Another empty “Promise” to Puerto Rico…from Pres. Obama

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The US congressional bill which imposes a Financial Control Board on the government of Puerto Rico, was given the deceptive name of PROMESA.

This week, Pres. Obama announced a “Promise Zone” for the Eastern edge of Puerto Rico…which will benefit several US billionaires and a Defense Department developer in Virginia known as Clark Realty Capital.  It is another empty promise for Puerto Rico…


Clark Realty Capital (CRC) is located at 4401 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, VA…four miles and an 11-minute drive from the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  This is very helpful, because for the past three decades, the main CRC client has been the US Dept. of Defense, for whom CRC builds military housing complexes.

On December 22, 2014, CRC was selected as the “Master Developer” of the 3,000 acre Roosevelt Roads complex. CRC will build and own hotels, high-rise office buildings, a shopping center, shops, restaurants, a cruise port area, a marine terminal for speedboats, golf courses, and “entertainment areas.”

As reported by the New York Times, CRC will convert Roosevelt Roads into a multi-billion dollar “entertainment project with hotels, an airport, a marina and a harbor.”

According to the Times, the project “is part of the push to draw luxury clientele: celebrities, fashionistas, one-percenters, high-flying singles. Hotels are the main magnet, but high-end shopping like the new Mall of San Juan, near the international airport, is part of the mix.”

The Times further noted that “mainland and foreign investors are taking advantage    of financial opportunities and tax breaks,” that US billionaires are “opening lavish resorts, boutique hotels and restaurants,” and that a popular business pamphlet reads: “Sol, arena y cero impuestos…Sun, sand and zero taxes.”


The Obama “Promise Zone” will geographically coincide with precisely those areas where CRC will build its multi-billion dollar Roosevelt Roads resort complex, and where John Paulson owns his hotels.

Here is a map of Obama’s “Promise Zone” for Puerto Rico:


All of Paulson’s hotel and resort complexes are within the “Promise” area…including La Concha Hotel, the San Juan Beach Hotel, the St. Regis Bahia, the Condado Vanderbilt, and the Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton.

So are the $450 million Puerto del Rey Marina in Fajardo and the $108 million Ciudadela Luxury Condominiums in Santurce, both owned by US billionaire Nicholas Prouty.

So is the multi-billion dollar Roosevelt Roads resort complex, to be built by Virginia-based CRC.


The Obama “Promise” to Puerto Rico contains no guaranteed new federal money…only “the opportunity to apply for some grants,” and “access to federal employees who act as liaisons and guides through the federal bureaucracy.”

This will do nothing for the small business owners of Puerto Rico. On the contrary, it will increase the land value of the real estate holdings already owned by Clark Realty Capital, John Paulson, Nicholas Prouty, and a private club of Wall Street hedge funds and US billionaires.

Collectively, their luxury coastal properties will appreciate by millions of dollars overnight…their back-office operations will be expedited for free by the federal liaisons…and everyone else gets nada.

Then if the other PROMESA comes through, and the Financial Control Board gets its way, a $4.25 minimum wage will provide this private club of opportunists with indentured servants…for all of their tourist traps…all throughout Obama’s “Promise Zone.”

Instead of removing the Jones Act, this is what the US offers to Puerto Rico.

PROMESA and Promise Zones.

A Financial Control Board for Puerto Ricans, and a real estate bonanza for US billionaires.

When will all the lying stop?

When will Puerto Rico break free of all this?

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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14 Comments on “Another empty “Promise” to Puerto Rico…from Pres. Obama

  1. As many know, “Sovereignty” comes with a price.
    Will you, or someone, be willing to pay it?


  2. Concerning Immigrantion-
    (Specifically Latin America, Central and Caribbean)
    There is a book called:
    “”HARVEST OF EMPIRE “-a history of latinos in america” – by Juan Gonzalez

    You can also watch the documentary (2012) in YouTube.
    It speaks of the LONG HISTORY of the US Intervention in Latin America and the Immigration Crisis we face today-
    It is the US Intervention into the ECONOMIC and MILITARY interests that triggered an unprecedented wave of migration that is transforming the US Nation’s Cultural and Economic Landscape”
    The US CONTROL ($$$$) into Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador,….etc…….
    US intervention into them, as Military, Economic, influence Elections and the removal of presidents from South American countries because of $$$$$$$$!!


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  4. I voted twice for president Barack Obama. Why? —for a change thinking he would help oppressed people. I guess I was wrong again. Some how that got lost in the shuffle.


  5. King Raized…You pose some rhetorical questions worthy of response.

    To understand Obama’s passive and limp response to the situation in Puerto Rico, you have to understand who he is as a person, as an “American” and as a politician.

    He has a very clear history of being the quintessential political chameleon. His bait-and-switch persona has its roots in his earliest days when his idiot white mother was abandoned by his drunken Kenyan father, who left her and him to spray his semen around the planet and leave more unwanted, unfed, un-cared-for off-spring.

