Juan Bobo supports the Tennessee Plan of Gov. Ricky Roselló to make Puerto Rico the 51st state…because it’s bound to FAIL.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


“I support the Tennessee Plan…100 percent!” said Juan Bobo, then rode off into the sunset. Later that night, he explained why.

“Ricky Roselló is an idiot,” said Bobo. “His Tennessee Plan is ridiculous, and when it blows up in his face, the only remaining option will be independence for Puerto Rico. That’s why I’m a big supporter of the Tennessee Plan!”

cowboy-boboBobo shoots a raccoon for dinner, like they do in Tennessee

Juan Bobo is usually right, so let’s examine his claims:

Ricky’s Tennessee Plan

During his campaign Ricky Roselló, the governor-elect of Puerto Rico, promised to follow “The Tennessee Plan” in order to make Puerto Rico the 51st state of the U.S. This was an aggressive tactic which enabled Tennessee to join the Union 220 years ago, in 1796.

Now in 2016, the Tennessee Plan is a bold political strategy. It will garner much attention for the young governor. But will it work? Will it succeed in forcing the issue, of achieving statehood for Puerto Rico?

Let us consider the factors…

President Trump and Wall Street

Puerto Rico allegedly “owes” $72 billion, and its central government is broke.

Worse yet, the island is expected to run an additional deficit of $5 billion this year, and again in 2017, as additional bond payments become due.

If Puerto Rico were to acquire statehood, it would immediately qualify for Chapter 9 bankruptcy relief, and would immediately be empowered to re-negotiate and re-structure its alleged $72 billion debt.

Neither Trump nor Wall Street, and certainly not a GOP congress, will allow this.

U.S. Congress

As the 51st state, Puerto Rico would send two US senators and five congresspersons to Washington. 

All of them would be Democrats.

Do you think the GOP will allow that?

In addition, five states would each lose a congressperson, to accommodate the five incoming legislators from Puerto Rico.

Can you name five states that will hand their congressional seat to Puerto Rico?

U.S. Supreme Court

After 64 years of denial, the U.S. Supreme Court finally came out and said it in 2016: Puerto Rico is a “territorial possession” of the United States. In other words…a colony.

With a 6-2 majority decision in Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle, and again in the Franklin Trust case, the Court made it clear that the U.S. owns Puerto Rico as a territory of the U.S.

The decision was immediately and widely reported.

There was no ambiguity in its language: “Puerto Rico became a territory of the United States in 1898, as a result of the Spanish-American War.” It further stated that “U.S. territories are not sovereigns distinct from the United States.”

Here is the entire decision…you can read it for yourself.

The only mechanism for altering this colonial relationship is the U.S. congress, which has plenary jurisdiction over Puerto Rico.

And congress won’t do it.

The U.S. Economic System

Puerto Rican debt instruments are wildly popular on Wall Street because they are “triple tax exempt.” Bondholders and investors don’t have to pay any federal, state or local taxes on them. This tax benefit would disappear if the island were to become a state: so Wall Street has no interest in Puerto Rican statehood.

Thanks to Citizens United v. FEC, Wall Street will hire lobbyists and give unlimited sums of money – over and under the table – to congress persons who will oppose statehood.

Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs) who use Puerto Rico as a tax shelter – allowing them to pay a 2 percent tax rate, rather than the US corporate rate of 35 percent – will also hire lobbyists and pay congress persons to oppose Puerto Rican statehood.

The unions in Jacksonville, the four Jones Act carrier companies (Horizon, Crowley, Sea Star, Trailer Bridge) and the American Maritime Partnership will also hire lobbyists and buy congress persons to oppose Puerto Rican statehood, since that could eventually lead to Jones Act reform and an end to the cabotage law in Puerto Rico.

Add to this list every car manufacturer, consumer products company, food & beverage distributor, and oil company that sells goods to Puerto Rico at a 15% additional mark-up, due to the Jones Act.

All of the above-named interests will fiercely oppose statehood for Puerto Rico.

American Public Opinion

When a Puerto Rican won the Powerball in 2015, the internet exploded with racist invective.

Also in ‘15, Ann Coulter published Adios, America – portraying Latinos as rapists, murderers and welfare cheats – and the book was a New York Times best seller.

In 2016 Donald Trump beat up on Latinos, called them rapists, threatened to deport them, and promised to “build a wall” to keep them out of the U.S.

