Racist professor accuses a Latina student of plagiarism, for using the word “Hence”

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A Latina student who used the word “hence” in a college paper has been accused of plagiarism…on the ground that a Latina would not know, or use, the word “hence.”

The accusation was made in an open classroom, in front of all the other students, by a sociology professor in Suffolk University in Boston. Then he threw the paper in her face and yelled: “this is not your language!”

The professor chose the wrong target.

The student, Tiffany Martínez, is a full-time student who juggles two part-time jobs, and has been on the Dean’s List since her very first year at Suffolk. She is also a McNair Scholar who is preparing for Ph.D. studies, and has presented her work in national conferences in San Francisco, San Diego and Miami.

She also does not take kindly, to insults from racist college professors.

In her personal blog, with great dignity and eloquence, Ms. Martínez wrote: “My professor assumed I could not use the word “hence,” a simple transitory word that connected two relating statements. The professor assumed I could not produce quality research…How many degrees do I need for someone to believe I am an academic?”

Ms. Martinez…you met your persuasive burden a long time ago: the moment you made the Dean’s List.

And now the racist professor, and your dignified and courageous response, have made headlines across the entire US.

Here are just a few of the news outlets that carried your story:

Fox News

New York Post


The Truth 24.net

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail column is especially interesting…because that newspaper is published in England.

So here is a new usage of the word “hence,” that your idiot professor may find interesting…

An ignorant racist posing as a “professor” attempted to intimidate a sharp, hard-working Latina student. The student fought back, exposed the professor, and HENCE he was fired.


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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yes!! Good for you, Latina!! Ms. Tiffany Martinez, you make me proud. Professor: ‘you’re an ignorant, racist teacher. HENCE: out the door you go!’


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