    As a boy, he was taken-in by his white mother’s family (hard-working rural Kansans), who fed him, clothed him and provided him with the most basic familial support. “Mommy” a faux-Marxist idito, latched on to another hate-whitey huckster and little “Barry” grew-up being brainwashed into a Muslim sub-culture where he spent bowing on prayer rugs in Malaysia, until “mommy” found herself AGAIN abandoned by this “step-father”.

    In Hawaii, she and her parents provided the only family matrix that Barry (a mulatto) ever had. He never gave “race” much thought, until he began to reap the benefits of race quotas and race preferences in his own life in the US.

    Somewhere along the line, Barry decided that he would enter the world of politics after college, which he learned he could do if he could dance to whitey’s tune and smile and grin his way as they wanted.

    He moved to Illinois to become a “community leader” where NO ONE ever heard him and where he colluded with corrupt city-planners and developers to displace the poor black and Puerto Rican and Mexicans from their homes so that these new “friends” could make lots of money and help his political aspirations. He went on to become a senator in Illinois and AGAIN no one very heard of him. There he ALSO spent YEARS in the front pew of a rabid, racist, anti-white “Reverend White” until Obama threw him under the bus as he quickly dis-owned his OWN racist past and the “Rev” was a HUGE ugly part of it.

    With help of his white and wealthy supporters and exploiting a very ripe cultural cancer of fake white guilt and apologism, he got into the ironically “White” House and the rest is history.

    From there he has done absolutely NOTHING to resolve the matter of Puerto Rico’s colonial status, despite the MANY attempts from Insular politicians to address the Island’s situation at the Congressional level. But he NEVER did anything to resolve the matter. Why?

    Because to him, we are just another bunch of generic “La Tinos” dancing under big Mexican hats, dining at Taco Bell and dying to come to the US to mow lawns and wash dishes. Any informed person knows this is not and NEVER has been true, but to America’s favorite “black man” (with a white mother), it is.

    Hillaria promises to not be any better for the Island’s well-being.

    With the exception of her appearances on the Island to do a few steps of “La Cucaracha” (in her mind, our national “dance”), she couldn’t care less about the Island’s affairs.

    To her all “La Tinos” are just to be tolerated and patronized at election time. The fact that there was actual “buzz” in the “La Tino” blogosphere that she was going to have that opportunist clown from San Antonio, Texas as her Vice President tells you everything you need to know about how out of touch SHE is with regard to the HUGE disparities of ethnicity, culture, race, politics and history of the MANY and very DIVERGENT Hispanic-cultured peoples. The guy doesn’t even speak a word of Spanish, other than what is on the Taco Bell drive-up menu, bu to her, he was “La Tino” enough. To her, we are just slots on the spinning generic “La Tino” Wheel-of-Political-Fortunes. She has no idea and no intention to learn any more about us than the clap-trap you read about us generic “La Tinos” in internet rages like the Huffington Post, Daily Kos and even the NYTimes.

    Because we (in Puerto Rico) haven’t been allowed to vote in a presidential election in a CENTURY and so we do not appear on her political radar of generic “La Tino” demographics to exploit every 4 years, which is why I will never understand why Insular politicians are always bowing and applauding US politicians looking for FAKE support from Islanders who are as significant in US mainland elections as are the residents of Atlantis or our Chupacabra cousins.

    Obama didn’t care about the population of Puerto Rico and neither will Hillaria. You can bet on that!


  6. Maria…I agree with all you say. However, don’t make the mistake that waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many make confusing ILLEGAL, UNLAWFUL entry into a sovereign nation as “immigration” policy.

    If you or I “immigrated” to most countries on earth and did so ILLEGALLY or in breach of that nation’s covenants of what constitutes LEGAL entry, we could/would be imprisoned, beaten, raped, killed or if we are REALLY lucky, just deported.

    A nation that does not defend its sovereignty which is most evident in the observation of its borders, DOES NOT have a future.
    I’ve lived (for professional reasons) in the Middle East and in most countries in that part of the world anyone found to be ILLEGALLY in that country often receives VERY harsh treatment and often “disappears”.

    Turning the US into one big Tijuana flea-market or Cancun party pier, where fake American IDs are printed for $10 is not a goal for nation with ANY vision of a future.

    Right now, Mexico (more than any other nation), a FAILED state, is dictating the US’ bumbling, ineffective “immigration” framework and it is KILLING the US economy, work-force and framework of social services MEANT for citizens and other legally admitted “residents”…WHILE at the same time, it is floating the economy of Mexico with all the American dollars flooding back from the MILLIONS of illegals mowing lawns in Los Angeles, skimming pools in Hollywood and washing dishes in Manhattan.

    We can’t have it both ways. Either the US is a sovereign nation or it is not. And it is NOT up to any other nation to dictate this, unless the US has finally collapsed under its own self-inflicted coma.

    The political, economic and even cosmic plight of Puerto Rico is a VERY clear example of the US’ continued failure to foment rational, reasoned and respectful resolution of the Island’s deplorable situation, so the “immigration” dysfunction on the US Mainland is really no surprise when matters that are clearly ones of sovereignty in a post-colonial world become a playground for the world’s wealthiest and most corrupt to build even bigger bank accounts on the backs of the “little people”, they dupe into thinking actually make a difference when they throw their “votes” away every 4 years.


