Historical Photo of the Day: Inauguration of the First U.S. Governor

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


SJ governor’s mansion 2

The first U.S. civilian Governor of Puerto Rico was Charles Herbert Allen. 

He arrived on April 27, 1900 like a Roman conqueror – with a naval cannon salute, the Eleventh U.S. Infantry Band, and hundreds of soldiers surrounding him. 

Allen proceeded straight to La Fortaleza

It had already been gift-wrapped. The governor delivered his inaugural address behind the largest, most imperial flags that Puerto Ricans had ever seen. 

His speech was in English and no one translated it. 

It rained heavily throughout the ceremony. There were many umbrellas. It was a gray melancholy day, and the rain never stopped, like tears falling from the sky.


2 Comments on “Historical Photo of the Day: Inauguration of the First U.S. Governor

  1. The Heavens open up and cry all day, nuestras Bella Isla del encanto
    Dejame que te cante you tambien


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