A scam called Operation Bootstrap: the Ruth Reynolds letter

  Ruth Reynolds was a close friend of Pedro Albizu Campos and Congressman Vito Marcantonio. She went to jail in 1950 for supporting the Nationalist cause in Puerto Rico.  On May 9, 1950, she sent a letter to… Read More

Luis Muñoz Marín’s Operation Kickback

  The author of Campus In Bondage, Ruth M. Reynolds, was a life-long advocate for the independence of Puerto Rico. She was arrested on October 31, 1950 for “conspiracy to overthrow the government of the US” and imprisoned… Read More

Ruth Mary Reynolds

  Ruth Mary Reynolds was an American educator and civil rights activist who developed a profound commitment to Puerto Rican independence – so strong that she went to jail for it. She met Pedro Albizu Campos while he… Read More

Historic Photo of the Day: Three “suspected” Nationalists

  These three women were all arrested immediately after the revolution of October 1950.  The charges against them – in the aggregate, not individually – included attempted assassination, violation of Public Law 53, and thirty-seven cases of contempt… Read More