The Gentrification of Puerto Rico

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At the exact moment that 3.5 million Puerto Ricans are getting a Financial Control Board, a billionaire gets a major Puerto Rican beach. John Paulson, the King of subprime mortgages and vulture funds, just acquired 250 condominiums and 46 acres of beachfront property.

While Puerto Ricans are forced off the island, Paulson will welcome 250 rich foreigners (mostly from the US) to his luxury condos in Humacao, Puerto Rico.


John Paulson made his greatest fortune…billions of dollars…by profiting on home foreclosures during the U.S. mortgage crisis in 2007.

In 2007 alone, Paulson made over $15 billion “by short-selling the U.S. housing market, effectively betting on its collapse, even perpetuating the magnitude of the collapse.”


John Paulson perfected his predatory business model in the 2007 US mortgage crisis. He helped to deepen that crisis…and now, he brings this business model to Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, Paulson is buying “distressed properties” all over the island…even as one million Puerto Ricans had to leave the island, over the past fifteen years.

In fact, Paulson is buying the SAME “distressed properties” that these Puerto Ricans had to leave behind…and he buys them for pennies on the dollar.

Paulson is also getting 20-year tax breaks so that he can buy luxury hotels, office buildings, millionaire resort complexes, and beaches all over the island.

Paulson even owns 8.6% of Banco Popular, the island’s largest bank.


All of this leads to one simple question…

Who do you think will be buying those 250 luxury condominiums from John Paulson?

The Puerto Ricans who are being taxed to death, and hounded off the island, by a Financial Control Board…

Or 250 rich foreigners?

The answer to this question will tell us a great deal, about the future of Puerto Rico.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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12 Comments on “The Gentrification of Puerto Rico

  1. This is such an incomplete and misleading “report”. Very unprofessional and misinformed “reporter”.


  2. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It is the little changes that will make the biggest changes.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Most of the Island’s hard-working residents are struggling everyday to feed their families, maintain a semblance of economic viability and a minimum of self-respect! And they don’t need to be demeaned or maligned by commentaries about “gentrifying” their homeland.

    And as for “gentrification” overall? It beats ghetto-ization any day.

    We tried that already on the Mainland and it didn’t work out too well, did it? Except of course for Rita Moreno screaming “Everything Free in America!”.


  4. I know I’m going to ruffle a LOT of feathers out there, so, off we go.

    LET HIM. Let him buy up all the “distressed property” he wants. Let him sell it to the highest bidders. Let him enjoy the fruits of his Machiavellian labor as much as he wants.

    Didn’t you know? WE’RE GOING TO BE THEIR NEIGHBORS. They may be buying up the choicest bits of meat from Mr. Paulson’s Butcher’s Shoppe, yet they’ll HAVE TO ROAST WITH US NEIGHBORS.

    It is up to THEM to live with us. Not the other way around, at least until they prove themselves to be worthy neighbors (or at least not noisy, nosey, sumb#*ch neighbors). They can put up high-security fences? They can afford high-security stormtroopers? I SEE NO PROBLEM!

    They want to live here? Welcome, I say. Meet us. We’re neither apes, nor apemen, nor troglodytes. We CAN be rowdy, and we can have a really nasty bite if you come by to see the Natives. TRUST NO ONE WHO WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT; THEY SELL THEIR SOULS FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.

    Treat us as we treat you, we will treat you kindly, call you “neighbor”, help and protect you. I, for one, like to meet someone new. Don’t want to meet me? No problem; I, too, like my privacy.

    However, don’t put on airs just because your bank account has a few more zeros to the right than mine. My respect and hospitality is won by your good actions and kind words.


    So, then! Any complaints on how I stated that? 🙂


  5. …donde ‘sta mi comentario politico en este blog politico?


  6. Rich or poor if they are from the USA they are not foreigners just like Puertoricans who move to the mainland. Economic war mongers are not all bad news for Puerto Rico, considering that we have many poor people already. The politicians must uphold the law and look for the interest of the island and everybody in it!


  7. Not the Puerto Ricans that have been taxed or are being taxed or evicted from their Island for sure. But yes, by the rich foreigners who will then help evict more Puerto Rican of their Island. How very sad, that Island was once my parents Island.


  8. I hate to say this but Puerto Ricans on the island are screwed from A to Z. With the lowest paid workers &16,000.00 per year compared to the 50 States in the union,13 percent unemployment, the Jone’s act still in effect, light bills so ridiculously high, and John Paulson and these foreign outsiders getting 20 years tax free brakes, professionals leaving the island, schools being closed, Puerto Rican politicians in bed with corrupt politicians from the state, and now this great PROMESA DEAL, All I can say when are the people going to realize the United Stares of America does not have have their best interest for the Puerto Rican people? Get rid of those corrupt Puerto Rican politicians and shoot for your Independence. What have you got to lose? You are already losing it piece by piece since 1898. Por Favor Despierta Boricua!

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  9. Al final nuestra destrucción moral, nuestro orgullo nacional, todo se perdió, Caímos en manos de los depredadores. Por eso lo dijeron nuestros padres los que forjaron nuestra patria. “No des tu tierra al extraño, por mas que te pague bien, pues el que su terruño vende,… vende la patria con el. ” Lola Rodriguez de Tió

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  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    PUerto Ricans evicted from their ow Island ….
    “John Paulson, the King of subprime mortgages and vulture funds, just acquired 250 condominiums and 46 acres of beachfront property.”



  11. According to locals (Luquillo), permits to repair houses were very hard to get. I suspect there is a “reason”.


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