The entire US government gangs up on Puerto Rico…all in the same week

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In the same week – practically on the same day – all three branches of the US government attacked the island of Borinquen, under the guise of “helping Puerto Rico.”

The US Congress, US Supreme Court, and Pres. Obama all acted with perfect timing and coordination, to kick Puerto Rico into submission. Here is how they did it… 


On June 9, the US Congress voted by a wide margin (297-127) to pass the PROMESA bill which creates a Financial Control Board in Puerto Rico.

The bill also enables a lower minimum wage of $4.25, for newly-hired young workers in Puerto Rico. This will be the lowest minimum wage – by far – in the entire US.


On that same day of June 9, the US Supreme Court announced a 6-2 majority decision in Puerto Rico v. Sanchez Valle.

In a strongly worded opinion, the Court made it clear that the US owns Puerto Rico as a territory of the US. A colony.

There was no ambiguity in its language: “Puerto Rico became a territory of the United States in 1898, as a result of the Spanish-American War.” It further stated that “U.S. territories are not sovereigns distinct from the United States.”

The decision was immediately and widely reported.


Just three days earlier, on June 6, President Obama announced a “Promise Zone” in the eastern edge of Puerto Rico, which favors billionaire real estate developers John Paulson and Nicholas Prouty, as well as the US developer of the 3,000 acre Roosevelt Roads “entertainment and resort” complex.

Unfortunately, this “promise” to US billionaires comes at the expense of virtually everyone else on the island.


If you think this massive re-alignment of all three branches of the US federal government…on practically the same day…is a mere “coincidence,” then there is a large bridge near the southern tip of Manhattan.

It is close to Wall Street and City Hall.

It is a very valuable property called the Brooklyn Bridge.

I own it, and I will sell it to you.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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15 Comments on “The entire US government gangs up on Puerto Rico…all in the same week

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  2. For those who thought the first black president would be more sympathetic towards PR because he comes from an oppressed people we were WRONG


  3. It’s about time the usa stepped in and oversees the economy in puerto rico there’s nothing but a bunch of lying thief politicians stealing all they can from whom they can and not been held accountable for anything .now all that it’s about to change and pnp it’s running for cover , you can run but you can’t hide justice it’s coming your way and to all those involved your time has come to an swear for your acts .


  4. Greetings:
    Mahatma Ghandi once said, answering a statement from a British high colonial government official that “India si ungovernable”, that “is preferable a national, however bad, government; rather, than the good goverment of a foreign power.”
    That Ghandi’s statement, from a patriotic standpoint, sounds inspiring. But, in reality is just plain STUPID. It sounds like the guy that wrote “PREFIERO PERDER CON ROSSELLÓ QUE GANAR LAS ELECCIONES CON FORTUÑO” at the 2012 PNP primaries. And, the same when, after the Haití 2010 earthquake, the (then) Haitian President stated that the reconstruction and all solutions will come from within Haití. When did Haiti had any real solution for the benefit of all its citizans; but, dominant Haitian families stealing government funds for their own benefit, and with no supervision at all? Did any one really believe that it worked?

    Puerto Rico has FAILED miserably to manage its own finances. That is an undeniable truth; but, the worth of it, is that there is no one is trustwhothy to bring us out of this snake pit. I agree that there are capable profesional people (Puerto Ricans) to solve the situation; but, as I just stated, there is none to trust. They’ve earn it fair and square.

    That is why I am willing to give a chance to this PROMESA proyect. I am not happy and crazy about it; but, it is a way out of this mess.


  5. Both political groups in Puerto Rico, has been reckless in administrating the economics of Puerto Rico, and the federal aids or money given for education and health. Now they are going crazy because they cant steel anymore because theyl have someone looking, and administrating for the wealth of the people of Puerto Rico. Give thanks to God and United States of America, President Obama for their help. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


  6. Puerto Rico wake up! We are going to die. Fighring. No Yankees own Puerto Rico. This is our island. Let’s go with the russians. The Yankees are bullyies. Liers. Macheteros. Come out of the caves and chase then out of our borinqien.


  7. What does the United Nations have to say about all this?


  8. My island continues to be the slave of a hypocritical, godless, bully, period.


  9. Nelson, while I appreciate your sentiment, I worry that you’re missing an opportunity to galvanize our people to DO SOMETHING constructive with their frustration. As the PROMESA legislation heads to the U.S. Senate, I encourage all of your followers to contact their senators by calling the Capitol at (202) 224-3121. Thank you. NEWYORICANGIRL.COM


  10. This is the fault of our elected officicals, they borrow money to put in their pocket and help their friends. Federal funds are stolen without concern. Puerto Rico has become a Nigeria because of Greed. The USA has lost trust in Puerto Rico. There are residents who also abuse from these funds. Nobody is looking at the real problem here! Puerto Rico is at fault here. We need to pay what is owed period..


  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    PROMESA? …. Bull-puckey!!
    “The US Congress, US Supreme Court, and Pres. Obama all acted with perfect timing and coordination …. ” Check out how!! #StandWithPuertoRico ….


  12. The U.S. Mentality hasn’t changed, this is mine, this is mine and this is mine (1898). How do you like me now? “Que Dios Bendiga Puerto Rico.”

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  13. They really need to go after the guys who took the money. They are in the gated communities and are easy to spot.

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