Puerto Rico will be SOLD on May 1, 2017

. Gov. Ricky Roselló is distracting Puerto Rico with a June 11 “statehood referendum” that is going nowhere, since it has been repudiated by the U.S. government. But WHY is Roselló doing this? The answer finally exploded –… Read More

Juan Bobo supports the Tennessee Plan of Gov. Ricky Roselló to make Puerto Rico the 51st state…because it’s bound to FAIL.

     “I support the Tennessee Plan…100 percent!” said Juan Bobo, then rode off into the sunset. Later that night, he explained why. “Ricky Roselló is an idiot,” said Bobo. “His Tennessee Plan is ridiculous, and when it… Read More

Vulture funds are suing Puerto Rico to death

  The ink isn’t dry on the PROMESA bill, and the Financial Control Board members have not been announced…but this does not stop the vulture funds. Twenty-seven of them are already suing Puerto Rico, demanding their money as… Read More

Lin-Manuel Miranda: the power of one person’s conscience

  Lin-Manuel Miranda is Puerto Rican, a US citizen, and a celebrity. Over the past few weeks, he filled all three roles with great vision and responsibility…and set an example for every other Puerto Rican “celebrity.” With a… Read More

US officials admit that the Zika Virus is “scarier than we thought…especially in Puerto Rico.”

  Dr. Anne Schuchat, the Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) declared yesterday that the Zika Virus is “scarier than we initially thought,” with serious complications for pregnant women. In a heavily attended press conference,… Read More