  7. The same system and pattern being repeated over and over again.
    We are only building over what is old.
    Old Patterns.
    We are not creating Nothing New.
    Nothing Revolutionary-
    Change within the Pattern is no change at all-
    It is only Modification and Reformation.
    We must break away, to change our siciety.
    You must break away,
    To create something New.

    Very disillusion with Obama and I voted for him. Disillusion also with his harsh immigration policy.


  8. What is it with President Obama and the Puerto Rican people. Every time you turn around he’s in the midst of another”Screw Puerto Rico Project”. Aside from his hairline this is what he will remembered for “lying and turning on Puerto Rico”. To think think what does this say about Hillary’s Puerto Rico’s agenda? SMH


  9. I’m just curious. Can someone verify, or has anyone ever heard corporate media stations such as wapa or wkaq, or particularly staunch estadistas such as Luis Davila Colón, El Azote, ever talk in depth on abuse of this nature? They seem to never find flaw in the imperialist nature of the system that by design, prohibits insular economic stability or possible economic growth. Nevertheless they seem to sow seeds of fear in the minds of any who dare look for solutions beyond the approval and validation of there historical imperial oppresor. Shouldn’t it receive more media attention than el niño Lorenzo?


  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Another empty PROMESA …. from the master! That’s how colonies/territories are treated! …. #StandWithPuertoRico ….


  11. And who with the intelligence level above amoeba road-kill is surprised by Barry’s complete lack of interest, initiative and integrity with regard to Puerto Rico and its debt crisis, political, legal and economic concubinage and national schizophrenia? Seriously?

    This guy has wasted 8 years in the White House entertaining Oprah, Beyonce, dozens of rappers along with Tiger Woods and his endless parade of idiot blonde gold-diggers. And we’re still in faux-shock at his passive, limp non-response to Puerto Rico? Seriously?

    His biggest commitment to the Island’s reality (in his head) was allowing actor Lin Miranda in to perform ghetto-rap for him at the White House as he dined on tacos and burritos to show his “support” of the generic “La Tinos” in Puerto Rico and appointing a one-size-fits-nadie “Wise La Tina” (Sotomayor) who has spent more time on Sesame Street dancing with Big Bird than serving on the bench with the other tokens (Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg and Elena Kagan), than actually accomplishing anything from the Supreme Court bench.

    “De vera’ que en este mundo se encuentran 4 payasos buscando circo”….my Mallorca-born grandfather used to say in San Sebastian.

    I voted for this guy twice and feel nothing but regret that I wasted the energy to pull that ballot lever 2 times. I really did believe in his “Hope and Change” lies and that he would move the discussion of Puerto Rico’s horrendous situation further than the paper-shredder in the Oval Office, labeled “La Tino Affairs”.

    An Affirmative Action opportunistic, dancing porch minstrel shuffling and jiving who is unashamedly owned by Wall Street and its “titans”, “moguls”, “innovators” and “job-makers”, he had absolutely NO intention to even entertain any remedy, resolution or response to the Island’s century-old political colonial bondage and economic theft.

    In his provincial mind, Puerto Rico is synonymous with Pago-Pago but without all dead sea turtles and WW2 Japanese submarine wreckage washing up in front of our Hiltons, Hyatts and Holiday Inns.

    And Hillaria will be a repeat of the same indifference to the Island’s rape and pillage.

    US Mainland politics are in its final death-throes…the “nation” is gasping its last breaths and its faux-democracy is gagging as it collapses under the weight of civic betrayal, crippling corruption and colossal lack of honesty. So Puerto Rico is hardly a topic of any importance outside of the Fortaleza parking lot.

    At this point, I would strongly suggest to the Island’s “leadership” that they put-down their red, white and blue pom-poms and never again expect anything more from the US government with regard to the Island’s dismal state of being.

    Keep dancing on your yachts, sending your kids to the Ivy League schools and telling yourselves you actually exist on the radar of the Oval Office. It will definitely be more comforting for you to live in THAT Stockholm-Syndrome dream-scrape than in the nightmarish one that 4 million of your “people” endure on a daily basis as they work 3 jobs to pay their mortgages, exorbitant taxes on everything from a can-opener to flying Tampons or a mini-van or OUTRAGEOUS utility bills.

    A century of psychological torture inflicted on the Islanders have resulted in the sloth, denial and psychosis that plagues the Island’s political psyche and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    The federal government, ESPECIALLY in the White House has made it clear…put a chocolate on their pillow every night, polish their limousines and keep doing “La Cucaracha” for them every 4 years when presidential hopefuls actually DARE to come to the Island to get your endorsement in elections you have NEVER been allowed to vote in for a CENTURY and the rest of the time just shut-up and keep singing “Everything free in America”!

    Puerto Rico…the oldest colony in the “free” world. Obama’s lega$$y of betrayal from any angle.


  12. All of this true is a very very old plan. The Fantasy island. The most miserable misery to our people. Puerto Rico has been the most rentable property of the U.S.empire. Now will also be the paradise for the millionaires and the nest for the slavery. But the empire forgets that we won’t rest until get our sovereignty. There is no empire that prevails on earth, while they have oppressed peoples.


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