Congressman Labrador Retriever insults Puerto Rico…again

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Congressman Raúl Labrador, the Puerto Rican GOP congressman from Idaho, is at it again.

In an editorial in The Idaho Statesman, Labrador recently published an article which proves that 1) Labrador is not a statesman, 2) he does not care for Puerto Rico, and 3) he is, quite simply, a labrador retriever for the organizations that finance his career…

In the June 2 issue of Idaho Statesman, Labrador announced that Puerto Rico’s economic crisis is “self-made” due to “liberal excesses.”

He mentioned nothing of the Jones Act, the 30-year tax abatement deals for US corporations and billionaires, or the fact that – for the past 118 years – the US Congress has controlled and regulated the economy of Puerto Rico.

In fact, Congressman Labrador Retriever proudly announced to the largest newspaper in Puerto Rico, that he “is not getting involved in the problems of Puerto Rico,” and has no interest in resolving them.


Congressman Labrador Retriever’s editorial claimed that Idaho is a model of “responsible government” and “conservative spending.” Yet as recently as 2014, the debt instruments of the Idaho Power Company were rated just one step above junk bonds.–PR_291722

Page 47 of the 2015 IDACORP Annual Report also shows “BBB” Corporate Credit Ratings, that place the entire company in the “highly speculative” area of risk.

Labrador Retriever also claimed that in Idaho, the state and local governments all “balance their budgets” every year…and yet the State of Idaho has an enormous state deficit…it is over $6 billion in debt, for a state with only 1.6 million residents. At this level of per capita deficit, if Idaho had the same population as New York, it would be over $60 billion in debt.

Clearly, Labrador Retriever should be less sanctimonious about “government waste” and “deficit spending,” and concentrate on getting his own fiscal house in order.

If he ever accomplishes this, which is highly unlikely, then he can work on the US federal debt…which by his own admission, in his own Idaho Statesman editorial, is $19 trillion.


Actually, the latest figure is $19,278,000,000,000…278 billion more than the figure claimed by Labrador Retriever.

This last “statistic” of Labrador Retriever says a great deal about him.

The alleged $72 billion “debt” of Puerto Rico is highly alarming to him. Yet the US federal debt is 275 times greater than that of Puerto Rico. When Labrador Retriever discusses this federal debt, he routinely under-estimates it by $278 billion.

He makes a “rounding error” of $278 billion, which is nearly 400% greater than the entire alleged “debt” of Puerto Rico.

So when Labrador Retriever understates the federal debt, it is a minor rounding error. When he discusses the alleged “debt” of Puerto Rico, it is a national economic crisis.

He is truly a vendepatria.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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11 Comments on “Congressman Labrador Retriever insults Puerto Rico…again

  1. Labrador es un sucio asqueroso aborto, parece que lo que sacaron fue la placenta.


  2. He is a whiteboywannabe, its a shame that he is of

    PR descendant a nd has no love for his parent’s heritage


  3. He is not puertorican, he is a piece of sh&@$% that was drop in our island. If you can’t contribute…shut up and take a flight to Mars!


  4. Definiy this guy is a peace of work I as puertorican feel ashame of how big of an asshole he is Hopefully the latinos in Idaho will let him know in the next elections


  5. You know what they say—every dog has to be-faithful to his master. Next dog I get I will name him suck butt RAUL.


  6. Please do not insult the Labrador Retriever. This dog does not deserve to be compare with this junk. This dog is very loyal. The only he knows is breathing.


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