Puerto Ricans were mass murdered in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando…our nation must know

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Our nation is mourning the death of 50 innocent people at the Pulse night club in Orlando, FL. It is a great national tragedy, and the media focus on LGBT victims.

But our nation must also be clear: in addition to the tragic targeting of innocent LGBT victims, the Florida Department of State has confirmed that 23 people – almost half of all those killed – were Puerto Rican.


Many details about the killer Omar Mateen are still unclear.

The New York Daily News reports that for the last three years, Mateen had been a regular at the Pulse nightclub…where he drank heavily and danced with other men.


Many other Pulse club patrons – and even a security guard – report seeing Mateen drinking and dancing with men at the club, on many prior occasions.



Mateen’s sexual history is currently unclear, and “breaking news” is pouring in from many sources.

But one thing IS clear:

The largest newspaper in Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Dia, consulted the Florida Department of State.
They confirmed that many of the victims in the Pulse nightclub tragedy, were Puerto Rican:


The Miami Herald released some of the first named victims. It is a sad list:


Every name is Latino.

It was “Latin Night” at Pulse when the tragedy occurred on June 11…and the two main scheduled entertainers, Kenya Michaels and Yara Sofia, were both Puerto Rican.




In fact, the overwhelming majority of Latinos in Orlando are Puerto Rican.


Readers may reasonably ask, “What difference does it make?  49 HUMAN BEINGS were killed….end of story.”

But it is not the end of the story.

When a Puerto Rican wins the Powerball, the internet explodes with racist invective.


When a Jones Act strangles the entire island, the Puerto Rican people “owe” $72 billion and a Financial Control Board lands on their head.


When a Puerto Rican is murdered in Wisconsin for speaking Spanish to his son, we barely hear about it.


We need to stop being invisible.

That is why this matters. 


US economics forced these Puerto Ricans into Orlando.

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans reach Orlando as economic refugees. The press in Puerto Rico has recognized this.


If they were shoved off their island, and forced to re-create their lives in Orlando, they should at least be safe from insane political murders.

US politics enthralled a warped ISIS sympathizer named Omar Mateen, who shot and maimed and killed dozens of Puerto Ricans at the Pulse club.


Immediately after the mass murder of Puerto Ricans in Orlando, Pres. Obama called Mateen’s murders “an act of hate” and added that “This is an especially heartbreaking day for our friends who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.”

There was not ONE mention from Obama of “Our friends who are Puerto Rican, and came here from the island.”


In other words, we are invisible.

Even the Democratic Party – which lives by creating categories, and sub-categories, and then pandering to them – does not bother to recognize the PUERTO RICANS who are being killed.

They turn this tragedy into a gun control issue, and a gay rights issue, and completely ignore the tragedy of Puerto Ricans who are: 1) abused by capitalists, 2) betrayed by politicians, and finally 3) murdered by madmen.


Hannah Arendt had a name for this type of genocide…THE BANALITY OF EVIL

Gabriel Garcia Marquez called it…100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE




The Jews call it a pogrom.

Whatever the name, please recognize that it exists.

When Puerto Ricans are slaughtered in Orlando, we need to see it.

We cannot ignore the life story…and the people…and the powerful forces…that turned them into victims.

Let us always commemorate, and always remember them.


Book - 12-10

33 Comments on “Puerto Ricans were mass murdered in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando…our nation must know

  1. Please pass on the message to all the new Puerto Ricans in Orlando: You Now have the Power 💪 of the Vote. Please don’t waste it. You can improve your situation if you vote for those who have your best interests at heart. Find out who they are and vote for them. Your lives and the lives of your children may depend on it.


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  3. Zori,
    It doesn’t matter to you wether the victims were Puertorican or not, but to me it does. They were my people, chased out of my homeland, in search of a better life in Orlando.


