What Gov. Ricky Roselló MUST do for Puerto Rico

  Puerto Rico has selected its next governor: Ricky Roselló. To all appearances Gov. Roselló will not govern ANYTHING, with a US Financial Control Board breathing down his neck. But there are several things that he can accomplish…… Read More

Puerto Rico must go to the United Nations

The US has just handed Puerto Rico the perfect opportunity…to appear before the United Nations, and demand its complete independence. It is a gift from Pres. Obama, whether he intended it or not. And there is no way… Read More

The death of Puerto Rico as a “Commonwealth”

  For the past 63 years, the US claimed that Puerto Rico is a “Commonwealth,” a “self-governing” territory, and a “free associated state” with the US. But a series of events in 2016, have proven that all of… Read More

United Nations calls for the US to “expedite the self-determination process for Puerto Rico.”

  This week, on June 20, the UN Committee on Decolonization (UNDC) resolved that the US must expedite a process, which enables the people of Puerto Rico to exercise their self-determination…and even their independence. The Committee also ruled… Read More