With this platform, Trump was elected as President of the U.S.

Does this sound like an American public that will phone their congressman, and demand that Puerto Rico become the 51st state?

The “Tennessee Plan”

In 1796, Tennessee sent a congressional delegation to Washington and demanded that the U.S. make Tennessee a state.

Now 220 years later…Ricky Roselló wants to hold congressional elections in Puerto Rico, send the “congressmen” to Washington, and demand that the U.S. recognize Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

That is his “Tennessee Plan” for Puerto Rico. But there are a few problems with it.

  1. Elections cost money. Where will Roselló get the money to conduct these “elections” in Puerto Rico? The Financial Control Board will certainly not approve it: because the FCB is an economic entity, not a political tool of Ricky Roselló.
  2. In addition, the FCB represents Wall Street…and Wall Street does not want statehood for Puerto Rico. So the FCB will not provide Roselló any funds to conduct his “Tennessee Plan” elections.
  3. This isn’t 1796. The U.S. was a young republic back then…marching westward, stretching its muscles, still inventing itself. The inclusion of Tennessee was inevitable…it was just a question of when
  4. Tennessee was white. The racial dynamics are different for Puerto Rico. 
  5. Citizens United. An enormous amount of money will be spent – over and under the table – to keep Puerto Rico exactly where it is. 
  6. Tennessee didn’t owe 72 billion dollars.

In short, the pathway for Rosello’s plan is extremely narrow. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try it.

In fact, as a simple process of deductive reasoning, the governor-elect should pursue his quixotic Tennessee Plan.

If it succeeds…the governorship of Ricky Roselló will indeed be historic.

If it fails…the options for Puerto Rico’s political future will become clearer, for all the world to see.

That is why Juan Bobo is supporting the Tennessee Plan.

Because it is bound to FAIL.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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28 Comments on “Juan Bobo supports the Tennessee Plan of Gov. Ricky Roselló to make Puerto Rico the 51st state…because it’s bound to FAIL.

  1. Y’all dealing with some very devious people, so hey-just smile be polite, and be prepared to fight back with any and all evidence (paperwork) and false allegations brought up against you-be civil, be moral, but be above the fake smiles in ya face.


  2. You wanna know what’s up? This is what’s up-as a nation! You the people are the nation.


    Therefore love one another, and fight to stay together, not against each other.

    African Americans make 400 billion a year in tax free churches, and that’s not to mention the white folks-arm your deacons, be the church that takes their “rejects” become the voice in an oppressive land you have entered!



  3. They wanna ugly down ya females to take ya men, vice versa – and separate ya families-that is why now more than ever you must resist-they want the land? You are the nation-much love, harmony amongst you and lift one another.



  4. So, I gather that what you must be saying is that we should all support the Puerto Rico-Tennessee Plan, to press the issue so that Congress will act, one way or another, to end the colonial relationship with the Island. But I am not so sure that is what you advocate. Will you please come clean and say?


  5. And they were claiming y’all were “terrorits” lmao, yea right-because y’all burning down businesses and buildings etc right? Wow, seems like a lukewarm old story rising threat bs to keep you all unarmed-so check it out-stay strong & positive, cause i sure don’t see any news on attorneys running to represent you all, as minority Americans under colonialism-what a strange relationship-and yes, majority of puerto Ricans-or whatever ill mannered names thrown to generalise a whole people – just stay positive.


  6. Y q dicen en America? Ni sus hombres blancos son blancos, son blancos mas prietos-muy triste LA historia de lo q una vez fue Borinken.


  7. Every amendment against Ricans has been violated.


  8. Stay informed-P.R. has been on the news a whole lot lately-bunch of FBI arrests.


  9. The people make the nation anyway, and Puerto Rican people are like a body that beats itself up, whoa!!! Never seen anything like it.


  10. They will never state it, Americans don’t want that, claim it’s just a welfare state-i doubt it’ll be stated-where would the tax breaks for the wealthy be, too poor to pay taxes-poor rich people, I feel so sorry for them-you knoe, they can’t afford to pay taxes. Lol.


