Puerto Ricans and LGBT were NOT protected from the Orlando Shooter

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The Orlando shooter was a club regular. For three years, he “drank heavily” at the Pulse nightclub and danced with the other men, before murdering them on June 11.

Most of the victims in the Orlando mass murder were Puerto Rican.

But why weren’t the Puerto Ricans and LGBT protected?


The Sig Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle is a formidable weapon. It is nearly three feet long, weighs six pounds, and can fire up to 2,000 rounds per minute…over 30 rounds per second.



Please look at this weapon…

This is the type of Sig Sauer MCX that Omar Mateen carried into the Pulse nightclub on June 11.

He also carried enough ammunition to re-load it repeatedly, and fire hundreds of rounds, to maim and murder over 100 people.

He also carried a Glock 17 handgun.



For three years, the Orlando shooter was a “regular” at the Pulse nightclub.

In addition to dancing with other men, he became drunk and belligerent on several occasions.






The Florida gun statutes are absolutely clear in this area. Any establishment that serves alcohol is a GUN FREE ZONE, and firearms are strictly…absolutely…prohibited.



So how was a known, belligerent drunk allowed to carry this enormous three-foot rifle, hundreds of rounds of ammo, and a Glock handgun into a jam-packed bar with hundreds of people inside?


Clearly, the Pulse nightclub was negligent in protecting the lives of hundreds of Puerto Ricans and members of the LGBT community.

It was Saturday.

It was “Latin Night” in a Latino city.

The Puerto Rican Day Parade was marching to 2 million spectators, the very next day.

Two famous Puerto Rican performers – Yara Sofia and Kenya Michaels – were scheduled to perform at the Pulse. They were prominently displayed on “Pulse Orlando” fliers and ads.

The Pulse Orlando management knew it would be a hot and crowded night…crowded with Puerto Ricans and LGBT members.


Pulse Orlando had a cover charge that ranged from $5 to $20, depending on the night.


They supposedly had armed off-duty police officers outside, and bouncers inside the club.


On peak nights such as “Latin Night,” on Saturday June 11, Pulse packed up to 800 people into what an employee described as: “A very, very small space. Either room that you go into.”


So before the Orlando shooter started murdering people in this “very, very small space,” he was allegedly observed by armed off-duty cops, a cashier, and bouncers.

Obviously the cops, cashier and bouncers did not do their job.

They allowed a known belligerent drunk named Omar Mantee, to waltz in with a three-foot long Sig Sauer MCX, and turn the “very, very small space” into a firing range.

Please look at this weapon again

How can law enforcement professionals, bouncers, a cashier, and the management of Pulse Orlando allow an angry drunk to carry this cannon into a crowded nightclub?

One Pulse patron who was there that night of June 11, but left shortly before the arrival of Omar Mateen, told the press that there was no weapons pat-down at Pulse Orlando…no weapons check of any sort…at the entrance to the club.



In 1991, a man named Julio Gonzalez argued with his ex-girlfriend at the Happy Land Social Club in New York City.

He returned with a dollar’s worth of gasoline, torched the club and killed 87 people.

He was found guilty in Bronx Criminal Court:


The victims and their families filed a $5 billion lawsuit against the owner, landlord, city, and some building material manufacturers. The suit was settled for $15.8 million, or $163,000 per victim. The lesser amount was due mostly to unrelated financial difficulties of the landlord.




This may well happen in Orlando.

USA Today promoted Pulse Orlando as one of the “Ten Best Clubs in Orlando.”


If this is the best that Orlando has to offer – to its Puerto Rican and LGBT communities – then something has gone very wrong.

The grieving families may look for justice.

They may turn to José Baez, or some other sharp aggressive lawyer, to provide the justice that was denied to their dead family members…cut down in the prime of life, by a madman.

They were also cut down by a city, and a business establishment, that failed to protect them.

The city and the business packed 800 of them into two “very, very small rooms,” and then allowed the madman to bring in a cannon…

and start shooting.


Book - 12-10

6 Comments on “Puerto Ricans and LGBT were NOT protected from the Orlando Shooter

  1. The Orlando Shooting was a Hoax. Do you people honestly believe that the video link that I’ll post is the normal, proper, or realistic reaction to 49 people supposedly being murdered?

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  2. By my understanding, because I also had my concerns that of how this man could get inside the club with this assault rifle and the hand gun.zSomeone
    told me he started shooting from the outside.That he shot the person or people that were supposed to pad him down for firearms. Can someone clarify this ?


  3. It’s unfortunate that this massacre is so eery familiar to the ponce massacre of 1937 when close to 20 Puerto Ricans where killed in Puerto Rico.


  4. Linde…do you own stock in metal detector manufacturing companies?

    As far as going to jail is concerned…

    1…his father KNEW he was rabidly anti-gay, anti-non-Muslim and well he should, HE taught him to be, while mommy was off in the kitchen stuffing grape-leaves before her next beating at “daddy’s” hands.

    2…his WIFE used to drive him to the bar when he needed to “let off some steam”.

    3…his FB page was FILLED with hateful, rabid, anti-gay entries and our FBI was asleep as usual, probably protecting Hillaria from making a fashion faux pas and draping her Moroccan scarf too tightly.

    4….his participation in a local mosque that has been historically a hot-bed of anti-infidel (non-Muslim) ranting and AGAIN, the FBI dropped the burka and left that collection of Muslim psychos and HIM go un-surveilled…KNOWING he was a ticking time-bomb.

    The club management cannot possibly keep track of everyone who comes through the door. Try that at the Mall and see how big that goes over…not likely in our “multi-culti-mumbo-jumbo-all-cultures-are-equal-diversity-is-a-must” nationwide delusion of fake acceptance and fallacious “inclusion”.

    We have been primed by the plague of “diversity-at-all-costs” goose-stepping, duck-speaking idiot-minions in our society that keep telling us that we MUST accept all others…NO WE DON’T!

    I LIVED in the Middle East and I wouldn’t return to be in the midst of those woman-degrading, wife-beating-and-burning, daughter-mercy-stabbing-and-killing, gay-raping and torturning savages for anything.

    Reality has told us who we are dealing with since the 7th Century.

    Ask (or better yet “research”) the entire Irish coastal villages that were kidnapped and enslaved by Muslim slavers and the red-haired women of Brittany and Northern Celtic Spain about how they fared in the Kalifa’s harems and I won’t bore you with the stories of the young fair-skinned pre-pubescent boys they kept on board their ships to rape brutally and enjoy in-between nights of belly dancing and story telling of the pillage of the South of Spain.

    WARNING…these stories are all documented and not meant for children or in this case…American apologists.




    And what’s worse…this murderer-psycho was/is a FIRM believer in that VERY same 7th century religious time-warp and we all know now how well that turned out don’t we.


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “The Orlando shooter was a club regular. For three years, he “drank heavily” at the Pulse nightclub and danced with the other men, before murdering them on June 11.
    Most of the victims in the Orlando mass murder were Puerto Rican.”


  6. Very well written article. Thank you for that. I am a huge fan of the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) of the Constitution, but I also believe that any and every commercial establishment and school must search and swipe with a metal detector any person who enters the premises. That is a duty and part of a job description to keep people and children (in the case of schools), safe. I hope the survivors’ families sue and get lots of $. I think also that some people should be going to jail in this tragedy.


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