Wall Street creates a 34,500 acre sugar cane plantation in Puerto Rico…and LIES about it!

  On September 19, Gov. Garcia Padilla shocked all of Puerto Rico with the announcement that he was “leasing” 34,500 acres of public land to the owners of Don Q Rum. The governor claimed this would “reduce up… Read More

The Man who Stole Puerto Rico

  Charles Herbert Allen was the first U.S. civilian governor of Puerto Rico (1900-1901). He was also the greatest robber baron to ever hit the island. In only 17 months as governor, he wired the entire economy and built… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Bringing food to father, in the sugar cane field.

  Cutting sugar cane was exhausting work. By the 1940s, the cane workers were making $10 dollars per week in Puerto Rico, for a 50-hour work week. Twenty cents an hour. They could not take a long lunch,… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Sugar cane train, 1938

  This photo was taken near Ponce in 1938. The sugar cane centrales owned the entire railroad system of Puerto Rico, which encircled the island’s coastline. Sometimes, the sugar cane trains seemed to stretch into eternity.  

Historic Photo of the Day: Loading the Sugar Train

  By 1935, US banking syndicates owned 80% of the cultivated land in Puerto Rico. Most of this land was concentrated into sugar cane centrales. All by themselves, the four largest centrales – Guánica, Aquirre, Fajardo, South Porto… Read More