Hillary Clinton: taking Boricuas for suckers in Florida

I do not support Donald Trump. But this not alter the fact that Hillary Clinton – and the entire Democratic Party – are taking Puerto Ricans for suckers in the 2016 election. Clinton took massive campaign contributions from… Read More

Puerto Ricans are being used as medical guinea pigs… again

  Throughout the 20th century Puerto Ricans – particularly Puerto Rican women – were used as lab rats in “clinical trials,” with experimental drugs that harmed their health. The contraceptive pill was “tested” and “refined” in Puerto Rico…. Read More

White Man’s Burden: How the US perceived Puerto Ricans

  When the US invaded Puerto Rico in 1898, it had little prior contact with its people. This transatlantic ignorance was compounded by the inherent racism of southern congressmen. Here are some of their memorable opinions – declared… Read More