Tito Kayak: Criminal or champion of Puerto Rico?

  Tito Kayak has been arrested over a dozen times. He has defaced public property, fought with policemen, and draped the Puerto Rican flag over the Statue of Liberty. He even threatened to kill a Puerto Rican Senator… Read More

Man arrested for raising a Puerto Rican flag, in Puerto Rico, in front of 20,000 people

  A man was arrested this Saturday, October 1, for raising a Puerto Rican flag during a music concert in San Juan, PR. The arrest was made in front of the mayor of San Juan and 20,000 people,… Read More

Tito Kayak and Juan Bobo

  A Financial Control Board will soon rule Puerto Rico. The PPD and PNP are trying to privatize the beaches. The minimum wage may drop to $4.25. Instead of law and order, Puerto Rico is swamped with corruption… Read More

Puerto Rico’s “private” beaches . . . Puerto Rico’s lying politicians . . . and Juan Bobo

  Five days ago, Puerto Rico was shocked when its House of Representatives voted to “privatize” beaches all over the island. The news traveled with lightning speed…this Facebook page received 319, 000 views, and 41,000 views hit our… Read More

Beaches of Puerto Rico are sold to US billionaires…by Puerto Rican government traitors

  On Friday June 24, with only one “No” vote, the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico overwhelmingly approved PC 2853: a bill which transfers beaches in huge coastal areas – including Vieques, Culebra, Condado, Isla Verde, Isabela, Lajas,… Read More