Juan Bobo fumigates La Fortaleza with NALED

  Yesterday in La Fortaleza, the governor of Puerto Rico treated the island’s press like a kindergarten class of five-year olds. For a full hour, he scolded them for reporting the dangers of NALED. Juan Bobo took the… Read More

Governor of Puerto Rico converts the governor’s mansion into a bed n’ breakfast

  In his effort to spur the failing economy of Puerto Rico, Gov. Alejandro García Padilla announced his latest economic development project: converting La Fortaleza into a world-class bed ‘n breakfast. The plan is in keeping with his… Read More

The Man who Turned Puerto Rico into a Sugar Cane Empire

Charles Herbert Allen was a minor Massachusetts politician. He served two terms in the US Congress. Though he’d never served in the military, he loved to dress up as an 18th century Army officer and have people call… Read More

Historical Photo of the Day: Inauguration of the First U.S. Governor

  The first U.S. civilian Governor of Puerto Rico was Charles Herbert Allen.  He arrived on April 27, 1900 like a Roman conqueror – with a naval cannon salute, the Eleventh U.S. Infantry Band, and hundreds of soldiers… Read More