  11. Why are they all white? And by the way they’re arresting them all like it is in fashion-territory means state – only in America. I’ve only met one native brown, thought he was Puerto Rican-what happened to all the brown and black Puerto Ricans? These Puerto Rican’s don’t even look Puerto Rican anymore. Lol


  12. Well said but you forgot the MAIN reason the call to statehood will be denied; the people of Puerto Rico have consistently expressed a will to reject statehood, nonwithstanding the phony “plebiscites” designed behind closed doors by pro-statehood transient administrations. However, many people interpret these results to mean that you are either for or against the US (“a favor o en contra del diablo” says the quote), which is nonsense, we can choose to associate ourselves with whomever we want in a free society. The caveat would be within equal sovereingties and outside the territorial clause.


  13. Independence is not really being considered either. It is status quo, or Commonwealth, for the time being. Puerto Rico values its relationship with the US and American citizenship. If forced into independence, islanders would relocate to the states by the thousands. I don’t think US wants that either.


  14. Pingback: US Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to statehood for Puerto Rico | WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS

  15. could you please elaborate on the following (even a link will do):
    ‘As the 51st state, Puerto Rico would send two US senators and five congresspersons to Washington.
    …five states would each lose a congressperson, to accommodate the five incoming legislators from Puerto Rico.’

    p.s. re: All of them would be Democrats. i wouldnt be so sure! – and strategically speaking, wouldnt forming a
    ‘republican’ platform on matters that are universally agreed upon perhaps be a long view wise move in good faith for a party that isnt * all * like the celebrity republicans on tv…if its all a game, then it would be good to find some players.


  16. The Good Lord,created us FREE,and is really a SHAME that the freest country in the world,founded under CRISTIAN base denied the right given by GOD and impose a colonial state on PR just because I’m big and strong,


  17. Okay, so now what? This means that even though Puerto Ricans would want to be the 51st state the Bully would not permit it and Puerto Ricans are most likely saying “when we sought independence we were bombed, so why seek it again” and after so many years clinging to the U.S. government they are scared to go at it alone. So what becomes of Puerto Rico? Clearly this “Commonwealth” status is not working because the situation there keeps getting worse and worse, but then how can Puerto Rico prosper when it has been govern by Master Bullies since its existence? What progress can there be under colonialism?

    In reference to the racist remarks when a Puerto Rican won the Powerball, how can I forget the racism I endured too? You, American bully that called me a “spic” I didn’t ask to be a United States citizen. In fact, it was over the objection of the Puerto Ricans that we were declared U.S. citizens. Couldn’t help it if everybody wanted my island because of its beauty and financial gains. And American bully could you have been envious and intimidated by my physical beauty (yes, Puerto Rican women are beautiful, I am beautiful and always will be beautiful) and I spoke two languages? Growing up I never felt at home in America and many times I have wished that my parents would have stayed in our island. I don’t think I can stomach Puerto Rico being the 51st state of a Bully that has oppressed my people for so long. I am all for the independence of my island. Willie, if you are reading this blog, I am the one you met on the subway this Sunday. You told me that you also read Mr. Denis’s book and would read this blog.


  18. they don’t say anything when our men are sent to died in war and one of the first one to go are Puerto Ricans while they are home having a nice dinner and a glass of wine


  19. I’ve been back in NY, well over a year so I must have forgotten something! You say that Juan Bobo says that Tennessee is a state? I always learned it was an “independent associated Territory” Oh, well, how the USA spins facts! Now the new take is that Puerto Rico is a Territory, no longer a Millionaire’s Plantation with indentured servants waiting for the Master to return and be cared for.

    Liked by 1 person

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  21. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The ‘Tennessee Plan’ for Puerto Rico!
    ROFLMPRAO … the ‘master’ won’t allow Puerto Rico to become a state! Read why here. Accept that … hence: independence!!


  22. “Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.”

    – Benjamin Franklin

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  23. You make a good case for keeping the status quo. Your are promoting the inaction of the current political socio-economic complex of today’s PR government officials. You write like a person who already gave up or (I hope not) are part or the system. You are predicting what the US Congress will do; that’s a tall order. My take is this: Puerto Rico MUST secure its political status first; either become a state or a republic. Both have their pros ad cons, but that’s is the only way to forge a future for PR. The ELA must be dismantled forever! I am pro-statehood; which will be easier to achieve over an independent republic. We must continue to assert our rights under the US Constitution for equal treatment under the law. They cannot continue to treat Puerto Ricans different. We are all US citizens. Just put a good lawyer in federal court to sue the US Government every time they violate the law, which they currently are. That’s a good start.

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  24. Ricky roselló should just round up his ignorant party and run them off a cliff.


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