Obama grants clemency to 231 more individuals…but NOT to Oscar López Rivera

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony 

Yesterday, December 19, President Obama pardoned 78 people and shortened the sentences of 153 others convicted of federal crimes…the most individual clemencies ever granted by a president in a single day.

Most of the commutations involved drug-related charges, and forty-nine of the individuals had been convicted of firearms offenses.

The large number of pardons were unusual for Mr. Obama, who has focused his clemency efforts on commuting the life sentences of drug dealers who would not have received such lengthy terms under current law.

The president has now pardoned a total of 148 people during his presidency.

“Today’s acts of clemency – and the mercy the president has shown his 1,324 clemency recipients – exemplify his belief that America is a nation of second chances,” said White House Counsel Neil Eggleston.

If this is true, we have one question for Mr. Eggleston and President Obama:

Where is the “second chance” for Oscar López Rivera?


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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13 Comments on “Obama grants clemency to 231 more individuals…but NOT to Oscar López Rivera

  1. Dear Puerto Rico, maybe they’ll be kind enough to provide a girdle for their maid servants on Christmas day, while they separate your families intentionally (and accuse you of “adultery, and stone you). Haber los ojos.


  2. Dear Puerto Rico, maybe they’ll be kind enough to provide girdles for your maid servants on Christmas day, while they’re in the process of separating YOUR families too, then accusing you ALL of adultery. Habre los ojos, aquí sólo se obedece. Niña de él Bronx.

    Santa claus.


  3. Eight years of yes we can. Time is ticking away,I hope I don’t have to say ” O no he didn’t “.


  4. The name Barack Obama is nauseating, just like his arrogant wife who says there is no hope for America now that Donald Trump was elected president. What hope has this skinny ghetto so-called president given to this country? These people are really in denial. Oscar Lopez Rivera has been overlooked because he is Puerto Rican and for his commitment to the independence of Puerto Rico. If when president Bill Clinton offered him clemency and stated that he was never convicted of any specific crimes and if calls for his release has been demanded by high profile politicians, human rights and religious leaders, why is he not being released? Simply because he is Puerto Rican.

    Savages and mongrels? Savages and mongrels are the people that in the name of the American dollar oppress, torture and abuse an entire island. “What goes around, comes around” so they say. You who have oppressed, tortured and abused my people in the past and are still doing it, your time will come. If not in this life, the one after. Hell is waiting for you.


  5. Tiene que ser asi. Como se puede continuar La Guerra Contra Todos…De Puertoriquenos si hay heroes Libre? Truth and Love is always awake. Harrison.


  6. Where r all Our PuertoRican Leaders in Congress,Entertainment n Supreme Court Sotomayor? It’s like The PuertoRican People don’t exist.If we r good enough to fight n died in Wars around The World called U.S Citizen’s why is it we r being ignored.Send aid to Aleppo or Israel,but forget The PuertoRican People.Smh


  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    By December 19 … ‘The president has now pardoned a total of 148 people during his presidency.’
    Oscar Lopez wasn’t included … #FreeOscarLopez …


  8. This is a slap in the face too all Puerto Rican people, the U.S. government has treated us with the upmost disdain, treated like a slave colony, my people mean nothing to this fascist regime, and it is proven to us every day. Free Oscar Lopez Rivera! Or prepare to fill your jails with thousands of Oscar Riveras.


  9. Right now, Barry Soetoro (Obama’s REAL and documented Indonesian Muslim name) and his Nubian harem are riding around on pink-fringed golf-carts sipping DELICIOSO Mai-Tai cocktails with little Chinese paper umbrellas in them to shield the ice-cubes from the Hawaiian sun and livin’-it-real-bourgey with his lighter-than-a-paper-bag negro-pals in their pastel-colored outfits and sun-visors.

    He hasn’t given a shit about Puerto Rico in EIGHT years as faux-president and to him Puerto Ricans (including Lopez Rivera) are just more generic “La Tino” illegals looking to mow lawns in Hollow-Wood and wash dishes and wipe the asses of Beverly Hills coked-up elites’ Korean adoptee human-pets.

    And you are still holding out hope? C’mon, put on your big Boreekwa-Boy pants and grow-up. Surely there’s another J-Low booty-trembling concert you can be reporting on or maybe another Mark Anthony divorce to tell us all about?

    De vera’ que aqui los monos en seda siguen bailando ma’ cada dia…give it a break guys.

    Lopez Rivera was NEVER on Oblahblah’s radar. Why? No political brownie points for him to peddle to the USMainland one-size-fits-nadie “La Tinos” and you know…he’s been busy entertaining ILLEGAL “Dreamers” in the Rose Garden and after all he’s more concerned with his “lega$$Y”.

    Lopez Rivera has been flushed down the Oblablah toilet and he is not reaching into it to rescue him. Cojan vertuenza ya!


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