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  5. On Saturday I was so excited about the awakening of some Hispanic Churches and their leadership after attending a multi church gathering. They are unified for the move of God on the Orange County Public Schools for Prayer and the knowledge of Him as our Creator who sent Jesus. When I was in Camden,New Jersey the defiant Churches refused the move of God and 400 million dollars mysterious disappeared from the School District in a bankruptcy. When you have faith you expect God to answer and when you are in His will you look for His hand at work. I have been promoting Prayer and the Academic Freedom in the Hispanic Community here in Orlando for over a year now and there has been little interest. On Sunday we woke up to the worst tragedy since 9/11 at a Night Club in Orlando and now the City is praying to a God who they refuse to allow their children to acknowledge before a School Day Session in Silent Prayer and will not allow the knowledge of Him as their Creator to be discussed in their classrooms. God is merciful and God is true but the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. We read Holy Bible to learn about the God who we want to live with forever in heaven. Lesson #1 if you deny Him as your Creator you will surely die. Titus 2:11-13King James Version (KJV)
    11 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,
    12 Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;
    13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/academic-freedom-for-all-public-school-students-and-teachers-in-florida.html


  6. Puerto Ricans were not forced out of the Island because of the United States. They were force out of the Island due to the Puerto Ricans Government, and it’s Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. And Yes! The island needs someone to look after the money they give Puerto Rico. So the Government won’t steal it again and the ppl of the Island won’t see a penny of it. Also Puerto Ricans where not the target of this hateful crime. My heart goes out to all the victims of the LGBTQ community. The theme was Latin night. On some occasions they have themes for some nights. They were also nationalities there the night. God Bless them all !!!


  7. first i want to say my heart goes out to all Gods children that were killed by the hands of evil .america is in serious trouble with the Lord period for slavery ,treating the sick , the poor and other cultures less human. america wants you think that the enemy are the muslims that is a big fat lie. america has damaged alot of innocent peoples lives.white america has failed Jesus Christ as humans claiming that that this a christin nation thats another lie. Jesus”s chosen dont inslave humans are not racist and dont use fake realigon to gain power. this evil plan was created yrars ago . the muslims are not responsible for it. america talks about terrorists from another countries but how about the evil people here . i said it once ill say it again america is in fear of a black and brown planet . they will do anything to destroy Gods chosen the 12 tribes of israel facts!! que Dios me los bendigas a todos ! en el nobre de el Gran Senor Jesu Cristo Amen!!


  8. I do not believe we were the target in this case. Let’s not make this about ourselves like Donald Trump did when he tweeted the following after the attack:
    “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!”


  9. The article cites…

    …”There was not ONE mention from Obama of “Our friends who are Puerto Rican, and came here from the island.”…

    And who is surprised by this? Anyone with a pulse or even ONE synapse still clicking in their brain, is not!

    And guess where our “black” (with a white mother) president learned this? Time is up!!!
    He learned it from YOU!

    Yeah…there was a time when…

    Puerto Ricans were Puerto Rican
    Cubans were Cuban
    Dominicans were Dominican
    Mexicans were Mexicans
    Argentineans were Argentineans
    And all other Latin-American cultural ethnic groups were actually afforded respect for their socio-cultural-historical autonomy.

    But in the last 30 years the toxic generic “La Tino” identity brainwash and con-job which has infested the American academy and every bureaucratic maggot-swarm in the US government, that have not only fallen for this monolithic “La Tino” mythology but actively promote it with OUR assistance and passive collusion.

    And Obama is no better than those opportunistic identity-stealing lemmings going over the cliff of stereo-types, clichés and media portrayals of our REAL diverse, divergent and distinct identities.

    To him and all non-thinking USMainland idiots, one “La Tino” is the same as the next.
    Don’t believe it?
    Go to La Tino Voices in Huffington Post for that orgy of identity-whoring and pimping.

    I will never forget when Hillaria came to Puerto Rico in 2008 to campaign for Billy-Bob who was too busy sniffing cigars back home in the US and IN FRONT OF CAMERAS in Puerto Rico she actually said…

    “This trip was last minute so I hope you La Tinos will forgive me if I don’t do “La Cucaracha” like you guys!!! The silence at La Fortaleza was heard around the world. But her “La Tino” comment was quickly deleted (sort of like her 1000s of e-mails to and from the Benghazi staff before they were slaughtered at their desks)…just another computer glitch no doubt.

