The government is lying to 9 million Puerto Ricans

  The U.S. and Puerto Rico are both lying to 9 million Puerto Ricans. Both governments are claiming that Don Q Rum will deliver over $100 million per year to the treasury (i.e. the people) of Puerto Rico…. Read More

The Governor of Puerto Rico is taking LSD

  There is no other way to say it. This dramatic headline is the only possible explanation, for the bizarre behavior of Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla. One month ago, he tried to privatize the island’s beaches. Two weeks… Read More

Wall Street creates a 34,500 acre sugar cane plantation in Puerto Rico…and LIES about it!

  On September 19, Gov. Garcia Padilla shocked all of Puerto Rico with the announcement that he was “leasing” 34,500 acres of public land to the owners of Don Q Rum. The governor claimed this would “reduce up… Read More

One of the richest families in Puerto Rico just received 34,500 acres of public land…WHY?

  The Serallés family is one of the richest in Puerto Rico. They own Don Q Rum, a rum distillery, thousands of acres, private beaches, and a Hilton Hotel. At one point they owned slaves. Their family mansion… Read More

Undeclared slavery in Puerto Rico

  Albizu Campos once said that “in the US, owning one man makes you a scoundrel, but owning an entire nation makes you a colonial benefactor.” The Financial Control Board which will soon rule over Puerto Rico, shows… Read More