in human principle rather than economic interest.’
    Could this be a possibility? Do we really want to become a state?
    I’m still pondering on that one!




    Toda persona amante de la paz encontrará en la figura de Ana Belén Montes un verdadero ejemplo.

    La vida de Ana Belén se dedicó a frustrar los intentos agresivos del gobierno de Estados Unidos contra Cuba, lo cual permitió, salvar miles de vidas de cubanos, que serían los atacados y de estadounidenses, que serían los atacantes. Ante cada intento de agresión estadounidense, el conocimiento previo de Cuba sobre la misma, proporcionado por Ana Belén y la preparació0n que se realizaba por parte de las fuerzas cubanas, lograron neutralizar los planes guerreristas del gobierno de Estados Unidos.Ana-Belén

    Ana Belén Montes no tuvo reparo alguno en infiltrarse dentro del Departamento de Defensa, a costa de ser descubierta y ser sancionada judicialmente a varios años de prisión, como le sucedió, para poder obtener la información que mantuviera la paz y salvara vidas humanas.

    En estos momentos Ana se encuentra en la prisión de Carswell, en Fort Worth, Texas condenada a 25 años de prisión, de los cuales ya ha cumplido 15. Recientemente sufrió una operación de cáncer en la mama de la cual todavía está convaleciente.

    Ella dedicó su vida a mantener la paz, nosotros debemos, al menos, divulgar mundialmente lo relacionado con la misma.


  7. Ella no ha dicho nada nuevo, es la misma verborrea que ellos los gringos están dispuestos a darnos lo que pidamos. O sea es un asunto interno de los gringos. Primero la anexión no es una formula descolonizadora en el caso de Puerto Rico. Le recomendamos ver decisión de la Corte Internacional caso de Namibia 1976 donde se sentó el precedente que ningún país invadido militarmente puede ser anexado. Segundo, Puerto Rico no es un asunto interno de EEUU, lo que ellos deben hacer es cumplir con las 35 Resoluciones de las Naciones Unidas de traspasar los poderes a Puerto Rico, no intervenir e irse pal carajo. Tampoco los puertorriqueños tenemos que ponernos de acuerdo en nada, solo ellos deben irse. Claro, los gringos se pasan el derecho internacional por donde no le da el sol, entonces es una cuestión de fuerza y cambiar la correlación de fuerza es la tarea. Y esa tarea no se hace dándole espacio al mito de la estadidad y el asunto de un problema de derechos humanos o doméstico. Si usted quiere realmente ayudar no se preste para impuslar la posición gringa.


  8. As to Senator Warren open (in support) for “Statehood” for Puerto Rico is obvious, she intends to run for president of the United States in 2020! Like many others before her from the mainland believe all Puerto Ricans were born yesterday and are naïve! Well, I have news for those who believe we all have tunnel vision and don’t see it coming!


  9. First of all, we should demand that the Independent Party and the money laundering Popular Party be eradicated from any decision making. Secondly, It took the Popular Party after the “Yes” vote was again in favor of statehood another four (4) years after President Barack Obama allocated $2.5 million for Public Hearings on the subject matter, to no avail! And now they are once again not in favor of statehood, but cut their funds for coupons and federal aid for these 62% lazy and unscrupulous ass-holds with money in bank claiming they never paid into Social Security, and as a result demand they receive assistance. They are all in favor of the Popular Party, due to receiving a hand out for life! They reside in government subsidized housing/residencies (Residenciales), well maintained by Vivienda Publica (Public Housing). They don’t pay rent, water, and electricity and claim not to be employed! But, go around to their residential complexes and note the SUV’s BMW’s and expensive automobiles parked in these territories (Puntos), while selling drugs at every corner as a result. Notice at the super markets these same individuals with 2 and 3 carriages filled with groceries as if it was the end of the world. They clean up the super markets of essential groceries and leave those of us, who work and contribute with our ass-off with our taxes, and to the Internal Revenue every year as a result! Statehood, has to eradicate this money laundering basters! They, the Popular Party “Democratico” sat on this request and fooled the public they were going to generate such hearings! Finally, lets be aware of the so called democratic politicians in the mainland, who favor the “Partido Popular Democratico”, claiming they are the supporters and saviors of the more then 3.5 million Puerto Ricans residing in the USA, while not in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico! These are the same basters who want Puerto Rico for decades to remain a colony! The problem with these people is they believe all Puerto Ricans are naïve with tunnel vision!


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