Ex-governor Luis Fortuño should go to JAIL for destroying, and then selling, PREPA

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PREPA (the Puerto Rico Electrical and Power Authority) may soon be sold to Wall Street. Some call this “privatization.” Others call it a felony. In this second group, is a Puerto Rico politician named Manuel Natal Albelo.

Natal Albelo is a member of the Puerto Rico legislature.

According to him, the political party (PNP) that is selling PREPA is the one that destroyed it…and committed FRAUD to do it.

He recently spoke clearly and forcefully, about who stole from PREPA…how much they stole…

And who should be going to jail.


Rep. Natal Albelo declares that Luis Fortuño should be in jail


We salute the clarity and commitment of Rep. Natal Albelo.

There was a multi-billion dollar theft in Puerto: so finely engineered by Wall Street, so cleverly disguised by high-ranking politicians, that the people of Puerto Rico were not even aware. The entire island now will now pay for these criminals, with a “privatized” energy system…

Owned by Wall Street, and brokered by the same politicians that stole it.

According to Albelo, the TOP engineer was ex-Governor Luis Fortuño: who buried Puerto Rico under more debt — $16.4 billion in just four years — than any other governor in the history of Puerto Rico.

Out of this historically high debt, over $4 billion was siphoned away for “sequential and derivative interest payments” from PREPA to Wall Street firms. In plain English, at PREPA, $4 billion disappeared into a fraudulent Ponzi Scheme.



This theft in broad daylight was cleverly executed and camouflaged, so that the PEOPLE of Puerto Rico would have to pay for it…

With a “privatized” energy system owned by Wall Street.

Unless of course, Rep. Manuel Natal Albelo and a few other patriots, insist on a complete investigation…and JAIL for the people who destroyed PREPA.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos


9 Comments on “Ex-governor Luis Fortuño should go to JAIL for destroying, and then selling, PREPA

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  2. What I cannot understand or fathom is that thesethe PPD and PNP Governors have been stealing millions of dollars from Puerto Rico and not one has been brought to my. In fact they have been upped to better positions on the mainland. Had this been done on mainland USA they would have been under the jail. Where are these Governors and why are they being brought to Puerto Rico to stand trial for their crimes against the island and the people of P.R.. Boricua’s need to stand up and call these people in and have them answer for their crimes against the Puerto Rican people of the island of Puerto Rico
    This thievery by Governors has been going on for a long time all on these Governors have stolen millions yet no justice has been served.


  3. Of course, we all know this thru the years. Especially, when they back stabed Hon.Luis A. Ferrer, president of their own party and Governor of Puerto Rico, ever since, every time they come to power they come to reform the goverment to their completly benefit exsistense. No one does nothing. We need a true Lider with the heart and soul and with the only thing in mind PUERTO RICO.


  4. Stop all negotiations of the AEE until a thorough investigation has been done. JAIL those responsible regardless who they are or what position they held if fraud was committed.


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “PREPA” … ‘the Puerto Rico Electrical and Power Authority may soon be sold to Wall Street. Some call this “privatization.” Others call it a felony. Owned by Wall Street, and brokered by the same politicians that stole it.
    Money, money, money … makes the world go round!
    Corruption and greed at its best!! SMGH …


  6. Yes, PLEASE, justice needs to be served. Why these criminals get away with these crimes is beyond me.


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