    Obama will never verbalize his lack of insight or interest in Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans, our history, our culture or our reality…but his verbal vomit confirms its profound scale!

    Here is a guy who gets his generic “La Tino” cultural insights from a revolving door of “La Tino” tokens he puts into office, from La Tino “think tanks” in Washington, DC in desperate need of a hearty toilet flush and from 1-size-fits-nadie “La Tino” spokes-payasos on BOTH coasts who themselves KNOW that we are more different one from the other than we are alike and yet STILL insist on addressing us all as if we absolutely had NO ethnic, cultural, racial, social, historical, political or cosmic nuance between and amongst us.

    And this is really ironic given the sickening and tone-deaf obsession with “diversity” of all things in the US today That is of course as long as our REAL “diversity” is never mentioned.

    We deserve his insults, insensitivity and intolerance for our very REAL and unique realities. The dead in Orlando DESERVE more respect and recognition from this idiot (that I voted for twice) has spit in their direction.

    We hand our cultural self-respect and dignity to others every time we make dishonest, disingenuous and dishonest absurd commentaries about the “La Tino” people, the “La Tino” vote, the “La Tino” perspective, the “La Tino” race and even when we buy “La Tino” orange juice, “La Tino” flyng tampons and “La Tino” laxatives at the supermarket.

    So please let’s not feign false indignation. We really don’t have the time for it and Obama couldn’t care less about ANY “La Tinos” that can’t vote for him any longer on any cosmic plane. His “culturally inclusive” insult should be seen for what it is…INDEFENSIBLE!


  10. humans were killed …. why say a war against puertoricans dont start more hate than there already is…. labeling just makes things worst…. and the man wasnt a regular there he went acouple times to get a feel for the place and how he was gonna do things…. he was not gay… this was a hate crime towards humans point blank period


  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #PulseOrlando …. “But our nation must be clear: the Florida Department of State has confirmed that the majority of victims in this mass murder were PUERTO RICAN.”


  12. It’s horrible to see how this man murder all these young people mostly Puerto Rican. I cancel my trip to the Puerto Rican parade in NY city because of this shooting. If this man went to into a club a shot all these people I just imagine what someone else will do in a open area. Just scary.


  13. Really great post here. I’ve been watching the news from here in Canada and in the US and there were no mentions of the number of Puerto Ricans hurt or killed in this tragedy. Bringing this to light is important… I found it interesting that while watching CNN, a person in the club said the murdered was very calm, and that he said he had “no problem with black people” and thus did not shoot the 4-men in the bathroom. This tells me it was very much a targeted killing on more than one level and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. I’m angry, but sad at the same time.

    I think everyone around the world is feeling the fallout from the US actions in the middle east regarding Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan, because somebody had to stand up and protect the innocent from being slaughtered.

    Now everyone has to be on watch until the world is able to fix the problem(s).

    From your article, it’s clear the US also needs to turn some attention to the plight of the Puerto Rican community in Orlando as well. Hopefully that will come sooner rather than later.


  14. As it turns out from the new reports this evening, the perp was a racist, sexist, virulently homophobic, self-hating brown gay man, who chose to murder other brown gay men. That adds yet another layer of tragedy to this unspeakable nightmare.

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  15. Well stated and thank you. As a “Puerto Rican by marriage” I think what Congress and the Jones Act has done to Puerto Rico is poor and disgraceful. Radical Islam is responsible for the deaths of these Puerto Ricans and our president can’t even bring himself to use those accurate words. Poor and disgraceful indeed. My sympathies to the families of those murdered. May they rest in peace with Jesus.


