700,000 Puerto Ricans will be infected with Zika virus by December 2016…and U.S. Congress does nothing

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Over the next seven months, 700,000 Puerto Ricans will be infected with the Zika virus. That’s 20% of the entire island, at the rate of 100,000 per month. These figures were reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The CDC reported this in February 2016. The entire world heard the announcement…yet two months later, the US congress has done nothing about it. After this CDC report, Congress has not appropriated even ONE DOLLAR to prevent or treat Zika in Puerto Rico.


Not only in Puerto Rico, but in countries around the world, the Zika virus is responsible for babies born with brain damage – with unusually small and/or deformed heads. Known as microcephaly, the condition has been reported in Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, and French Polynesia. Many people are now calling Zika the “shrunken head virus.”


Infant depicted on the left, with a shrunken head, shows the effect of microcephaly 

In addition, the first death in the U.S. due to Zika, has just been reported in Puerto Rico.


Despite these alarming reports, the New York Times announced this week that the U.S Congress was still “not ready to approve” any Zika prevention or treatment funds for Puerto Rico. Instead, Congress has conducted 48 “hearings” and “investigations” where the Zika plague has been discussed.


The mathematics for newborn children are especially frightening. The most recently reported birth rate for the island was 10.9 births per 1,000 people on the island, in 2014. This is an annual birth rate of 1.09%.


A subset of 700,000 (the population with Zika) will thus produce 1.09% x 700,000, or 7,630 Zika-infected babies in the year 2017.


For over a century, Puerto Ricans have been “studied” to death by the U.S. It is time for the U.S. congress to act. Instead of closing hospitals and cutting Medicare benefits, the U.S. should do something for the public health of Puerto Rico…

Before 700,000 people are infected with Zika…

And before 7,630 women give birth to severely at-risk babies…some of them with shrunken heads.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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7 Comments on “700,000 Puerto Ricans will be infected with Zika virus by December 2016…and U.S. Congress does nothing

  1. This is a little overstated. The CDC has spent quite a bit on Puerto Rico Zika surveillance and labs as well as trying to get kits out to pregnant women. Also the mathematics on this is pretty far off because not every pregnancy even in a Zika-infected pregnant woman will result in a Zika-infected birth. I wrote a post with a bit more info if you want to check it out. I love this site. Keep up the great work; just want to keep it factual.



  2. My opinion is simple I believe the government is responsible for the Zika virus which is why they not desperate nor concern to do anything about. Just like when AIDS came out and people where just dropping like flies and no one knew why but the end results was diagnose as leukemia. Now what was called AiD than or HIV is named and identifying as “cancer” or hep c. The government is responsible for the destruction of population.


  3. Just another racist and inhumane manner in which the US Government has and continues to treat the people of Puerto Rico. Inhumanity by the United States is nothing new this ill manner and inhumane treatment goes back decades. I know the CDC is using the cases of Zika in Puerto Rico as a study. Yet the US government CDC does nothing. US racism is nothing new the the people of Puerto Rico by the Yankees. I don’t see the need to continue. Diaspora “”


  4. Reblogged this on KINGRAIZED and commented:
    This is just another racist and inhumane manner in which the people Puerto Rico are treated by the US Government. Had it been another state of the Union the CDC would have been on site dealing with this crisis!


  5. 700,000 divided into 50 = 14,000
    We need to send 10,000 infected Boricuas to each of the 50 States if Congress neglects the problem.
    That is what Don Pedro would had done if he were here.


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