Lin-Manuel Miranda: the power of one person’s conscience

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Lin-Manuel Miranda is Puerto Rican, a US citizen, and a celebrity. Over the past few weeks, he filled all three roles with great vision and responsibility…and set an example for every other Puerto Rican “celebrity.”

With a New York Times editorial, a Washington press conference, and a recent TV appearance, Miranda used his media access to focus attention on the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico. You can view all three of them here…

Lin Miranda

Miranda published this editorial in the Times:

He spoke in this press conference in our nation’s capital:

He performed on this segment of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

Why haven’t other Puerto Rican “celebrities” stepped up to the plate? Are they too busy with Star Wars movies; or concert tours; or selling shampoo in San Juan?

A special “thank you” goes out to Lin-Manuel Miranda.

To all the other “celebrities” we send a simple question: do you care about Puerto Rico and its people, or only about Puerto Rican dollars and adulation?


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:


7 Comments on “Lin-Manuel Miranda: the power of one person’s conscience

  1. bravo!
    *standing ovation and deafening applause

    (but it SO irks me that he felt obliged to offer to sing for them, to give them tickets. ug ug ug they should do what is right *because it is RIGHT*)


  2. TO ANGIE BATTIG: you where asking about Passports, American Citizenship and Being born in Puerto Rican.
    The Lawyer and independentista Juan Mari Bras asked the same question and took it to court. After many years, he was given a certificate of citizenship of Puerto Rico by the Puerto Rican State Department. He is a citizen of his birth, Puerto Rico.
    After his case was settle , may Puerto Rican forming his lead, and also acquired the Citizenship of Puerto Rico.


  3. I wish to also thank, besides Lin-Manuel Miranda, is Danny Rivera. He is very active.
    There are many issues involved here, Homelessness, one of the highest in Puerto Rico, The Elderly, Hospitals closing and Doctors leaving. Teachers losing their jobs and the lack of proper education for our children. Of all these issues many of our famous artist can get involved, as well as we the Puerto Rican people.


  4. j ho erik estrada fuk the white man. puerto ricans are falling asleep . you need to wake up and fight the power . or evil america will take your souls. donald chump and evil america have a plan to destroy the black and brown because they are afraid and very nervous. they treat us like shit and we dont do shit.the white race are not the people of God!! it is us the 12tribes. learn people america is a place of evil just look at a dollar bill in god we trust. and to you uncle toms you lost. the Lord Jesus says times up white america !! Stsnd up. y que viva Puerto Rico!! im ready to fight for mine are you.


  5. Que paso con daddy Yankee,victor Manuel,Gilberto santarrosa,Miguel cotto e Tito trinidad


  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Lin-Manuel Miranda …. my new hero!!
    “Why haven’t other Puerto Rican “celebrities” stepped up to the plate? Are they too busy with Star Wars movies; or concert tours; or selling shampoo in San Juan?”


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