  16. This was NOT an attack against Hispanics, Nor was it for sexual preference. This was a Person that had a Mental Problem and if you look at the Big Picture you’ll see that His first intention was to attack Downtown Disney and apparently after scooping the area he opted to go somewhere else and that’s why he went to Pulse. Enclosed area , easy target to do the damage that he did.
    It was a devastating event that has affected a lot of us, even our family since we lost a close friend. But nevertheless let’s not be blind to the real picture. Please be realistic.
    Our hearts go out to every single family. The lost of a family member is not easy especially when this is the way you loose them.
    Our Prayers go out to all.

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  17. And I KNOW that there were not only gays in that disco…there were heterosexuals too!

    Puerto Rican heterosexuals.

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  18. Nelson – Veo y me preguntan de vez en cuando en reuniones y grupos que si el libro esta en español. ¿Cuando esta programado para tirarlos en español?



    El libro esta disponible en español. El modo mas facil de obtenerlo es por AMAZON…




  19. What happened to my post…


    When you write overly abusive or disparaging comments, they will not be posted.
    It’s called good manners.


  20. Allow me to clarify. 49 innocent people were murdered at pulse night club. The 50th body found was the shooter. More than 50 people were severely hurt. Whether they were Puerto Rican or not it doesn’t matter. There were a diverse number of ethnicity in this night club. Human beings. And for many families not only were they finding out about the deceased loved one but also knowing for the first time their loved ones sexual orientation. This is a horrible horrible thing.


  21. pray for my familia Boricuas we need Trump Latinos for trump Hillary wants to take away our rights …. we don’t want her to do that and if she is so anti gun then she needs to remove her armed guards that walk with her daily ……. #latinosfortrump


  22. I am from oklahoma, however I have visited your Island the past 8 years and the 1st thing i thought when i saw this is was I wonder how many Puertorican ? I was very saddened to see anyone’s life taken. Today thru a friend from condado puerto rico received the news one of the many people we have met there lost thier life in Orlando.

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  23. May They Rest In Peace. Thank you so much for the great article. I will continue reading all the other articles via the ‘links’ you provided.


  24. Some of them moved to live openly and away from the gossip/stares/oppression of their own families in the Island. It’s sad that their lives ended at the hands of the same hatred they were trying to escape.

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  25. God bless the victims and families of this inhuman act. We cannot call this dirt an animal, because animals don’t do what he did. He is inhuman though.

    You are so right about the misconceptions of the wonderful people of Puerto Rico. My beautiful daughter-in-law is from Puerto Rico and I am so glad she has shared her stories with us and educated us on the culture and customs. Her parents still live there. They come to see us in Canada almost every year at Christmas and they are in awe of the cold, and the snow and ice. They thought it was quite beautiful … until they had to walk in it (ouch). However, they both admire the quality of life we have here … inclusivity, respect, please and thank-you. And we have the best Pride celebrations in the world.

    Again, God will take care of all his children, whether they are the good ones … or not.

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  26. In this I will not be swayed, I cannot, and will not ever be in support of debauchery, I DON’T CARE THAT THEY WERE PUERTO RICANS.
    To be swayed with irrational emotionalism in order to continue promoting this deviant behavior ever advanced in the U.S. media, is the same as telling myself that the U.S. is also justified in its promotion of Puerto Rico as subject to any and all perversions they wish to elevate.

    If it means condemnation from fellow ignorant Puerto Ricans who subscribe to American institutionalized decadence then so be it. However, God knows my conscience with him is clean and Holy (Separate). I will not be a puppet for the gross promotions that have become common place in this perverted U.S.A.
    Que Dios Bendiga a los honesto que no se Dejan ser controlado por las influencias insoportables contra el señor.

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  27. I back u up 100% that the reality of us Puertoricans we are invisible when we are suposed to be reconize but not is more easy to put us down like the worst of all minority

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  28. I don’t believe the target were PUERTO RICANS> the target were LGBT, but either way, this is not right.. it is a sad, despicable and horrendous act.. May the killer burn in hell..

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  29. I dont believe this tragedy was targeted at the PUERTO RICANS.. The targets were LBGT.. But either way… this is not right. Every individual is a human being, with family, friends, feelings and a life. Love…and let live

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