The real, original, life-long Miranda: Rafael Cancel Miranda

Book - 12-10


Rafael Cancel Miranda was only six years old, when his parents took him to a special event in Ponce.
It was Palm Sunday in 1937. Families and children, many of them the same age as Rafael, arrived from all over the island.

It was a beautiful afternoon until they started singing La Borinqueña.

At that moment the police started shooting…and kept on shooting…until 17 unarmed men, women and children had been slaughtered in the street. 200 more were wounded and sent to the hospital. It was the Ponce Massacre, and little Rafael was right in the middle of it.

As one of the Nurses of the Republic, Rafael’s mother was wearing a white nurse’s uniform. It was soaked with blood as she crawled over bodies in search of her husband.

Miraculously Rafael and his parents were not shot, but hundreds of others were…and shortly afterward, Rafael committed his first political act. He refused to salute the American flag in his first grade classroom.

Eleven years later, in 1948, Rafael marched for Puerto Rico’s independence, and refused to be drafted into the US military.

Rafael CancelRafael Cancel Miranda marches in early 1948

In 1954, he joined the attack on the US Congress, and was imprisoned for 25 years as a result. He was jailed in Alcatraz, Leavenworth, and Marian federal prisons.

Pres. Jimmy Carter finally pardoned him in 1979. Since that time, and up until today, Don Rafael has been a constant and passionate advocate for the independence of Puerto Rico.

He has written a book about his life and his principles:

He is deeply committed to those principles, and he has shared them for over five decades:


Last week, and to his credit, Lin-Manuel Miranda gave a two-minute rap performance on behalf of Puerto Rico. Within 48 hours this performance received close to 2.5 million YouTube views…and now, when you Google the words “Miranda Puerto Rico” you see 16 pages with 160 entries, almost every one of them about Lin-Manuel. Only two of those 160 entries are for Rafael Cancel Miranda.


The US media catapult and crown their own set of “icons” and “heroes.” For 118 years they have ignored Puerto Rico, controlled its media coverage, and distorted its history.

But Puerto Ricans are very clear on who their heroes are…and Rafael Cancel Miranda is one of the greatest. He is very much alive, and his commitment and sacrifice are much longer than two minutes.

We appreciate the advocacy of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

But we salute, and treasure, and give great honor, to the entire lifetime of courage, and sacrifice, and patriotism, of Rafael Cancel Miranda.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:


11 Comments on “The real, original, life-long Miranda: Rafael Cancel Miranda

  1. El dolor en mi corazon que causa el terorismo de los Estado Unidos y la falsa propaganda que tiene a mi gente completamente ignorante de su opresion….


  2. INDEPENDENCE is a long over due necessity, our ppl are dying daily..being exploited tested on like guinea pigs; even our organs are being sold to save the life of others do to the imposed violence of the fake crisis imposed on our ppl. Out women are children and even young men sold into slavery trafficking humans, ENOUGH! Puerto Rico libre¡¡


  3. For years I have read and sought any videos of Don Miranda. Puerto Rico is in its current state because of the US and both political parties the PNP and PPD have contributed to the ruins. Don Miranda has been teaching us about these parties and the US government and the Nationalist Party which is long overdue that Puerto Ricans follow the Nationalist movement.


  4. President Obama has stated clearly and Publicly that Puerto Rico is a Colony of the United States.
    Here is the definition of
    “The Policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another Country, occupying it with Settlers and exploiting it economically. – It’s the exploitation by a stronger county over a weaker one, the use of the weaker country’s resources to STRENGHTENS and ENRICH the stronger country”

    To the definition above I wish to add:
    The Act of Colonalism is an Act of Violence.
    Violence of its Highest Kind that a Goverment, (especially a Democratic one), can perpetuate on a defenless and innocent people.
    Don Rafael Cancel Miranda,
    You have my upmost respect.


  5. Don Rafael Cancel Miranda
    You have my utmost respect.
    You have lived History.
    Our History!


  6. I don’t condone the use of violence to promote political goals or to impose them on a majority, I find his actions up to the attack on Congress admirable, but because of that I can’t consider him a hero, unless he would now advocate for non-violent means to advocate for Puerto Rico.


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